Smart watches

An overview of the Smart watch, is to watch the built-in intelligent systems, carrying the smartphone system and connection in the Internet and realize multi-function, messages can be synchronized in the telephone, mobile phone, email, photos, music, etc. In March 2013, media reports, apple, samsung, Google and other technology giants will be released in late 2013 smart watches. The market research company Current Analysis analysts, Avi, green (Avi Greengart) think of the first year of 2013 May be a smart watch.
Smart watches currently on the market can be roughly divided into two kinds:
A, don’t take phone: relying on the smart phone and realize multifunction, messages can be synchronous operation of telephone, mobile phone, email, photos, music, etc.;
With call function: supports insert SIM card, is essentially a smart phone in the form of watch; Most of the Android market system.

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