Elegant luxury tasting Omega, Omega series men’s wrist watch

Bulgari derived from ancient Greek and Roman culture essence, Italian style of exquisite workmanship, unique make bold, noble classical works. Bulgari has multiple watch series, Omega, Omega is one of a series, the series of wrist watch is inscribed on the wrist unit circle are the distinctive features of a series name. Watch today’s home to bring us a bulgari Omega, Omega series of men’s wrist, official models: 102108

Elegant luxury tasting bulgari Omega, Omega series men’s wrist watch
Bulgari brand name is the name of Omega, Omega series of overlapping combination, its inscribed circle in the Omega seamaster 300 above is not only the series of trademark design, is also the highlight of the brand name. And the engraved design also added a process for wrist watch aesthetic feeling.


Bulgari Omega, Omega series men’s wrist watch
The watch of pure steel to build circular casing, which carry a automatic mechanical movement. Watch the time and date shown on the white dial, simple and clear. Wrist strap is made of stainless steel and rose gold to build between the gold chain strap, distinguished luxury.
Set with black ceramic crown is delicate and beautiful
Crown watchcase lateral assembly for common rounded crown, crown profile decorated with exquisite grooved, grasp when convenient set-up wrist watch; Inlaid with a piece of black ceramic crown, the crown more beautiful.

Stainless steel and rose gold to build links with elegant and noble
Wrist watch gold watchband of link between respectively made of stainless steel and rose gold, stainless steel links to “work” word, and the rose gold links for rectangular, two kinds of links and white combination, delicate and beautiful, all show honor. Equipped with a folding buckle on the strap.
Smooth watchcase round and do not break hale and hearty
Stainless steel watchcase of 39 mm in diameter, round watchcase through careful polishing grinding processing, light is hua liang jie. On the wrist unit circle ring inscribed with the name series, unique style hale and hearty.

White dial is simple but elegant simplicity, show clear
Wrist watch contracted simple but elegant white dial, dial middle hollow out sword pointer type, outer using bar and the Arabic numeral mark, show clear, read convenient and simple. At three o ‘clock position in the Omega seamaster professional to the Arabic numeral display date with date display window, clear that the be clear at a glance.
Vertical Omega seamaster professional ear rounded edges and corners
Ear for vertical wrist Omega seamaster professional Omega seamaster professional, Omega seamaster professional style hale, after careful polishing grinding, edge smooth, rounded edges and corners.

Watch button opening and closing is simple, easy to wear
Strap on the assembly of the press type open devices are installed folding clasp, when pressed to easily open the clasp, opening and closing is simple, more convenient to wear. When folding clasp closure can make perfect joint strap, both sides and hidden in the strap looks more elegant and beautiful.

Through the bottom of the Omega seamaster professional can see internal capsule with homemade movement
Wrist watch is using back through the bottom of the Omega seamaster professional, Omega seamaster professional bottom why screw bolt. Fine steel on the bottom of the Omega seamaster professional is made of edge inscribed with the brand name and watch some relevant parameters; Through the transparent Omega seamaster professional mirror can see inside the watch case with homemade BVL 191 automatic mechanical movement, movement state can provide full string on 42 hours power reserve.
Conclusion: this watch design is contracted, show clearly, convenient time to read, very practical. The collocation of fine steel rose gold design not only let the wrist watch color more rich, make design more show distinguished luxury at the same time. Watch of wrist of elegant design style, design contains hale and hearty make watches more conform to the men’s temperament, is a practical, delicate, elegant luxury watches.

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