Omega Closer disk, grinding sand mould surface brand logo

Deputy time scale are using special laser technology presents a relief effect, this kind of feeling just like these words are inscribed on the lunar surface, is very vivid. Pointer and the surface is coated with a layer of red gold, very delicate.
Low velocimeter
Omega the moon watch 311. anniversary limited model
Omega super timepieces, almost all have a speedometer, this is the inheritance of DNA. In outer space, and time is in the true sense of life, time and speed are all in order to more accurate grasp every minute of each link, although now the speed of the actual useful, but that’s as DNA elements cannot be hold.
Low watch ring structure
Omega the moon watch 311. anniversary limited model
A feature of the supremacy, is particularly prominent watch mirror, this is to be on the safe side, watch do caused by thick lens, now it has become an ICON. watch is fixed by the watch ring lens, a new circle of special use wrist watch brand specially launched last year patent Sedna gold material, black matte coated on the surface of ceramic layer, all show craftsmanship in low profile.
Low crown and button
Omega the moon watch 311. anniversary limited model
Omega the moon watch 311. anniversary limited model
Watchcase side for the crown and buttons, as well as watch case, are titanium material. Interestingly, whether it be a crown or button, did embedded processing, all parts in case, on the one hand, watchcase can play a role in protecting them, on the other hand, it is not easy to knock. But, from the vision to see, feel not enough strong personality.
Low watch ear
Omega the moon watch 311. anniversary limited model
Compared to most of the watch, the watch is special, is straight, and drawing on the edge of the grinding area is large, so is more straightforward and movement.
When does the wristwatch strap
Omega the moon watch 311. anniversary limited model
An important characteristic of this watch is NATO NATO military nylon band, it is widely used in watches, because of strong and durable, wearing comforwatch, not wear not corrosion, easy to clean, and the special taste of men, so it was very popular. Interestingly, the band has two layers, that is to say, it has two wear ways, one is like normal strap worn directly, the other is a separate strap two layers, wrist wear in the middle of the two layers of strap, so that more solid.
Low bottom cover
Omega the moon watch 311. anniversary limited model
“Pulls” strap, wrist watch on the bottom cover, embossment engraved a “horse”, this does not mean is the hippocampus, it is need to take care of that. In addition, we also see the watch case, it set limit to 1969. And other series of annotations, including water depth and the 45th anniversary of memorial, etc.
Low clasp
Omega the moon watch 311. anniversary limited model
Due to the flexible nylon strap, so the pin buckle because the structure is simple enough, so it will be very convenient to operate, rather than folding buckle, the buckle strap is more suiwatch for use needle.
Low to fit
Omega the moon watch 311. anniversary limited model
This watch is very fashionable, a kind of virility JunFeng fashion, but also with a full moon watch, from material to match colors is very special. Get started, we see it size is moderate, experience is a thin height 175, but still wearing is very appropriate. And because of the reason of titanium, overall it is lightsome.
Low summary
Omega the moon watch 311. anniversary limited model
In general, this watch quality is good, in all aspects of design, experience and function are worth saving. watch anniversary as the moon, inside it is carrying 1861 manual chain timing on the core, is the new generation of 861 movement, and 861 is the first super landing on the moon by carrying the movement, so also did a lot of heritage.
Omega the moon watch anniversary limited 311. edit view
In numerous watchs, the moon, in general, this watch is the most fashionable and the most invisible target flavor watch, at the same time in detail to use and to many other elements, new technology and bring unique experience of wearing. At the same time, it’s memorable, make it popular.
Appearance of the critique
An ice wu: gray tone adds militarisation, overall appearance design is very outstanding, the watch, as the moon disk elements also reflected the strong theme characteristics.
Functional reviews
Wu: a ice wrist function is stronger, timing, speed and life waterproof, these features are very practical.
Movement review
An ice wu: built-in type 1861 hand chain timing movement, is an early upgrade version of the 861 movement, after the observatory certification, better overall performance.
Brand review
A ice wu: omega is the moon in the watch on behalf of the brand, from historical and tabulation technology, and international awareness, etc., all belong to the leading industry, worthy of affirmation.

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