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Now use the most luminous watches are superluminova, Omega called Chromalight (because it is a patented formula
So there must be some differences, are not self luminous material, belonging to the receiving light stimulation, which led to the material. So characteristic
There is not much difference between. Can be classified as a category. The following things are also said of this type of light-emitting coating.
First, how to shine?
In general, the luminescent material will absorb the wavelength of 200nm-450nm, and then will be excited to a high energy state, high energy state
Will be accompanied by a photon of radiation and back to the low energy state. The absorption and excitation process is very short, about 10 subtle.
Time (some special cases will be greatly increased), and watch on the coating material is a special kind of existence, this kind of coating
After being excited, will enter a kind of spin multiplicity higher (don’t know Chinese how to translate sorry), this kind of state is called
State triplet (still do not know how to translate into Chinese), in this state, will be slow to radiation photons back to low energy
State. This is our lasting luminous key.
Let the bright luminous watch looks very simple, holding it under the light irradiation for a while, then we can enjoy the lights
The second night. However, in fact, does not like the luminous watch manufacturers advertised bright and durable. Because of this coating
The extent of the incentive is determined by the following 3 points:
1, the main energy in the light of what wavelength
2, the intensity of light
3, the duration of exposure to light
The coating is mainly absorbed by the UV energy, so we know that the LED UV lamp is mainly the wavelength of 365nm, so it can be very good
Drive type D65 coating, cold light fluorescent lamp which also contains a large number of uv. Of course, there are many high-pressure mercury vapor lamp.
But it belongs to the small amount of tungsten lamp, so you go to watch with the irradiation of incandescent light, will be very hard.
Two, how to shine?
The following Omega seamaster 300 is the light excitation Omega seamaster 300:
Luminance value (mcd/m 2) after excitation:
15 minutes
60 minutes
Constant load
In C f
10 minute discharge
60 minute discharge
10 minute discharge
60 minute discharge
10 minute discharge
60 minute discharge
Zero point nine
One point nine
Four point seven
Nine point three
One hundred
One hundred and eight
One hundred and thirteen
Eighteen point six
Two hundred
One hundred and twenty
One hundred and twenty-nine
One hundred and thirty-one
Forty-six point five
Five hundred
One hundred and forty-three
One hundred and forty-seven
One hundred and forty-eight
Ninety-two point nine
One thousand
One hundred and fifty-three
Twenty-two point five
One hundred and fifty-five
One hundred and fifty-five
Through this form, we can draw the following conclusion:
1, under low light intensity, irradiation time will have a great impact. So under low light conditions, the coating can obtain higher brightness for longer time.
2, under high illumination intensity, irradiation time for improving the brightness of coating (high energy state is not obvious, under 1000lx illumination, 15 minutes can reach
153 of the brightness value, and 60 minutes, it can only reach 155 of the brightness value.
3, under a certain illumination, even if the irradiation time is longer, it can not reach the maximum of the coating. For example, in the 20lx brightness, you put 10000 hours,
The highest brightness value can only reach 57.
4, the higher the incentive state, the faster the radiation energy.

The higher the brightness of the coating, the faster it will decay.
The brightness attenuation curve.
Green line is the luminance resolution, so we can specify, brightness decay to we cannot see, probably need 850-900 minutes.
It’s about 15 hours, this time, enough to meet the needs of the majority of people reading time at night.
Three, luminous material aging?
The answer is yes, the following Omega seamaster 300 is a number of properties of light-emitting materials:
Omega seamaster 300 manners
Basic and Limited by Share Ltd.
Blue and green
The chemical properties of strontium aluminate strontium aluminate ZnS:Cu
Color yellowish green light blue yellow green
The average particle size of 1000 hours 1000 hours 10-24 hours
Good chemical stability (except water) is good (except water).
Specific gravity 3.9 4.1 53.6
We can see that this substance is afraid of the water, please be careful not to damp.
There is the light fastness of the attribute is 300W high pressure mercury lamp irradiation 1000 hours or more, the coating brightness will permanently decreased by 20%.
Summed up is not damp, don’t let the luminescent substance exposed to high UV radiation environment.

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