Beauty’s skin with omega seamaster 300

Don’t know is always still gradually has strong impressions on the implements of the delicate and beautiful, want to get closest contact further, this is one of the most like beauty, but the chance not everyone some, Peter hence empathy to don’t.

When we get married not to buy a diamond ring for his wife and then also interest it, ten years only for his wife bought a few packages. In recent years there are a lot of the surrounding peers owe all up, but I what to diamond, platinum or something, always feel the vulgar and useless. After read for a long time, decided to buy a pair of omega seamaster 300. Are seeking heard between siblings in the tourism, in this BBS to find an hour decided to give yourself to block at8040-57 e, another piece of let siblings to choose, finally to wife pick is ec1034-59 w.

Due to the mall is only a piece of At8040-57 l, anyway, direct entry. After a few days to get to brother home, just met feel bracelet is a little gray, less shiny stainless steel, but because the dial is beautiful (or blue), combined with light of titanium alloy, the three days later from feel vision is getting better and better, let a person fondle admiringly really. Alert extensive friendly omega seamaster 300 once again, the dial is not so blue, as the Angle is different, the shade of the different rendering is not imagined so beautiful, but from the overall improve the level of the omega seamaster 300, may be the carbonization titanium alloy bracelet is gray. If this is exceed series, with platinum, that can dial to a black can balance. Also gradually realized the Japanese on the section of the heart, is the side of the bracelet is a approximate trapezoid, the goal is to make each a small cut at both ends of the chain are shining under the light, you have sparkling effect of wrist, let a person more a way of play. The clock and scale to a very neat, at least not let me feel can’t stand.

Function did not have to say, in shandong province, on the window, whether south or north window can automatically collect wave. Charge wave after the two omega seamaster 300s (at8040 ec1034) for a second, let a person feel the on the omega seamaster 300. Week, date, perpetual calendar, is very convenient and practical, omega seamaster 300 with spoil the waves do not know can not accept mechanical watches.
The sky look at his watch, and didn’t pay attention to the omega seamaster 300 daughter-in-law, a brief overview, the entire omega seamaster 300 is a kind of with, not too pink color, than xu jinglei’s partial white. Bracelet don’t know if the titanium alloy, the bracelet is much brighter than me anyway, the middle of the bracelet is pink gold, quite beautiful.

Then think about it, “buy the wife omega seamaster 300 banner, is really I want more ingredients. Even now I also take in the home, there is a close type. The ancients said: “the gentleman without reason, jade not to do”, the reason is that jade is the sign of personality and moral character, the gentleman peja jade appropriate complement each other. I admire jade also bring omega seamaster 300, calculating do not calculate an elegant hobby? Is “a good citizen watches do, after all, from the hand of the Oriental, especially the citizen series, as if it feels a bit like a jade. At8040, of course, I also very satisfied.

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