The Swiss watch is really beyond smart in 2016 ?

Boston Strategy Analytics, according to a study in the fourth quarter of 2016 the Swiss watch shipments more than traditional intelligence, both 8.1 million and 7.9 million respectively. Director of Strategy Analytics Cliff Raskind said: “smart meters in North America, Western Europe and Asia market is growing rapidly. In the fourth quarter of 2016 smart meters in the global market, Apple Watch occupies the 63% of the share, impressive, followed by 16% of samsung, Apple and samsung combined, smart meters eight over ten of global shipments.”
Strategy Analytics data, according to a report in the fourth quarter of 2015 smart meters shipments for 1.9 million, compared with the same period in 2016 increased by 315.6%! Global consumers growing interest for smart meter.
Strategy Analytics analyst Steven Waltzer added: “we estimate that in the fourth quarter of 2016 in Switzerland shipments for 7.9 million, compared with 8.3 million in the fourth quarter of 2015 fell by 5%. The global demand for Swiss watch is slowing, while the main manufacturers, such as the swatch is trying to seek growth.”
The report’s author, Strategy Analytics executive director Neil Mawston from comments, according to the traditional Swiss watch for the threat posed by technology giants such as apple products has always been slow to respond, “Swiss watch her head buried in the sand, in the hope of smart meters. Swiss brands, such as tiger elegant, in the fourth quarter of 2016 smart meters in global shipments accounts for only small proportion (1%), far behind the growth of apple, samsung and other leaders in the field of smart meters.

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