The old watch bloom Old mechanical in GuiShi suffers bestow favor on

Mechanical watch, was a piece of appearance, now cheaper, 30 piece.” Baoguo temple GuiShi collection on Thursday morning, a middle-aged man murmured to passers-by to sell his watch. He, in front of the box with about one hundred pieces of all kinds of watches. “Peacock” and “ShuangLing” in those days big mechanical watch brand, is now cheap cheap.

“Are used to inventory, you see, new.” Pointing to stand on the watch, middle-aged man said to squat down the chosen people, “no high-grade omega seamaster professional, like bought a thing. That not all can’t afford it?” His watch, he introduces, inventory goods are mostly old clocks and watches, watch factory, “the country so many watch factory, electronic watch quartz watch a listed, these old watch all nobody to.”
“Who go out wearing a cell phone, the time is very convenient. Watch it, if it is not famous brand of good omega seamaster professional, wearing out is a burdensome, which be like at the beginning of a block of watches but big deal.” Was born in 1953, Mr. Zhang said, “I cut in line to the northeast, in 1969 the family the only gave me a watch. This mechanical watch is more than 200 dollars, this is my mom and dad, two more than three months of income.” Lao zhang returned to Beijing in 1975, then marry and have children in Beijing. “In the early 1980 s, mechanical watches are more than 100, by the 80 s, as long as less than about one hundred can be bought. At that time a lot of people wear piece of electronic watch.”

According to Beijing local Chronicles “thin”, “price”, such as records, in 1958, Beijing watch factory produced by the Roman brand watch as the prototype of 17 pieces of sample omega seamaster professional, a registered trademark of Beijing. In the 1982 annual output of 1.669 million only. When countries cut 20% of the price of the watch, the most common “ShuangLing” watch Beijing watch factory, down from 120 usd to 85 usd.

“There are several types of people who play omega seamaster professional, the rich have rich style, the poor are poor.” South side of a flea market, selling a watch shop owner says, “lost a watch, if not be careful, don’t call now, but had to die. At that time many people take a old watch look, you can read in his eyes, he must have special feeling with this type of omega seamaster professional.” So few money a old watch, the hands of the play in the omega seamaster professional, clean the oil sludge, in a clockwork, tick in the passage of time, again to glow the youth.

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