Brand value is not equal to investment,material is the key

Sometimes people ask, what to buy Omega seamaster 300 the most value. What Omega seamaster 300 for investment, best first statement here, don’t agree with and watches investment appreciation. As for value, a lot of people are also understand there is an error, preservation is to minimize the loss, that is to say, when two watch out the residual value is high, and the price of the stores are still strong, such a wrist watch relatively even more value.

Brand value is not equal to investment material is the key
So understanding of the value of the common man have misconceptions, preservation is to minimize loss, a loss is again after buying price and the price of the new store. In general, the price of the stores also is relatively strong, so mainly have two wrist watch prices, can see the watch exactly have the effect of preservation.

To tell the truth, most of the wrist watch hedging effect is not good, a lot of brand watch have it that get a fifty percent discount, that is to say, may you bought a wrist watch, even if you don’t wear, as two wrist watch to also can achieve the original price is fifty percent, like this watch not hold their value.
The best is always limited, this is the truth of the truth. If the best can be unlimited replication, then became a word is blurred. Limited is an attractive word, representing the disdain for replication and mediocrity, represents the rich may not be available at any time. It in some way to justifying the owner of a privilege. Privilege, was like peas and carrots has something to do with the identity and status. Limited moves people subconsciously ably the exclusive to sensitive. Not afraid of wrist watch price is high, if can pick up a value evergreen wrist watch, let you can profit in addition to playing Omega seamaster 300.
Wrist watch want to see the brand value of a second see material pledge, then only to the specific design, brand can be said to be the wrist watch value the most critical factor, but the brand even if again good also can not reach the so-called material, design protection effect, brand made a Omega seamaster 300 about 90% of the value. In clocks and watches of all previous auction, are high on the list of some of the senior brand watch, so it’s very important to brand factors.

In addition to the brand and the material, the material aspects of precious metals the hedging effect of large steel watch, steel watch’s value effect is greater than the jewelry watches, because jewelry watch price is relatively a lot of premium, so the value of the above is not the ideal object, as to some other new materials and niche is qualitative, not through the test of time.

Finally turn the concrete design of wrist watch, specific to the same brand wrist watch on the similar material, also have different preservation effect, so usually want to do their homework more, listen more, see more to make the right judgment.

Rolex log type series 116233 champagne dish diamond wrist watch
The current price is the most strong two brands of rolex and patek philippe, from auction for successive clock can see out, from the store, the price at the time of other brands are collective diving, rolex is not “. The secondary market is the most precious, rolex for so many years, prices have been sOmega seamaster 300 in a horizontal line. If a Omega seamaster 300 maintenance good, starting with the basic and there is no big difference between shots, is on your hands when white wear, this is the most difficult thing to do.
Patek philippe complex function time series 5131 – j gold wrist watch
Patek philippe as recognized top brand, has always been high-end players collect investment object, its value of power to be reckoned with, watches can choose good appreciation of the space is very big, but I need original vision. Patek philippe Ref 5131 is one of a series of PP collector dreams, the reason is the world’s time zones wrist watch dial is enamel surface, and the PP is very strict with enamel craft, that can make the enamel surface of the master is very little

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