omega new date of three needle free spirit series automatic omega seamaster 300

Uphold the Spirit of freedom, omega omega seamaster 300 for the first time this year in its “free Spirit” series (American Classic Spirit of Liberty) launch date three needle automatic omega seamaster 300 styles, recognize the beauty of freedom.

Founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA today’s watch is omega omega places few, rooted in the United States the new manufacture fine watch brand in Switzerland. omega omega seamaster 300 relationship with the United States, can see a thing or two from the history of the brand. At the beginning of the brand was established, namely is commissioned by the American railway companies, for manufacturing a batch of tumultuous railway s quite precise timer, and ends when a series of miss sometimes caused by the train collision accident.
omega three needle free spirit date automatic omega seamaster 300, stainless steel watch case
omega, accurate and practical characteristics of the system is renowned, since 1910, started to the U.S. military to manufacture timepieces, more is still one of the U.S. military equipment. During the second world war in 1940, omega halted popular consumer watch, to manufacture military watches. Through war drama, hot and cold temperature, the strict test of wind and rain of dust and mud, become the best of American military watches.

omega three needle free spirit date omega seamaster 300 automatically, rose gold PVD stainless steel watch case
So far, omega watch permanent style according to its design style is divided into two series, one for drill (cloth), the other is a Classic series (American Classic). The classic and elegant series, in the Spirit of the United States as the design of the main shaft, recognizing the “free” the founding of the Spirit of “free Spirit” (the Spirit of Liberty) is quite welcomed by the market of the series. Series in the past, the Spirit Of freedom is timing clock series, published for the first time this year to launch date three needle automatic omega seamaster 300 (the Spirit Of Liberty Auto).

omega three needle free spirit date automatic omega seamaster 300, stainless steel watch case
The watch with a stainless steel watch case or rose gold PVD selection of stainless steel, surface plate also has a variety of color to choose from. It is worth mentioning its face plate USES special multi-layer paint processing, more complex refraction texture of primitive simplicity, details are more somega seamaster 300 skillfully; When using unique crystalline cone type logo, restoring ancient ways collocation feels dye-in-the-wood railway timed lap and willow pointer, led watch contracted release wonderful stereo feeling. More specifically strap through advanced leather cotton processing, not only wear comforomega seamaster 300 hand, brush color more application of laser technology will be the most essence paragraphs of the declaration of American freedom ─ ─ “withoutliberty, life is a misery”, are branded on the strap, perfect to the design of restoring ancient ways collocation omega seamaster 300, also with the development in the western United States in the desert of feelings.

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