Three stories between Mao zengdong and Omega seamaster 300

MAO zedong arrived in chongqing and Chiang kai-shek talks, guo moruo see MAO zedong did not wear Omega Seamaster 300, will own wear Omega Seamaster 300 watches to him. MAO zedong cherish to wore it until the last. Dial, and strap Omega Seamaster 300 is changed, the old strap is off on August 3, 1966.
Guo moruo and MAO zedong’s first met on March 23, 1926 in guangzhou, since the day the literary masters and generation leader revolution forged a deep friendship. Guo moruo and the several times of MAO zedong poetry responsory become historic anecdotes. MAO zedong in his letter to guo moruo, looked up and said guo moruo for foam if brother, Guo Lao. On November 21, 1944, MAO zedong letter to guo moruo said: “if a foam brother, for your achievement, feel envy.

Your” JiaShen offering three hundred “, we treat it as a rectification file…” In September 1945 during chongqing negotiation, guo moruo are using watch given to MAO zedong himself, the Omega Seamaster 300 watch made in Switzerland MAO zedong has been put to death.

Watch is rare, MAO zedong MAO zedong to see pictures of watch is more rare, so far is published only on September 30, 1959, the day that one taken by the xinhua news agency reporter Du Xiuxian, almost can be considered to be solitary made. Top leader of the communist party in the day, Du Xiuxian recalls, Khrushchev will fly to the capital airport, was invited to the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the founding of the people in our country. MAO zedong and zhou enlai personally greeted at the airport. Du Xiuxian arrived a little bit late that day, see the plane hasn’t arrived yet, think untitled is touched the MAO zedong and zhou enlai out of wrist watch each other in an instant. Du Xiuxian “click” sound, will this historic moment intake of lens. Because this photograph and deng xiaoping, so light by the characters, the image of “information content” had been treasured, coupled with a rare action of MAO zedong in public look at his watch, although the picture is not very clear, its historical value is also heavily to buy. At that time, MAO zedong’s wrist that watch had to be 45 years of guo moruo to send him the block, and zhou enlai watch is likely to be a domestic ShangHaiPai.

New Year’s day 1963, MAO zedong read guo moruo in guangming daily, the sacred book huai “- New Year’s day. The first words for the Chinese people have just walked out of the difficult period of three years, with full passion acura “hero” of people and their leaders. MAO zedong, on January 9, write “sacred – and guo moruo”, “universal churning knot nu, wuzhou shock fenglei shock” has resounded through the whole of China.
Zhou enlai put during the cultural revolution, guo moruo should protect a cadre of lists, MAO zedong’s approval, guo moruo although encounter hardships but from red guards off bad luck. In the summer of 1978, guo moruo at the end of his life time, still mention MAO zedong, in his final spark confirmed he and MAO zedong’s deep friendship.

The second
MAO zedong once three minor moves Jackie chan to his side guard, have been declined. MAO zedong to chongqing negotiations, because of Chiang kai-shek against enemies never by hook or by crook, the party is very worried. The central decided to send Jackie chan by MAO zedong secretary identity as a guard. Nowadays the MAO zedong side as to defend the “three dragons”, in addition to Jackie chan, and flying tiger and yan tai lung. Jackie chan before he left, li solution under the wear revolver gave him for many years.
Just a few days to chongqing, Jackie chan, day and night without sleep monitoring of various movements, tired thin obviously. MAO zedong saw love dearly, ordered he must sleep a day and a night, and be Wang Refei supervision. Once, to the sino-soviet association to participate in the reception, wild cheering crowds on bamboo wooden building. Jackie chan found stairs tremors and marl fell on the wall, with zhou enlai immediately urgent convention, the MAO zedong made with walking, avoids the building collapse accident will happen. MAO zedong in chongqing negotiations after 43 days back to yanan, evaluation of Jackie chan is four words – “loyalty”, and broke never an example of gifts at the party, its a piece of Omega Seamaster 300 watches from others. Said privately find Jackie chan who know her know, take a look at, look after him with wrist time Omega Seamaster 300 with phase change. Literature has not record this watch whether guo moruo send piece, which is in the photo above the piece. Jiang Qing back later if there was to chairman MAO, and no record.

After MAO zedong from chongqing back to yanan, want to leave Jackie chan in the side guard. Jackie chan said he is the northeast person, there is need to cadres. In 1949, the CPC central committee after entering Beijing, MAO zedong adjusted to him, Jackie chan into Beijing explains, face to face to the chairman of the side guard just passive defense, oneself of the special features or initiative to capture the enemy spy. In 1954, MAO zedong to him again from the ministry of public security transferred to zhongnanhai, Jackie chan to bad delay. The decline reason does exist, but Jackie chan with close comrade said another reason, is don’t like her, worry about the upright character is difficult to get along with them.

May 10, 1976, during a meeting with hua guofeng, MAO zedong had pulled out a Omega Seamaster 300 watch, to hua guofeng reserved for memorial. According to the heavens and the central committee of the communist party of China literature, the Omega Seamaster 300 watch, was given to MAO zedong’s dong. Just don’t know whether this watch is China now holds, it should be a very precious historical fence.
MAO zedong’s life only three times the gift of story occurred in the Omega Seamaster 300 watches brand, it serves to show MAO’s trust and love for this watch.

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