Keep pace with The Times Perpetual calendar watch the path to a breakthrough

“I first contact and calendar Omega seamaster 300 makes me feel very frustrated.” Swiss watchmakers manufacturers Greubel Forsey (Omega rich) co-founder Stephen Forsey said. “Early calendar watch of wrist of contact, and a variety of troublesome revisions, change the date is a very tiring process.”

Many of these complex creators and Forsey timer, all have the same frustration and frustration. But this kind of Omega seamaster 300, once they are properly adjusted, can accurately recording time, no matter in, even in a leap year, also can work normally. This incredible feat makes the perpetual calendar watch has a unique status in the history of the classic watches and clocks, but including a few Forsey tabulation, who learned that this originated in the 18th century mechanical device, the necessity of modernization.
Omega Perpetual Manufacture

Unique calendar wristwatch
Their original solution makes the timer can have a more simple and reliable structure, it represents the largest so far in this special field in the tabulation industry progress. Like other watchmaker, Forsey quickly admitted that he was not the first to break the traditional design of perpetual calendar watch. And these should be attributed to the tabulation legend Ludwig Oechslin, when he was in the 90 s and Omega work together, imagine the structure of an alternative to traditional methods.
Different from traditional cumbersome lever system read the calendar information from a complex of the CAM system, the principle of the Oechslin around a has dozens of different length, and in a certain time of the year only contact each other’s jagged rim put forward his vision. In addition to simplicity in structure, was called the Perpetual Ludwig structure makes the time can be achieved by a device called a knob adjustment. For the first time ever, headaches press type single direction adjustment has become the past. And traditional calendar Omega seamaster 300 design similar to that of Athens (Omega) design is standardization, and can be easily on any watch movements. This year, Omega his Perpetual calendar watch and his own core together, into a Perpetual Manufacture (priced at $52500, by the rose gold), brand one of the few along with Omega seamaster 300s in the core and the case all homemade wrist watch.

The innovation of the classical mechanical way
The Rotonde DE Cartier Astrocalendaire ($204000), is The Cartier (Cartier) a new calendar Omega seamaster 300 design, also took The date wheel design, although The Cartier directly to The design and core Omega seamaster 300s together. Omega seamaster 300 shows the date of design is novel, circling in tuo flywheel system, such as a circular open-air theatre, on different level, display the current date, month and week.
Forestier – Kasapi unique gear system can adopt flexible movement before and after the blade, when less than month of 31 days occur, sawtooth can automatically connected or disconnected to jump straight to the first day of next month. According to what she says, the system has smaller influence on balance the amplitude of spring, so compared with traditional calendar Omega seamaster 300, have a higher accuracy.

F.P. Journe
Quantieme perpetual a equation is Omega rich, one is not listed, has spent more than eight years of research and development of the Omega seamaster 300. The core of this watch calendar mechanical mechanism is also used for Richard mills (Richard Mille) Planetarium Tellurium wrist watch. “We have all the date information written into our called mechanical computer device, so the Omega seamaster 300 and all the calendar Omega seamaster 300 so far are very different.” Forsey said: “behind the Omega seamaster 300 there is a very original date display window, actually this is mechanical computer information contained in the formula.”
Forsey wrist watch the week of information written to the Omega seamaster 300 of machinery, so has more than 570 Omega seamaster 300s made of core parts, is a brand so far made the most complex Omega seamaster 300 core, also is a relatively expensive, priced at $75000. Though the Omega seamaster 300 is very complex, but contains a digital date, month and week calendar display is very simple and clear, and to provide the best recognition.
Greubel Forsey

Challenge calendar instantaneous jump
Although set these adopted the innovation of the structure of the perpetual calendar watch in dueling tectonic setting of traditional calendar Omega seamaster 300 simpler, but the real completion date change is a tricky process. Traditional calendar Omega seamaster 300 sometimes need in the middle of the night to spend an hour, or even longer to jump to completion date. And in the process of the jump, the Omega seamaster 300 will be very easy to be damaged by trying to adjust the time. A new model has the ability to protect the watch movements, and be able to more quickly adjust time, but they have not done the date instantaneous jump.
For nearly a decade ago, Geneva watchmaker Roger Dubuis (,) tried through the innovative spring drive lever system to achieve this goal, but the brand effect because of the lack of reliability and sell at a discount greatly. So far only the nations (Omega) some type of digital display calendar watch can make date and instantaneous jump in.

F.P. Journe, the founder of Francois – Paul Journe hope that through the world’s first date at the same time instantaneous jump three parameters Quantieme Perpetual to overcome the problem of date change, is expected to release in 2015. Journe explained: “date of instantaneous jump of the biggest difficulties is that when you have accumulated all the energy used to make a change, but in an instant all the release of energy, so you need to design a system that is used to stop the energy release in this process.”
Journe and his colleagues play an ability and imagination of mechanical calendar Omega seamaster 300, make the timer as the peak of the mechanical tabs. Journe: “since the 18th century, Omega seamaster 300 calendar existed, but this is the first time in history, people can put all the excellent characteristics of collection on my new watch. Can improve and get things changed in the past is very interesting.” Let’s hope 2015 F.P.J ourne!!!!

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