How to know it is ture OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watch movement or not

Play a lot of OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watches friends all know that 8200 movement is a famous OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 movement. But it is said that only say only tuo is a gilded is true. Can also have a friend to buy watches, 8200 movement tuo is steel. Then the 8200 movement is false? The home of wrist watch is to tell you!

OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watches automatic double calendar model, using the 8200 movement, most of production is very large, it is 21 drilling, 21600 a/H pendulum frequency, incense coil spring type shock absorbers, one-way self winding, but usable hand strings. As early as more than 30 years ago has the movement, so it is a “grandmother” level of the old machine, it is also a large number of exports, but automatic tuo not dozen OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 identification, and play MIYOTA, movement nor the gilded, including OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watches all kinds of quartz movement is also one of the rules.
This movement also has the imitation, domestic work more rough, widely used in the cheap watches. Thirty years ago, OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watches work can also, including all the appearance of the parts are all Japan’s origin. Now “populist” class watch as early instead of fine, belong to “weasel whelping, a home is a nest”, nature price has gone up a lot of, feel OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watches now main direction is kinetic energy and light waves watches, high-grade watch with complex function and some partial.
OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watches fake watch, most have, now do false craft level is raised, whose hands and strap watchcase, dial, do fine, so you can’t like before, only from the appearance of the production of precision to judge its authenticity.
OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watches as early as the authenticity of a given decision method, the main also watch machine core identification, all inside the watch is equipped with MIYOTA mark, will be considered a fake watch. But now fake ones to make a OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 identification automatically tuo, surface plating gold again that is easy, so it not make.
Increase some sign, so, the Japanese shrouded in secrecy to used to distinguish and identify, it is on the back of the automatic tuo stamp mark, usually a small circle with Numbers or letters, also saw a graphic, is a rectangular box, full of XXXX.
8200 machine automatic tuo appearance is not the same heart, face shape is the earliest of tuo, tuo face used as suspension arm slot), later changed to “mountain” glyph tuo, is along the downward tuo tuo shaft hole, look up a positive and tuo surface of MIYOTA letters, are printed with black paint, careful to distinguish, including automatic tuo rotating direction of the arrow position and letters are not standard in the direction of the watch is or the opposite.
Computer repair maintenance man, also points of “card” and “element” level, it can from the decomposed parts, observe, before the 8200 movement, its shockproof spring shock absorbers are gold-plated, gold-plated basic don’t now; Spring is also one of the most important parts in watch movement, the characteristics of Japanese watches are sealed the clockwork box to make, just don’t let you open, and be good at using a black on automatic component or a clockwork of lubricating oil, the name is “molybdenum disulfide.
In Japan is OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watch, the Swiss watch is the tissot, is mess, you get the watch to a manufacturer or merchant’s office, they can only see machine whether conform to the characteristics of a heart, a bit of a “false do really really also false” awkward situation.
Also have a large number of authorized domestic assembly, such as jiuxianqiao have OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watches assembly plant in Beijing, the rest of the fake or underground workshop estimates more, lead to this situation, the root cause lies in the factory, to prevent counterfeit and not as anti-counterfeiting measures.

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