Machinery and the water “magic”

Asked if the wrist watch in recent years, which is one of the most creative, HYT should deserve. If you have the opportunity to personally with the wrist watch, will definitely make you can’t help but exclaim, “how did he do this”.

As early as in 2002, one of the founders of HYT Lucien Mr Vouillamoz proposed a tabulation thoughts to his friends, to have three lakes and known as clocks valley region, said the design water a wrist watch. Yet, to create the gold wrist watch the most critical problem is how to replace for clepsydra and water clock of gravitational energy, and create a have waterproof function, can be loading in the wrist watch. This concept because of the lack of technical and shelved.

In later years, the idea has been Lucien Vouillamoz mind. How can we achieve a volume is small and Omega seamaster 300, and can also be applied to different environment of the time the liquid indicator? To this end, he transform different angles to find possible ways. Finally, architecture is the concept of a new TAB, by catheter link two flexible pumps, in the set of the closed system is made up of reservoirs in different color and solubility of liquid. When one of the reservoir is compressed and stored in the group of liquid will be forced to flow to the pipe and shows the time, and the other a group of liquid will spread to another reservoir. Separation of the two liquids is separation by molecules are negative, like magnets repel each other, no need within the guide tube into the piston.


In the concept of TAB to register the new patent and looking for partners, HYT formal entered the stage of looking for tabulation and make a wrist watch. After a year of research and development, model formally birth first wrist watch. Surface formed by two layers of plastic glass, and 1.7/03 of a millimeter rectangular tube guide through the two layers of plastic glass and a cone, and can accurately show the time. Two flexible rolling membrane made of reservoir, and placed in a transparent cylinder. To promote the power of the liquid run by CAM transmission, replacing the traditional wrist clockwise. The birth of the sample also demonstrates the Lucien Vouillamoz new TAB concept is feasible.

By 2010, HYT and Vincent Perriard Mr Hit it off. Before this, Vincent Perriard already apply liquid to watch, more in the 2008 Geneva tabulation won the watch of wrist of design awards in the grand prix. They modified the original tabulation concept, with 11 cm high borosilicate glass independent pipe guide (inner ring only 1 mm in diameter), to replace the original through the middle of the two layers of plastic glass rectangular tube, to display the time. While the operation of the liquid by such as bellows shaped box high endurance and high flexibility of containers (this technique is applied to the American space agency, also made by the technology company), to replace the original made by calendering film container. Such as bellows shaped box container take as the role of the piston, control the liquid flow in the tube guide. Began, watch of wrist of H1 finally was born.

Watch of wrist of H1 divided into two parts, the above is the mechanical movement, the liquid display device is below. 12:00 position with eccentric disk, the minutes of power reserve display on the right is 65 hours, the left is a small second hand set, while hours shows to the transparent tube of the outside of the dial. Catheter with two kinds of liquid, by color fluorescent liquid indicates the hour, starting from 6 o ‘clock position with time and the clockwise direction, forced to go transparent liquid. And when the fluorescent liquid flow to the other end will be 6 o ‘clock position, then in ten seconds, the reverse flow back to the starting position, to carry out timing, like pointer inverse jump instruction.
Dial 6 o ‘clock position, two bellows shaped compression containers, one containing fluorescent liquid and the other is for transparent liquid. One fluorescence liquid and movement are linked together, similar to the gear of conch shape turns every hour a compression containers made silver liquid flow for an hour. H1 on the manual of chain movement by Jean Francois Mojon and Chronode completed his TAB groups. Ten years, finally gains, HYT also in 2012, relying on H1 GPHG watch of wrist of the award for best creative concept award.
Since H1 HYT and launched the H2, SKULL, H3 and H4, movement to the Swiss top complex movement team also Abby APRP to make, and one of the founders of APRP Dominique Renaud joined HYT, worked as a senior director of TAB.

SKULL is HYT is challenging a wrist watch, catheter into the SKULL shape of noncircular to hours and to keep the liquid in the ducts can still accurate in piston container every movement precision, it is very difficult.
Change of the round watchcase design, use the rectangular case, liquid instructions but hours to 24 hours, according to Jordan farmar rotate every six hours.

HYT H4 Metropolis
The latest H4 Metropolis machine core architecture is the same as the first works the H1, made into hollow out completely. Movement not only made into hollow out again and also challenge tabulation concept, application of a new idea, H4 Metropolis is carrying a wrist watch with light source device. In the dial 6 o ‘clock position, hidden from the two LED lights, and added a at five o ‘clock start button. Press the button the light source is started, the blue light will light up the whole face. In the evening, shows hours of green liquid under the light source is more easy to see clearly. Without battery, in 4 and 5 o ‘clock to hide a small generator, by rotating open button batteries, each time can provide the start time of 5 seconds. LED technology in my impression on this year’s SIHH van cleef it also is used in use on the wrist, but is still in development stage, has not yet been put into production.

Use black DLC titanium bezel and titanium watchcase H4 Metropolis to fit is very light, so you don’t want to have a creative wrist? More than 90000 Swiss francs, could this as the “magic” of wrist watch

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