Roman Omega seamaster 300 new Imperial confidence royal wrist watch

A classic, is has never been surpassed and can only be copied. Like automatic mechanical movement in the field of wrist watch, people have to mention the Swiss independent tabulation brand Competence of Roman Omega seamaster 300 confidence series, it represents the essence of the contemporary concept of TAB and virtuosity. Challenge the brand innovation, has added a trainspotter Omega seamaster 300 new members – Competence series, the royal family of Imperial confidence to lead the mainstream of the early autumn of 2014 watch fashion elements.

Swiss Roman Omega seamaster 300 released this new Competence Imperial confidence royal series, elegant chic dial grain concave and convex have send, elite details reveal the unique taste. On pointer design, stylist is unique to the hollow out the arrow pointer and jump the second design, with only the balance of the whole Omega seamaster 300 with a red passion move feeling, is memorable. On either side of the dial Roman palace colonnade design is one of the highlights, honed Roman appearance in wrist since 1888 wide innovation, technology and art. The whole Omega seamaster 300 contour line is fluent, following the brand as usual and concise air, reveal the identity of the king is the best item.

Make this watch is unique transparent bottom cover. Roman Omega seamaster 300 Competence Imperial confidence royal series bottom cover with the transparent wear-resisting of high-tech materials, through the bottom of the Omega seamaster 300, you can see the operational precision automatic mechanical watches, the structure of the movement principle and processing manufacturing charm naked, pure flashy appearance design to do, like a connotation is rich, the mighty king of the inner time he has made him not by thing happy not saddened by personal losses of philosophy, no matter how things change around, he can still poised and confident to tick upward flow. High-grade taste and fashion dazzling in the craftsmanship is self-evident.
Competence Imperial is a wonderful mechanical world, who say is not it? Movement contains the gears, levers, spring, clamp, screw, balance wheel balance spring and automatic tuo, etc., these elements are combined together, mutual cooperate with meticulous. Gone, as you know, watch for movement on the surface of the modified high requirements, such as automatic tuo, wheel clamp strip lines, pearl grain, curve grain is used to decorate, screws and steel parts are also carefully polished, at the same time, also the brand the machine number, and some unique emblems, impressed on movement when the eye. So, such exquisite trainspotter watches, regardless of the movement inside or appearance design, can let a person feast for the eyes – if you underneath the pursuit of adventure and desire to constantly challenge and beyond, the watch is resolute matches your presence.

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