Vibrant orange light is energy, omega hippocampal series wrist watch

During the Olympic torch relay, positive energy arises at the historic moment, the word like “ignite positive energy, detonating small universe!” Post also common occurance. Positive energy represents a healthy optimistic, positive spirit and the power, is the “good” behavior in the social life. Blood in the diffuse often promote a positive energy, and positive energy is popular this year, as their arrival jiang thin film starring the whirlwind of eleven, the popularity of the positive energy Girl, etc. Orange has been a passionate, positive, dynamic color, many vivid call its vibrant orange. Omega is now out of the use a vibrant orange watches, omega seamaster 300 series wrist watch, hippocampus models official.

See omega hippocampal series wrist watch one eye, my mind there is motion, energy, positive energy, these words vibrant orange proper adorn let this watch is full of individual character, not stick to one pattern and unique, neither as frivolous as full color wrist watch, and not as cold as the black watch. Dial adopt ceramic material, choose pure steel watchcase, strap is grain unique rubber strap, this is the first time the omega use rubber and ceramic material match each other, with a bright orange rubber covers 15 minutes before the dial scale. Perfect harmonious collocation shaped wrist watch. Pointer using dynamic arrow pointer of the movement, the end of the second hand to orange, to read more clear. Large time scale and big pointer plus 43.5 mm dial “significantly” reveals the wrist watch inclusive atmosphere. This watch for diving watches, equipped with unidirectional rotating bezel, waterproof properties is as deep as 600 meters, and with the magnetic. A calendar Windows open at 3 o ‘clock position, black white, echo the dial color.

Omega hippocampal series wrist watch with date display, unidirectional rotating bezel function. Date display can know the date of the month, now shows the practical significance of the date of may. Unidirectional rotating bezel is especially useful for divers, prevents accidental error, an error calculation diving time. Rotating bezel also make measuring elapsed time easier.

Omega hippocampal series wrist watch style, unique, not only is a magnetically performance good diving watches, in appearance and the applications are characteristic of materials. It is a combination of ceramic and rubber wrist watch, not only in 15 minutes before the case cover rubber, rubber strap also USES the unique texture, wearing more comfortable image at the same time also more fresh feeling. This watch process image enthusiasm high, has the vigor, is like a sport boy, energetic, positive and full of positive energy. This series and other two models, but small make up alone love this vibrant orange.

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