Omega: honor and responsibility

A good corporate citizen, not only to have good business ethics, but also undertake corresponding social responsibility. Most of the time, back to society, reflects the culture of an enterprise and business philosophy. A sum of money, where to use? Relief of African refugees or help China’s southwest border village left-behind children, or support a plan for the artists, this is according to its own positioning and weighed each brand plan. For omega, public welfare activities and also do watch, according to the different “production line”, choose a different expression.

Away from the darkness
See watch moment as a first step, is to have healthy eyes, and there were about 39000000 people in the world, although as many as 80% of blindness can be prevented or cured with proper treatment. ORBIS International (ORBIS International) is a non-profit organization actively treating preven Omega Seamaster 300 blindness. For local partners to provide the necessary medical equipment, training and technical support, according to the needs of their practical and sustainable solutions, greatly reduce the pain of prevenOmega Seamaster 300 blindness to humanity. Omega with the well-known brand celebrity ambassador, actor Daniel Craig (Daniel Craig) sincere cooperation, hand in hand to support orbis international organizations and their eye hospital. Specially created for this purpose, the omega paragraphs a special Omega Seamaster 300 – disc flying Hour Vision Blue “bright Blue” wrist watch, and promise from now on sales of watches, at least $1 million to orbis.

Omega global President Mr Urquhart (Stephen Urquhart) when it comes to the brand promise, said: “omega, very honored to take this opportunity to orbis render special mission contribution. Especially pleased that we can work together with Daniel Craig, for this is deep support volunteer organization we both trust.”
Daniel Craig last year together with omega to Mongolia’s capital ulan bator, hands-on and witnessed the orbis plane of ophthalmology hospital work. “I think, it is important to do everything we can to get everybody to orbis priceless kindness attention. Through on-the-spot investigation, understand their team at work, I hope we can let more people know prevenOmega Seamaster 300 blindness this issue, and let them know how hard it can change. To my delight, action on this omega and I had the same strong intention.” “To conclude a new partnership with omega, we are very excited.” Orbis international chairman, Dr Robert Walters (Dr. Robert Walters) said, “… with the help of an omega and Daniel Craig, orbis can come into contact with and treat more patients, reduce the global burden of blindness, to improve more lives.”

Keep the beauty of the sea
Focusing on the human health at the same time, omega projection more to look to the benefit of future environmental protection career. The ocean, a source of life that has been the focus of omega. Announced in 2011, omega and environmentalists, the photographer and film maker, Bertrand Arthur (Yann Arthus Bertrand) cooperation to create a film the Marine universe “(Planet Ocean), in order to remind the audience attention to account for two-thirds of the earth’s surface area of the Ocean contains the natural beauty, and make more people realize that can implement measures in Marine conservation areas. The film will serve as a United Nations official in ocean protection issues in June this year in global film. Arthur, Bertrand with aerial film “Home” (Home). This is the first material are all feature films made in the air, shooting process completely on the helicopter, over more than 50 countries. The film focuses on the human live in the earth for 200000 years to 4 billion years of the effects of the natural evolution process. Omega, meanwhile, have been founded and Arthus Bertrand – nonprofits GoodPlanet established cooperative partnership, cooperation plan from books and other materials, by showing the beauty of the sea, parsing human challenges faced by the ocean, to arouse the human awareness of Marine conservation. In fact, omega and ocean deep origin. In 1932, rolled out Marine omega wrist watch, this is the first waterproof wrist watch in the world. After nearly 80 years, omega with several famous underwater explorer and oceanographers have established close contact, including Jacques – Yves Cousteau, Charles William where 3 and “dolphin” Jacques Mayol. As one of the most successful navigator in the world, Sir Peter Blake (Sir Peter Blake) after retirement, put all his energy on his lifelong love of Marine conservation. He Blakexpe – ditions of the project is under the patronage of the omega and the United Nations environment program support.

Through the international reputation of the brand with universal network, omega help some outstanding individuals and institutions to gain public attention, understand their work, thus aroused universal actively participate in public welfare undertakings. Honor and responsibility that accompanies, public welfare, omega has been forward.

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