Transistor escapements Omega watch

An overview of the

Transistor escapements Omega watch is in dry cell for energy, using transistor as switch, balance wheel balance spring for oscillation system.

omega watch

The characteristics of

1, with mechanical balance wheel system

2, using transistor as switch

3, no mechanical contact

The principle of

As we can see, it comes with a mechanical balance wheel system, actually found a place for the coil and magnet above, when the balance wheel rotation, will cut the magnet magnetic field produce different frequency current, and through the coil is passed to the transistor, and because of the transistor itself can be achieved by the direction of current and frequency of the different switch function, so the balance wheel, coil, the magnet and the transistor of the oscillation system movement, still have a balance wheel to provide, its frequency is replaced by the transistor escapement process of mechanical watch, and dry cell can provide rotational energy balance wheel system.


The system initially by Etablissements Leon Hatot (ATO) in the 50 s of the last century, and apply for patents, in the 60 s omega tried to transistor used in his watch, but in the end not to market, ended in failure.

Citizen movement launched in 1967-8 X electronic transistor, leading in 1968/1969 by seiko movement type 3100, the first in the world will be one of this watch to market brands.

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