Let the time temperature is more charity and wrist watch

On June 14, 2016, CCTV, marks the end of the third “CCTV charity night”, it was held at China central television (CCTV), large-scale public welfare propaganda activity every year, the party will elect ten “CCTV annual charity figures”, relative to the current social environment, this is a kind of encouragement, is also a kind of recognition. In the last two session of the party, CCTV, elect the including li yapeng, cao has, chao, deng fei, and so on 20 charity figures, this time of the party, with “precise poverty alleviation” as the theme, chosen charity figures, not only entrepreneurs such as xu wei, and ordinary people such as Deng Yingxiang, journalists from grassroots xue-mei sun, artist Wang Kuan and shu-rong wang couples, chari Omega seamaster 300 foundation director yao and Xue Fang, etc., all charity is the responsibility of the whole society.

At home doing charity, the past is always in a circle, because some scandals, led to the people who really do charity voiceless, the public philanthropy also become no longer trust, because there are many entrepreneurs even with the aid of charity to hold high, caused the entire circle of charity are shrouded in a layer of ash haze. However, charity seems more like a religion, a kind of social responsibility, and entrepreneurs, stars, and even ordinary people, never stop to join the charity, spontaneous to help others. Jet li’s “one foundation”, yao yao fund, han hong, Chen Yidan, star and entrepreneur’s quick action, first of all, let us see the power of the charity, with the establishment of the remote mountains of hope primary school, against poverty project launched, many with contemporary social disconnect between regions and people, get material and spiritual help.

We need to admit that most of the people’s trip to the heart of the charity and charity, are creating benefit for the society, and charity, big or small, is not voluntary donations can be more moral (almost no free charity actually experience, at least you won the identity). I think, a lot of people know that a man gave a lot of positive energy charity, jiang yan, she claimed to be “crawler jiang”, in her words, we can feel a lot of exquisite feelings, and she herself, quietly doing public welfare, for chariOmega seamaster 300 donations, also creates the educational foundation, media reports in 2014.

Clocks and watches for a charity world charity auction – Only Watch
And many products the wrist WATCH, by contrast, is an exquisite feelings and the humanities, many entrepreneurs make wrist, is also keen to charity, I think the senior Omega seamaster 300 fan, must know WATCH world the most glorious charity auction, ONLY WATCH. Only Watch is a biennial charity auction, starting in 2005, the auction will get the money donated to Monaco muscular dystrophy association for the study, research funding as duchenne muscular dystrophy. Each a brands participate in the auction, will make a world that’s a wrist watch, often, this watch will make a high price, even refresh record. In 2015, Only 44 Wtch took 44 on total brand wrist watch, a total of 11.16 million Swiss francs, or about 80 million yuan. This is the whole industry, the only time that so many brands do charity together. Although there are, of course, improve the brand influence considerations, but at least people buy money, sell out of the Omega seamaster 300, the association have the funds to support.

Universal donor Anthony ・ st YiXiu foundation in hk
Doing charity watch brands, and famous of all nations, all the nations and Lawrence sports public foundation, starting in 2005, continues to this day, all the nations to do too much limited wrist watch, and will be part of the sales income, as a foundation of sports public project funds. In addition, is also starting from 2005, the nations and Anthony ・ YiXiu leagues in the foundation, support charity foundation, also introduced a lot of set limit to watch at the same time, including the now famous wrist watch the little prince, part of the income of these wrist watch, also will be donated to the foundation for charity. At the same time, the nations also provide donations for a little-known scientific research center, Darwin foundation set up by the scientific research station in order to protect the ecological environment of the Galapagos islands, requires a lot of cost and labor, and all the nations provides grants for many years.

Treasure pearl “the heart sea” advocate protect Marine ecology
In fact, some of the famous Swiss watch brand, have more or less done charity, of course, and the domestic big wave of charity, the comparison of their chariOmega seamaster 300 do targeted, such as “intellectual wei slightly lottery” rolex is a charity projects, but the project is not released to social institutions directly, but through certain procedures, rewards to individuals, to help them complete their ideal, let them can not restricted by funding issues. Because many brands and stars have cooperative relations, and many stars often do charity itself, so the brand will also help to do charity together, such as watch and kobe Bryant. The watch itself is also a philanthropist, watch and the WWF cooperation, is a giant panda protection project. Bao Po for the protection of the Marine ecology, but also help many, either directly or in Marine conservation projects, bao Po are in continuous efforts, and launched a limited edition watch, buyers will receive a certificate of donation, to thank the through the wrist of choose and buy, and support for treasure pearl Marine conservation project.

Fiyta chariOmega seamaster 300 actions
Louis koo attend fiyta charity event
In public welfare star, there are many more brand spokesperson, take the domestic famous film star, gao and Louis koo are very famous charity star, is also the Omega seamaster 300 fiyta spokesman. Gao and Louis koo’s charity, and a lot of star, compared to do is relatively low, and often do, so have a good image in the public mind. Jackie chan do charity, is also known as things, although everyone poking fun at chan promoted so-and-so is the curse of bankruptcy, but Richard miller, but are in fashion now, although chan did not sign endorsements, but Richard miller is designed as a Omega seamaster 300 for a Jackie chan, Jackie chan also often take the RM wrist watch, and also do not have what difference. Very well-known domestic foundation “one foundation” founder li, who is that watch watch brand ambassador. Gong gong of “emperor” is the count of global brand spokesman, is also one of the famous charity, the earl of this high luxury jewelry watch brands, also didn’t do less chariOmega seamaster 300. Product brand ambassador zhao wei, there is a legend, all the way from “princess huanzhu” grow up to be a female BOSS, now is the value N million rich, product family and zhao wei, have positive contribution in the aspect of charity. So there are plenty of examples, it is these charity, give a lot of sunshine.
Charity, let the time temperature is more, the charity itself is a tender feeling, whether or not mixed with the flavor of other, at least the people who get help, get changed, have more hope for the future.

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