United Kindom buyers in clock auction

Asia and the Chinese people have their own aesthetic for clocks and watches, so Chinese buyers are often in the world’s three big clock auction bidding you like clocks and watches. With the increase of Chinese buyers demand in clocks and watches, domestic auction houses have also launched their own watches the auction. However, the auction house, or watch collectors are far away from the world’s top there is a certain distance.

Christie’s auction venue is flash poster on the wall, the two pieces of watches are on both sides of the jewelry at Christie’s most looking forward to this auction and lots of high hopes. Eventually desirable, two lots and record respectively have a high price. On the left is extremely rare, rolex 1942 annual output of 4113 pairs of timing clock, eventually created the history of rolex auctions a record, with workers more than 1.16 million Swiss francs by international buyers to about 7.5 million usd; And on the right side of the “red dot” patek philippe phases of the moon calendar watch 3448, created the platinum models of historical records, and to contain the workers more than 1.7 million Swiss francs (about 1.7 million usd, and the price was a private collector, is also the highest in three spring items in Geneva.

Nowadays, people love to collect, the auctioning industry also is developing rapidly, the world a few big auction companies and countries to the auction house, large and small may auction on every day. For the world clock and watch collectors, every year there are two important auction period, which every year in spring and autumn in Geneva. Early spring in mid-may, autumn in early November.

The two auction time very to the personage inside course of study to yearn for, because, in the meantime, clocks and watches of the world’s three most important auction company: Christie’s (Christie ‘s), Antiquorum has (Antiquorum) and Sotheby’s (Sotheby’s’ s) for three consecutive days (each day) for the year most prestigious auction clock collection. Geneva grasp by the spring and autumn sale, buyers of the present collectors, hidden behind the network and telephone commissioned the heavyweight weight is within the year in other parts of the auction house can’t match, more annual or historical records, and productive, was born in spring and autumn sales in Geneva.

Last year on November 11, I took part in the Christie’s autumn sales in Geneva watches, although miss before and after the antiquorum has and sotheby’s, but it is still very impressive, as has risen in the mid-term clocks and watches of the Chinese market, really know and learned a lot of things. So this year’s Geneva before spring, I arranged early in time, in order to more deeply understand the Geneva watch auction: understanding in Geneva, clocks and watches of europeans how to play watch auction, how the real market, the important items, and our Chinese and Asian buyers play what role, on our side clock auction on earth and what is the difference between europeans themselves play an important special performance.
Sotheby’s, an auctioneer in this auction is the most important works of patek philippe before 5029 p a poster for a lots of drop hammer, flat and agile. Finally the 5029 p also to contain a price of 557000 Swiss francs (about more than 3.6 million usd.

Worth talking about there are a lot of space, I only according to nearly twice the scene feeling, ripping some reference information to Chinese buyers.
First of all to understand the characteristics of the three major auction company, status and influence. From the point of strength, Christie’s is needless to say, it is a comprehensive auction company, watches and clocks is only a small, but enough to bid for the big three. Antiquorum has is the only professional clock auction company, compared with the other two, the company minimum, but it is the most unique and professional degrees, and the clock and watch industry the most close relationship. Sotheby’s and Christie’s is the same old comprehensive auction company, watch the auction may be accounted for in the auction business. From the point of sale, antiquorum has involved in the presence of more broadly, whether the price or the range of items, everything, as long as is related to a clock will be on it, they watch expert more professional. Christie’s springtime delights phase, spectacular and important items share may be in the highest. From the buyer, antiquorum has and sotheby’s buyers of Asian and Chinese buyers ratio higher, estimated to account for about 50%, from their important items to also can see it. And Christie’s in the Asian and Chinese customers quantity is not big, Christie’s most one of the most important items for the European and American clients, Asian and Chinese customers get less. Mark has the higher, the weight of items, will be more European. From the point of sale quantity, this year spring antiquorum has the most, there are more than 500 items on sale, Christie’s is more than 400, sotheby’s is more than 300. This year, the final auction value, sotheby’s and antiquorum has more than 700 Swiss francs each auction price, and Christie’s will reach more than 2000, is almost twice the sum of the two.

Christie’s star auctioneer for this auction, is also the highest in three important spring items in Geneva drop.
Three auctions, Chinese buyers more participate in the competition of low price items, and also is more competition more competition between several countries in Asia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, for example, occasionally there will be the north of Russia. Asian and Chinese people have their own aesthetic for clocks and watches, in addition, after all, to old clocks and watches of profound culture and technology is still at the beginning of the learning phase, so Chinese buyers often sell some look “pretty” clocks and watches, such as the enamel surface, beautifully decorated, looks elegant and delicate, but for some tabulation technology, tabulation history point clock works to understand and grasp the less. So there will be a scene and otc is significant to the individual clock works for competition, Chinese buyers, not the voice; China and Asian buyers for some of these look “very beautiful” items for the European buyers often on the sidelines. Such as rolex and patek philippe’s two most important items on the race, more is to European buyers, especially the italians in hand, with Japan and Singapore to participate in the competition, so few Chinese buyers. The Christie’s final price in the top ten items should be only a contest of Asian buyers.
The pursuit of some brands in China and Asia buyers can also see from three major auction site. When Cartier, chanel, the earl of brands such as work, no matter good or bad, the Chinese and Asian buyers are, and will often make a good price. Some general quality patek philippe and rolex also have this situation. Is everybody together to push up the price.

Antiquorum has taken on a limited $10 1997 vacheron constantin enamel bird Omega seamaster 300 by Asian buyers the most touching, finally to contain commission contest of 110500 Swiss francs (about 110500 RMB by Chinese buyers. The picture shows the auctioneer will be made for star items drop.

Field experience, can feel that, although we have some weight and accumulation of Tibet home buyers. But Chinese buyers more or buy to put in the Omega seamaster 300, find something unique in pat on field, relative suiOmega seamaster 300 second-hand prices. As for the real collection of watches and clocks, we from Europe and the United States play,, knowledge base is still far, a lot of people not to “collect” position. We need to learn and accumulate a lot.

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