omega watches uk is different from the minute

(1) the omega watches uk is different from the minute hand and hour hand between the second hand and minute hand, the latter belongs to mesh “dead”, as “wheel, wheel and wheel position is relatively fixed, normally won’t appear dislocation or mobile. Between the second round and round is different, because points will “walk”, as long as the wave needle will appear.

(2) the existence of the tooth space, in order to guarantee normal mesh between gear and transmission is smooth, smooth, watches and clocks are mostly using modified cycloid tooth shape, tooth tooth Angle and the tooth Angle, also must have a backlash, otherwise you will
, the phenomenon of the top teeth or shave tooth. A pair of gears tooth space is very small, but to become number of the gear, the tooth space superposition together, it becomes obvious. Passes through a tiny empty corner, the pointer will be behind the push, this to
To produce in a direction after the dial needle, needle is the most typical two quartz watch, lane is bad to always slow half a minute minute hand instructions.

(3) belongs to the problem of the dial, dial character and scale on the installation and printing error, cannot be guaranteed absolute calibration every part of the dial are concentric and uniform degree; The most main is omega watches uk dial the following two claws, a dish of claw positioning tolerance, is a vertical degree, then there is it in the above machine heart there may be a small radial movement.
(4) require watch (watch) the second hand completely accurate to the scale, application seems to have no meaning in life, only with a stopwatch on sports is necessary, but it requires a very fine tooth and is extremely high

Frequency of the pendulum, and must be able to stop seconds, only when the second hand is stopped, can accurately observe the number. And have such a special purpose or need time timer, will choose digital quartz watch now. Pointer meter code work
To watch, in the center of the second hand, is needs to locate, such a stopwatch to start after the initial position and fly base shop zero position, can be aimed at the “12” character; And waves to the second hand of the clock are in accordance with the requirements of loading location of it
Guys, all have the timing precision of second level requirements, in addition to the above two, usually watch the second hand is optional installation.
(5) the position of the second hand is highest, far from the dial, so easily because the viewing Angle and produce error.

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