Make the omega seamaster 300 49 mm AT the hippocampus

Omega seamaster 300 watches visibility is very high, in the heart of many this is a first-class brand. Every series of its left a deep impression to the person, like the hippocampus series is popular, whether it’s a classic PO diving watches, or more partial business AT hippocampus, small make up today will bring you big size AT the introduction of the hippocampus.

omega watches 300

Low appearance/material

This omega seamaster 300 gold  watch with 49 mm size, the official also joined in the name of the XXL, explain its large size has been taken for granted. Stainless steel watch case is more wear-resisting, dial the stripe reminds me of the teak deck on the yacht. AQUA TERRA represents the water and on land, is an amphibious watches, so Mrs Waterproof is not high, here use waterproof depth of 150 meters, feel just fine.

Appearance of the data

watch 49.2 mm diameter stainless steel watchcase material

Dial color dark grey dial circular shape

watch mirror material of sapphire crystal glass crown material fine steel

Strap color black strap material crocodile

Clasp waterproof material of pure steel depth of 150 meters

Low movement

Its movement is omega 2211 hand chain movement, is not a movement of omega produced, is changed from ETA6498, is well-known in ETA movement on the basis of the chain. Many brands are modified this movement, like levon used in sea movement, it was originally used for pocket watch, watch, very suiwatch for such a big size grinding degree.

Movement data

Produce manufacturer omega movement model Cal. 2211

Power reserve 53 hours

Low summary

This watch is not very expensive, so the large size of the watch is conform to the current popular trend, generally only 49 mm watch watch fan very may not accept them. It is not a lot of functions, only in 6 point has a small second hand, it looks more formal. Woven strap than some more leisure belt, not as a formal belt.

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