The five tiger general of omega movement

19 the
Offline time: 1894
Designer: Franois Chevillat
43 mm diameter:
17 drill, swing: 18000 / hour
19 order is an epoch-making product. The greatest significance, it is laid the OMEGA, even Swiss watch mechanized production of precision parts, partial combination concept formation.
Swiss tabulation industry, continuation of the French, as early as in 1601, the Swiss is created in tabulation association, although at that time, the factory has more than 500, but all adopt the manual TAB, every parts of the watch is only fit a watch. Unable to mass production. In the 19th century, Switzerland and the United States to mechanized mass production factory has a watch. American Waltham watch company is one of the representatives.

They become to adopt advanced technology and precision machinery manufacturing clocks and watches. Also at this time, the Swiss family of Louis will own plant moved to human enough, rich resources and convenient transportation bill. They give up the old assembly system, and start to design more precision, more advanced machinery and technology, has experienced designers and workers use, adopt mechanization production mode, production standard specification parts, and introduce the new division of labor system for assembly. In 1894, the outcome of the louie family to fruition, the famous landmark movement – 19 to exist. All parts are all made of production line, and between the parts can replace each other. Reduce a lot of manpower and fully improve the quality of the products. And this year, they give the name of the product up to an unprecedented: OMEGA.

19 to movement, it has the most advanced structure, horse escapement, equipped with a double metal cutting type counterweight balance wheel and around the blue steel of pendulum splint on fine-tuning also USES the ultra-precision scroll speed trimming device. Beautiful gong wire lock jewel bearing grinding and take, let this early industrialization beauty beauty magic water production of products. 19 that comes out, began to break the countless observatory game records, and in 1936 the KEW game, he got more has remained the highest score record of 97.8 points. Want to know, all mechanical watch in the world’s most accurate, this is the core.
30 mm:
Production s: 1939-1963
Production quantity: more than three million
Designer: Henri Kneuss
Index: 30 mm in diameter, the thickness of 4.05 mm / 5. 1 mm
15/17 drill
Swing 18000 A/h
Power reserve 42 h
As a wrist watch machine core, it is worth to write home about. The origin of it, is said to be due to the observatory’s game is divided into a pocket watch (big size) and watches (small size), and 30 mm was a pocket watch and watch line. That is to say, a 30 mm is the biggest limit diameter. Then watch his designer, was already famous Henri Kneuss, moreover, the core of the second generation of the godfather got OMEGA Henri Gerber counsel. Before he design, OMEGA wrist watch game’s main rival in the observatory is the ZENITH and LONGINES, and he was born, completely make the ZENITH and LONGINES candidly admit defeat/his performance in various test, including in Neuchatel, yue and KEW (the only “public” race, in 1940, 1946 and 1940 he broke all the records).

GENEVA in 1951, a 30 mm 870.3 watches the highest grades, and this result has no break!! From 1938 to 1938, 1/3 of the observatory certificate, are awarded to 30 mm. He was expert as one of the most worthy of collection of several core. It has unusual adaptability, good performance of calibration and maintenance convenient and personality. The ideal and the application of appropriate component is one of his top quality reasonable explanation. Box spring and the diameter of the balance wheel has been designed as far as possible big, in order to achieve the level of calibration standards. The most efficient power transmission from the strict grasp of the size of the gear: the high quality used in the movement of the smallest escapement system. Since 1943, all of the above balance wheel to start the installation was extremely fashionable Incabloc shock absorbers. After the magnetic balance spring is also used on does not see the broken series.
30 mm movement in 1939 to 1963, this is a quarter of a century clock made of a milestone. Has been, is his biggest users of the British army. The British army and naval forces in world war ii is equipped with the military watches was as good as the British royal air force pilot (total is 110000 watch, more than half of their total sales in Switzerland). 26 * 30 mm series of small and 28 * series of junior three needle structure. The former is 260-269, which is 280-286. Specific difference is only in a tiny number of drilling and other subtleties. Note that the 262 and 281 of them are COSC level, on the pendulum splint has a large eccentric gong wire trimming device. Market price is far higher than the general model.
Timing, 321:
Production s: 1946-1968
Production quantity: more than 40000
Designer: Albert Piguet
Indicators: after 27 mm diameter 6.74 mm
17 drill swing 18000 A/h
Dynamic storage: 44 hours 321 clock movement
Designer: Albert Piguet
321 o

