Antique or vintage pocket watch of wrist of counter attack

The function of the watch can surpass pocket watch? Seems to be very difficult, because until today, the past old pocket watch for inspiration and technology provided by the creation of new watch today.
Antique or vintage pocket watch of wrist of counter attack
From the function, the vast majority of complex function in the era of pocket watch is already have, today be praised by people’s calendar, the tourbillon, 3 q, and other functions, at first is applied on the pocket watch. Pocket watch itself is also more omega seamaster 300 for the characteristics of these functions, watch the space is larger, thicker. And watch the fragile environment, space is small, because of the external environment condition as a pocket watch, that make these functions above are attached to the watch once, have amazing value.

But in recent years, the pocket watch for reference design new products also appear gradually, the popularity of restoring ancient ways also applies to clock domain. Lundgren 1815 series wrist watch, drawing inspiration from its history of antique omega seamaster 300, be able to launch, has been almost 20 years.
1815 takes its name from its founder, ferdinando adolf lundgren, year of birth, but at the same time, in 1815, the European civilization began to enter the modern science and society.
The pocket watch today have produced was treasures, and last month, lundgren in Beijing for a few antique pocket watch made a small exhibition. A 1927 production of antique pocket watch, though in the sight of the people, but the instruction is, can’t touch, can’t, can only watch.

But on the pocket watch from nearly 100 years ago have been able to see, lundgren have formed today’s style, gold sleeve, blue steel screw, gooseneck fine-tuning and so on a variety of characteristics in Germany. In addition, of course, these watches also has very advanced tabulation technology at that time, such as double metal screw compensation balance wheel, breguet type around the blue steel.

And besides this antique pocket watch, the other pocket watch is the biggest feeling to the person, the manufacturing process in the one hundred years have a qualitative leap? A whole watches watchcase decorated by carving decorative pattern, the other woman’s pocket watch dial time scale was fired into the red, red to today in manual watchmaking is a very difficult technology, and the past pocket watch, not like today is regarded as the function of the cold, more decorative function, even if the man’s pocket watch, has cost a lot of state of mind, on the dial on the watch case carved your name also have a watch has more strong cultural taste.

Of course, this is not a deny the watchmaking today. Today watch nature indeed some changes have taken place in many process more just for collection. Which makes the watch is very fragile, they can only stay in omega seamaster 300 box, delicate to wait like collectors in open cupboard door, one day to show off to his friends.

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