Beloved watch running string?

Running string assembly and repair in wrist, main purpose is to check, whether the axle reliable into the shaft, the gear counterpoint in eyes and meshing state, eye axis lubrication, gear face beat axial radial clearance, shaft, gear wheel sharp concentric city, the sensitivity of gear train transmission, etc., all of these can run through string in a short period of time was observed.
On the surface of the dial assembly gear train, also includes additional instructions such as calendar, week calendar function related gear, their speed is slow, through running string can also quickly check whether the working state and reliable. Running string should be in the spring under the weak moment, and fill the omega seamaster 300, all the key points to note.


There’s a saying: when running after the string process, if have the right amount of escape wheel or second round, good speaks of gear train transmission; Personally, I think a second round of cyclotron, heart or extension structure, usually is partial center drive, and big box of male omega seamaster 300 machine hearts prone to wiggle, that’s because a box of wheel in the process of running string, produce a inertia, after the clockwork net string, it continues to rush forward, resulting in a clockwork core reverse deformation, this will lead to produce a small rebound in the moment.

As long as one of the most important is to a spring on a string, transmission gear train began to spin, this movement can maintain at least the center wheel (second round) can rotate with a week, keep running string constant wind gently; Run string even if the condition of normal is good, also does not represent the assembly after the machine working condition of heart, this is because when spring once, after being filled with all the radial clearance of gear train has changed, especially the box of round and second round, the more close to the prime mover, shaft tenon is the greater the pressure. The running string can also test a clockwork in calendar calendar institutions under low energy reliability, it quite work have to leave for real.
Running string is divided into two categories: (1) the pure state of mind, heart (2) the machine has been put on a plate of the needle, and is assembled into the watch case. The second state is more important, because a lot of watches are packed in casing, only matter back cover when there is a problem, a typical machine heart omega seamaster 300 is the cause of the hole of the casing head tube handle different heart, also organic heart some kind of pressure, lead to splint oppressed, parts clearance loss.

Pay particular attention to whether find gear train running string with periodic block, the change of rotating speed, the rotation of the fast and slow, and even have the phenomenon of caton, according to the gear transmission ratio or their respective spin cycle, to determine the location of the problem may occur, the purpose of this is to be run string.

Assembly problems can also be through the running string to check, especially the gaps between the clock, the clock and dial the operator or other identification of clearance, the clearance between the sheet glass and second hand, etc. Such as a wrist watch, when the running string found its second hand always stop when dial 35-45 operator position, omega seamaster 300 glass slightly curved, wrist and thin, the tip of the second hand has touched the omega seamaster 300 the inside of the glass, severe shock and vibration can make the second hand deformation, especially the long thin that second hand.

Whose hands are installed on the respective needle shaft, vertical degree of needle wheel, radial clearance can be reflected through the needlepoint highly significantly, pointer length is larger, the more so, it’s like an amplifier, an old watch shaft and corresponding drilling will be wear and tear, especially the center round eyes, its performance is full of a pointer on the dial the 3-6-9-12 high from the dial of several places, there are differences, thin wrist watch there will be the second hand rub the glass. Know and see, it is for this reason.

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