Fluttering and dancing butterfly, omega seamaster 300 tasting

For the omega watch brands believe that all of you should be very familiar with, it is relying on the advanced TAB technology, every year, produced a lot of good watches, in recent years it in wrist watch sales in the industry has been in the position of the first three, to prove his outstanding tabulation levels, as well as the product of high quality. It is well known that the omega constellation, hippocampus, super, plate and so on four big series omega seamaster 300, money three series has its own distinctive features, only disc fly series is the only one does not have a clear identification of the series, it also makes the omega many chic design has been applied to the first plate series. Small make up then and everyone together to enjoy a disc fly a series of female table, some feel the beauty of the “butterfly flying”.

omega watches 300

Low appearance/material

The disc flying wrist watch has the very good adornment effect, rose gold watch case, watch case on the outer beauty burging ornament, deserve to go up a band of white, very accord with the aesthetic requirements of the ladies, in a woman’s wrist will have very good adornment effect. The color of the dial is white, also have diamond ornament omega seamaster 300, I think when we see the dial should also will not consciously think of its name, disc fly, the butterfly fly, the butterfly flutters. Dial color changes as if painted a beautiful garden, and five butterflies dancing in the flowers. Dial 6 o ‘clock position for a calendar display window, for the wrist watch increases the practical value, and finally a white strap to watch the overall temperament also have very good foil.

Appearance of the data

Gauge diameter 32.7 mm watchcase material rose gold with diamonds

Dial color white diamonds

Low summary

The size of this omega seamaster 300 watch is not big table diameter is 32.7 mm, should be suitable for a lot of woman’s wrist, it’s excellent appearance has a very good design, not only to a woman’s beauty and temperament has a very good adornment effect, even for a single phone wrist, is also very beautiful. And the material of the rose gold with diamonds to watch in the beautiful also revealed a luxury, a big promotion to the status. This watch has a date display function, makeup dot the beautiful at the same time also has a certain practical value.

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