Weak time, soft years, read Pluma omega wrist watch

Last year, I had a chance to appreciate the Asian balance online master of a performance, use a balance structure boughs, finally, because a feather, instantaneous collapse of the structure, although is very beautiful, but the feathers of the strength let me even more impressive.
Earlier this year the Basel, omega constellation in ms series are a new Pluma wrist watch, in the light time, give a person the feeling of quiet time like water, gentle, once again, it let me feel the infinite “power” of small feathers.

Omega constellation 27 mm coaxial try testing
Low impression
Pluma means feathers, so everybody called light feather in this watch. Wrist watch belongs to the constellation series, as a classic dress leisure class watch, wrist watch in the design of the ms constellation is always in the subtleties highlight personality, inadvertently had different.
Click to view: the omega constellation 27 mm coaxial model
Appearance of the data
omega watch size 27 mm stainless steel watchcase material
Dial color white dial circular shape
Strap color silver strap material stainless steel
Waterproof depth of 100 meters
Low disk
Give special attention to this watch because it touched me again. Disk soft wings line, beautiful diamonds, blue pearl oyster motherboard, the entire disk so dreamy, instantaneous is soft.
Low logo
Omega constellation 27 mm coaxial model
At twelve o ‘clock is a brand logo, meaning “perfect” stereo embedded metal logo on the dial, extreme beauty. And overall as suspended on the dial, as reflected in the lake, only female omega watch can express their interest.
Low calendar
Omega constellation 27 mm coaxial model
Dial 3 o ‘clock position is a small circular calendar window, men sign multi-purpose square window, while women, with a round, highlighting ms gesture.
Low case
Omega constellation 27 mm coaxial model
That are members of the constellation, nature is little not hold claw. Case in the middle of the two polished metal claw is the legendary hold claw, initially used in fixed bezel omega watch mirror, has now become the pronoun of the constellation. In addition, from the perspective of the size proportion of crust, the thick, this watch is based on the coaxial automatic mechanical watch, the thickness of it and can’t cut, it’s a place where people think it may be embarrassing.
Low profile
Omega constellation 27 mm coaxial model
In order to let the wrist to compare in line with the modern aesthetic, as far as possible the whole case do euphemism, line is fluent, although has certain thickness, but exquisite watchcase and diamonds, still the graceful and restrained to reflect its proper.
Low omega watch ear
Omega constellation 27 mm coaxial model
The signs of the zodiac, omega watch ear seems to have reduced the bracelet and case directly connected, it helps to wear more comforomega watch. In addition, the watch case and omega watch ear is linked together, using surface treatment, is very interesting, also only can see the constellation.
Low crown
Omega constellation 27 mm coaxial model
Omega constellation 27 mm coaxial model
Although ms is automatic watch, although the omega watch size is not big, but the crown did not do very stingy, but size is bigger than general watch money, which is more conducive to the operation. And, of course, it can also be diameter, but is actually not thick.
Low chain
Omega constellation 27 mm coaxial model
The omega constellation bracelet has been different from other brands, crawler structure to make it form, such as degrees of freedom are more easy to accept.
Low clasp
Omega constellation 27 mm coaxial model
Omega constellation 27 mm coaxial model
Hook is currently one of the most popular watch button style, and omega hook and the other is less, only one side is on both ends buckle into the grooves in the middle, on the other side is the card into the metal.
Low movement
Omega constellation 27 mm coaxial model
Omega constellation 27 mm coaxial model
Since omega coaxial movement was launched in 2007, 2007, now has been widely spread. 8520 is a small size based on 8500 edition coaxial machine core, specialized in lady wrist watch, features of coaxial, silicon escapement, bridge plate, etc., and through the COSC attestation, excellent performance.
Low summary
Omega constellation 27 mm coaxial model
No one can change the time, the only thing that can change, only yourself. Hurried away since time like running water, so why we don’t see is light, slowly again, let the life return to self, to appreciate every moment and separation. Feather across fingers, gently in the wrist, at the moment, we light the time, the years.
Omega flagship store in Beijing, the Oriental plaza: 72700 yuan
Omega constellation 27 mm coaxial edit view
Overall, this new Pluma wrist, compared with the previous omega constellation lady wrist watch, apparently on disk design more fashion, the rest for some of its basic characteristics, so it is more suiomega watch for young, rich individual character of woman.
Appearance of the critique
A ice wu: watch extremely rich poetic time and light feather fuses in together, from design, material, disk layout reflects women’s unique sweet flavor, the design is very good.
Functional reviews
Wu: an ice watch is given priority to with daily wear, on the functional is not strong, only calendar display, daily walking and waterproof function of life.
Movement review
A ice wu: built-in after observatory certification of type 8520 automatic chain machine, coaxial, silicon balance spring is its most prominent two big characteristics.
Brand review
An ice wu: omega is currently one of the most famous Swiss brand, in the high-end watch market, thanks to the coaxial escapement system, its products more durable performance.

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