Star column wheel Y splint in the United States and the United States, not 861 can match later. Wheel give a person a kind of noble and complicated feeling. Like bare wire have a balance of torsion pendulum. And elegant radian Y splint, complex parts and the timing system as a whole. Soft to the person, the most critical, give a person a kind of on surface of the assembly at the global sense. People often say whether star column wheel durability than eccentric. But seems to have friends on the Omega Seamaster 300, consistent, like the format of the column is the star wheel. 321, and the back V of type 72 in both the aesthetic and practical point of view have a spell. In the late 861, convert the eccentric design, beautiful Y splint has also been changed beyond recognition. Beautiful not better than, although in many people, it is more cheap and convenient maintenance.
Standard edition movement in 1942, by the Omega Jaques Reymond and Lemania master Albert Piguet cooperation to jointly develop, type 27 CHRO C12, later, in 1946, Omega will change to CAL. 321. Initially, only the assembly on the SEAMASTER, namely we often say the hippocampus timing. In 1957, the first Speedmaster production. After the story, is a well known NASA chose several popular market only hour meter (note that not made but civilian version). At this moment in and ROLEX, OMEGA LONGINES brands such as race wins, attended the NASA task for many times, and on July 21, 1969, the Apollo 11 moon landing, super became the first piece of land on the moon watches, this movement is really created a classic series OMEGA: super series.
Automatic 561:
Production s: 1958-1969
Architect: Marc Colomb
Production number: 1 million
Indicators: 27.9 mm thickness of 5.55 mm in diameter
Drill swing 19800 A / 24 h
Dynamic storage: 48 hours
This is the last glory of quartz era before OMEGA – automatic series. From 1955, 470 series and 490 series of 25 MM three needle began, until the 70 s 27.9 MM 752 double end of the calendar, the OMEGA this more than 20 years of history, it has too much glory. Observatory certificate too much, too much praise and market share, too much fame in the proud. After that the decline of OMEGA, also directly affect the fate of the century-old factory.

In this more than 20 years, one of the most famous, is also the most mature products, is 5 series. With COSC attestation is 551561564, and 551561564. Theory of time, not earlier period show that the 551-551. Theory of structure, a more advanced period of 564-564. But you know, a product is a milestone, not because of its advanced. Constellation because, the most flattering shape, is song ear gossip, and equipped with ear gossip face age the most mature, most of the products, that is 561.564 and 751 on the modelling of shell, mostly have the sense of 70 s. Its value is not so tall as curved ears. Look from the secondary market, keep good 561, very beautiful. Movement of the coating is in the middle of OMEGA trademark color: rose gold, pin connecting rod put tuo extremely flexible and durable, and how quickly you can fine tune the gooseneck device, the usability and the aesthetic feeling of the whole machine core, play incisively and vividly.
Now the second-hand market, play series 5 people, but most people didn’t ability to distinguish the COSC level of 561 and 562 common difference of material balance spring and torsion pendulum. Should know. Level of COSC set-up is more complex, not only on the selection of materials, and more professional. So, the world a lot more by 562 or 565 as COSC level 561

Escapement 2500:
Production s: began in 1999
Designer: George Daniels
Indicators: 25.6 mm thickness of 3.6 mm in diameter
28800 A/h 27 drill swing
Dynamic storage: 42 hours

There are a lot of friends on the coaxial escapement with ETA do bottom. I told them that is not the key. An even change into the structure of the heart movement escapement structure changed, had not the ETA. Imagine although today “sell” the sound of big also, whoever has the capability of rich brand are promoting their products, since the field but you look, in addition to some small difference on lesser (usually only the style of the plywood or balance wheel to adjust the structure of) its true have innovation spirit, there are a few?? In the age of quartz, OMEGA already has more than 20 years, there is no published have their own unique concept of the core. Starting in the 70 s, people have been getting used to the the word “sharing movement”.
Powerful ETA accounted for half of Swiss movement. Even OMEGA, on ETA2892 to maintain its normal function Omega Seamaster 300. From 1109-1120, OMEGA just grind the upgraded and improved. For a strong design capacity of the factory, it is a shame. Coaxial escapement in the early 70 s had Mr Daniels, creation, but because that was when the quartz wave swept across the yue, several mechanical watch factory quickly collapse, who can have the energy and financial resources to purchase a new mechanical structure? Coaxial escapement in PATEK, ROLEX, and other plant in the laboratory experiment, but because the production cost and other problems was rejected.
At that time, the SWATCH group, Mr Heine vision, will be expected to have personality structure since the factory core has become the darling of the market, has led to the British horological master George Daniels and genesis of OMEGA cooperation. Coaxial escapement ETA2892, first used in the new series of disc fly, in the past two years have combined with application of new model 2403 (without dates) to this year’s new iron, by 3133 with FP modified coaxial timing core, but also the advanced technology of super series. It is said that OMEGA is now for coaxial escapement production opened his own workshop, era of OMEGA from factory, arrived again.

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