Clean Omega seamaster 300 should pay attention to what matters

1 clean lines, with professional cleaning solutions. 2, soft brush gently clean. Article 3, with rubber or willow wipe the motor. 4, cleaning fluid available petrol, do not clean with ultrasonic oscillation within. 5, such as Omega seamaster 300 a stain on the battery, use flannel wipe away. This is Omega seamaster 300 matters need to pay attention to cleaning.

1, clean quartz circuit board note: Omega seamaster 300 line is made of solid circuit, quartz resonator, fine-tuning capacitor, printed circuit board. Due to the particularity of electronic watches, generally USES its cleaning with 99% anhydrous alcohol (ethanol), or Yin vinyl chloride to clean. When cleaning can be put into the container, but does not need too long time, please wash wash to gently, comes out with ear ball to blow dry or dry, reoccupy silk or long clean enough. When cleaning, do not abuse cleaning fluid, otherwise it will affect the quality Omega seamaster 300 components.

2, clean quartz spool note quartz coil wire diameter for outer unprotected, wash not clean inside the container, when the general or use your hands to hold the coil, the correct method is living with your hands on both ends of the magnet coil frame is clean gently with soft brush (never will lead plate welding coil lead wire touch) clean quartz coil wire board, not with gasoline.
3, cleaning the watch should notice when the motor, clean the Omega seamaster 300 motor rotor magnet steel and copper sets, is made of metal glue glue, so you can’t clean with cleaning fluid, generally available rubber adhesive or willow to wipe, and then clean with brush.

4, clean quartz main plywood motor stator should pay attention to matters, Omega seamaster 300 on the bottom plate of the motor stator, do not remove the when cleaning, because Omega seamaster 300 motor stator with bottom plate positioning hole, generally is very tight, loose is not allowed to remove the stator is easy to damage, and bending and will affect the Omega seamaster 300 permeability bruised. When cleaning, but even with the bottom plate cleaning, cleaning fluid available petrol, do not wash, with ultrasonic oscillation within this cleaning method can also affect the rate of the stator magnetic.

5 note method, agreeable freedom battery, battery shell is made from zinc, gasoline with electric oil casing corrosion effect, therefore, do not clean with gasoline and other liquids, such as Omega seamaster 300 a stain on the battery, use flannel wipe away.

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