Super MARK of omega 2016 new TuShang Ⅱ

Mentioned omega, many people first reaction may be the hippocampus or sign, butterflies fly and super is relatively easy to be ignored, but the two series is a omega flagship product, especially the supremacy, the moon and the moon are closely linked, it was in the impression, super become synonymous with the omega watch of the moon.
This year, the omega blockbuster launch super MARK Ⅱ wrist watch, it and name brand with humans to the moon for the first time since 1969, launched together MARK Ⅱ omega watch, if you go to the super series, omega watch will find it very have personality, at the same time full of original lunar omega watch that traditional tonal, whether a pointer or disk design are different, makes every effort to streamline is clear.
Omega super MARK II 327. try testing

omega watch
Low impression
Omega 327. super MARK II model
In MARK Ⅱ wrist watch has just come out of that era, is the traditional understanding of wrist watch, Abby emperor rubber (1972) and patek philippe nautilus (1973) is considered to be overturned a classic case of the definition of luxury watch at that time, the omega watch of wrist of barrel type also has an impact in fact at that time, because have been activity of the barrel type is made is not much, but the barrel type is not something new, and very professional, so it is not prone to.
Click to view: omega 327. super MARK II model
Appearance of the data
omega watch 46.2 mm diameter stainless steel watchcase material
Dial color black dial circular shape
omega watch mirror material crown flat convex double the counter-attack light material of pure steel
Strap color silver strap material stainless steel
Waterproof depth of 100 meters
Low disk
Omega 327. super MARK II model
Get to the point, this MARK Ⅱ wrist watch for part of the design, in respect of the dial, the scale of it is not solid, the button when the minute hand model, the central timing second hand just like arrows, precise instructions every second. The disk is black and white color, the color clear, thus providing very good readability.
Low Logo
Omega 327. super MARK II model
Dial 12 o ‘clock position is one of the most eye-catching areas disk, here with the brand logo, name of the series and related important information, we can see that the “CO – AXIAL” coaxial and labeled “CHRONOMETER” observatory, it doesn’t seem that this watch is really simple.
Low speed meter
Omega 327. super MARK II model
The outer dial, have an independent aluminum circle, carved on the surface velocity required for calibration, super hour meter equipped with this function, it also laid the special status of its professional activity.
Low case
Omega 327. super MARK II model
When first saw this watch, I have a strange feeling, only to find that when observing watchcase, originally is also the three type structure, it has no omega watchs. As a barrel type of wrist watch, the radian of it seems to have no so much, watchcase slightly arc curve, the same amplitude is small. In addition, we noticed a small hidden button, it is used for fast set-up a calendar.
Low crown and button
Omega 327. super MARK II model
Omega 327. super MARK II model
As the hour meter, its timing button USES the traditional cylindrical knob, surface treatment, feel is good, when using not very gentle, but normal operation is quite smooth. Crown, as always, the pit of grain processing, because the size is not small, so the spiral twist also use on power, comfort is worth affirmation.
The low back
Omega 327. super MARK II model
Watch of wrist of bottom cover to the screw-plug structure, surface relief type engraved with a horse, a lot of people see this one would think that it is a series of hippocampus, in fact it is not the law, on the contrary, it often appears in the super series. Bottom cover internal embedded Calibre 3330 automatic timing machine, after COSC attestation, carry silicon hair, this movement originated in the timing of the ETA core (7750 have said 7750, also have said, and said longines L688), but no matter which one, from from usage, its performance is really good.
Low chain
Omega 327. super MARK II model
The watch chain is distinctive, it seems only is in the barrel type wrist watch, due to its link is shorter, and there is a curve, so at first glance, thought it is a cylindrical shape, have certain rhetoric. From the side view, it is belong to small bread type, line is natural.
Low clasp
Omega 327. super MARK II model
Omega 327. super MARK II model
Button clasp for the folding style, there is no doubt that in the concrete operation is very convenient, but if you think it is such a simple clasp, it would be wrong.
Low extension system
Omega 327. super MARK II model
Omega 327. super MARK II model
In the inside of the clasp, there is a extension system, and rolex easily adjusomega watch structure has the same effect. From personal experience, omega extending system on the operation more simple, only need to press the sheet metal, with a “PUSH” to pull or PUSH down inside again, can be adjusted by 1 cm in total. But on the outside, more out of that paragraph and chain flexibility is nothing, so people think it’s only suiomega watch for small scale.
Low luminous
Omega 327. super MARK II model
In fact, this watch in addition to these features, its luminous is surprised me. We see in the dark environment, it is not only the label and pointer with green fluorescence, its speedometer with same luminous, and it is bright green, is really attractive.
Low to fit
Omega 327. super MARK II model
Although steel quality wrist watch, but the quantity is really beyond my imagination, not to say that, but it’s lighter than many, it should not be solid steel by intuition, it has a benefit, because it is, after all, sport watch, too heavy can hinder hand instead.
Low summary
Omega 327. super MARK II model
As complex KeKuan MARK Ⅱ omega wrist watch, it has too much surprise and wonderful details, from design to functional to experience, professional is my most impressive about it. In addition to this omega watch, omega, in fact, there is a red pointer and scale, that is more aggressive Sao gas, it is also one of this year is very popular on the Basel should, with the models and omega for Brazil launched the special Olympic Mark II [2016] special wrist watch. In general, it will undoubtedly make super more attractive, it is new faces, this year also doomed will be an extraordinary work.
Omega flagship store in Beijing, the Oriental plaza) : 42000
Omega super MARK II 327. edit view
Omega supremacy is specialized in the omega watch of the moon, now the new MARK Ⅱ brought new barrel type wrist watch for our experience, and with professional features, design to the performance are positive, with the price list in which price is worth to recommend.
Appearance of the critique
Wu ice: this watch is omega Basel new this year, design since 1969 and name MARK Ⅱ wrist watch, lines, color, timing pointer types for the original classic.
Functional reviews
An ice wu: as a professional sport watch, its function is more abundant, 100 meters waterproof, calendar, time, speed, has the very strong practical performance.
Movement review
An ice wu: internal carry by the Calibre of COSC attestation 3330 automatic timing movement, balance spring using silicon material, with coaxial escapement system.
Brand review
A ice wu: omega is one of the most popular brand of watches, enjoys a high reputation.

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