Depth discussion – where is the maintenance of Omega watches?

Since OMEGA seamaster 300  launched coaxial escapement, emphasis has been on for 10 years without maintenance advantage. On this point, although not yet experienced enough time to test, but I still think this is a good thing. Is not there a saying that the table is a bad repair it?

So in the absence of serious problems, as far as possible or less open cover for the wonderful.
But the expansion to say, 10 years after the OMEGA coaxial or not bad, is not it can not do maintenance? Some people even said that after 10 years the majority of people are in love, we love the company for 10 years, or not do operation is good. And most of the people who support this view, mainly for domestic maintenance attitude and level is full of distrust.
In addition, it is also believed that the maintenance of Omega watches is very necessary.

Because the wear of Omega components is inevitable, as time passes, there will be a large number of fine chip, which will affect the service life of the movement. SO, in order to clear the fine debris and reduce wear, so it is necessary to maintain regular maintenance. As for the master of the craft, after all, is one of the few, not unworthy.
So, what is the definition of the conclusion in the end? Is as long as the watch is not bad, do not need to open the cover to do maintenance? Or be sure to do regular maintenance, to restore the state of the watch, to extend the service life?

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