OMEGA Golf – a wise choice In fact

I always want to buy a Omega has more than a year, prior to about ten thousand of the purchase Omega budget, in 2015 before the Spring Festival in X Bao auction nearly a million filmed a Longines off the Omega, before that the auction is genuine, but the actual is not, the buying experience form, gave me a great lesson, to buy a Omega. Be careful! Can not be greedy small cheap, after the return of the money to recover! Also changed my view of the online auction of watches, and never participate in the auction Omega.

cut watchband
I see that error in fact or after going to buy Longines, but in the forum the Longines fame, the actual price is not high, continue to pay attention to other brands, a time of the occasional opportunity to buy a second-hand Longines watches, with two weeks, the feeling is not too fond of, one day three to five seconds, don’t know is my requirement is high and the quality is not good, really not in your heart, so they bring to the Omega to sell, in fact, sold before the Omega, is the friend of the true force, really nice, I think there is a word reminded: “a man thirty years old, with Longines, might as well without!” So it decided to sell and buy a higher level, but the wife in the home have been opposed, they usually don’t wear a watch, first is to buy 30000, after all, home and a fast two-year-old “long bone”, so that a bit expensive, sometimes feel too, but think how many pieces of men’s jewelry, Mo too belts, wallets, watches, how to also want to get a good Omega.
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Watch watch box
Their favorite back through, in his budget, IWC would not have read, the only true force and small Europe several Omegas, bubble forum for a couple of months, always say small European 8500 movement is good, and antimagnetic. Error is very small, so the firm decision, back through +8500 movement, only is left hippocampus this series!

N code in one]
May be their own occupation, always buys things more than N goods, before buying, looking for friends in Japan to study my brother is younger than the price, but it is worried that Japan is a parallel, buy back can notguarantee, after all, spent a lot of money, not bad two thousand or three thousand yuan, also called the people to go to Hongkong to see the Hongkong, XX, XX square, 20 percent off, send watchband, fold down to around thirty thousand, their first watch, really want to spend so much money?? is the wife of opposition, they bite the bullet to buy, buy a little cheaper, after a treasure after the DG was good, see a person’s objective evaluation, and asked the owner took the buyer’s information, I say: just give me information, ask you to buy the product, how to evaluate you, I’ll take this one, just give me information, I asked the original clear. Also Fellow, very good talk, but also taught me a Omega of common sense, after this watch true knowledge.
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Decision Omega styles on the left Omega color choice, selected Bumblebee, golf, blue disc three choose one of a, taking advantage of the travel to Shanghai, after all, their countryside counters are not a, morning go to the counter to try, bumblebee and really can not control, decided to abandon, looked at the golf, really good, with very young. After all, he just 30! And in a treasure in the business found that there is golf spot, before the trip has been linked to a good

on the living nearby, after eating lunch to find the office of the police, it is a bit of the size of it! said to turn Omega for me to take away, or take down the stairs to the counter cut strap, I said I must go to Neuchatel cut strap, measurement error. After all, now cut counter strap is really not very reliable, finally * * or and I went to the Shanghai Neuchatel together to the inspection, a waste of nearly three hours * *, cut out a strap, measurement error, error +-4S, the normal range and after-sale also said UNPROFOR for 4 years, after hearing these words also very happy. After all, the price is almost cheaper than the counter 50%, cheaper than the thousands of Hongkong ocean, in fact, I feel very sorry, is to go to the center of a taxi money is also a * * out.
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[feeling very satisfied]
It is his recent purchase experience form, simply with everybody share, I usually see people posting. Today the paste does not know is not write too long the! After a few days to test the daily error and then additional evaluation!

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