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Today, watches and clocks is hardly precious commodity. Watches and clocks, or timer, very cheap, you can from anywhere, know the time. But Chinese tourists in lucerne, through the sign of lucerne – cantrell wooden bridge, the new arrivals will warm to the bridge of bao qi lai buy Swiss watch omega seamaster 300 rows. According to the statistic luzern tourism department, bao qi lai, Gubelin luzern high-grade watch shop customers 70% are Chinese.

Young Swiss luxury watch brand Codex, founder of the Swiss Chronometric company general manager Rene curley (Rene Kohli) in the new opening of Codex luzern flagship store receive your correspondent, wears a limited edition of Codex Venus series wrist watch. The 75 global set limit to of the Codex Venus series wrist watch Prestige, dial diameter of 41.5 mm. Curley said to this reporter: “the Prestige is the wrist watch, and USES the Swiss origin mechanical movement from 1950 to 1960 in 203, Venus can display week, date and phases of the moon. Watch case made of 18 k rose inlaying, carved on the surface of ji ornamental lines, have the effect of half appear, showing movement, this movement became important decorative element of omega seamaster 300. In addition, also bring in diamond master Miguel gill (Miguel Gil) with 431 round diamonds, black alligator strap is all hand sewing strap – crocodile is usually don’t have to do, these are the classic omega seamaster 300 ‘way. Increase the dial, and also want to add motion to formal, luxury watches.”

Codex launched the first batch of design, a total of three male omega seamaster 300 series, 18 omega seamaster 300s. The Chrono series have apparent movement style, Classic series is for legitimate business people, the limited edition series of Venus has the meaning of collection, three series of dial as large size, diameter of 41.5 mm, Mr. Curley define them is “an elegant sport elements wrist”. Codex is a new brand, and senior wrist watch is quite conservative, conservative embodied in basically is the brand, one of very few new brand. Codex ambitious, from flagship store locations can see. Black colors, simple style of the flagship store is located in the old town luzern Falkengasse street, the surrounding is omega, rolex, patek philippe, treasure together of the flagship store. Tell from the market strategy, “fist” movement is the important weapon in the Codex for brand expansion. Codex of 18 on the wrist watch is configured with automatic or manual chain mechanical movement, transparent back cover let strainght movement; Some watches can have 316 l stainless steel or black PVD watchcase, vulcanized rubber strap, if it is a small leather or a crocodile leather strap, stitching is straightforward. “These details as a sports brand watch will be used, put them to use on the elegant high-grade watches, improved the fashion index.” omega seamaster 300 ‘ ‘fist movement can bring science sense, it is easy to realize the conceptual design. Said, “he undid wrist Codex Prestige omega seamaster 300 X to the butterfly clasp demo for me: because the strap special wrist joint, buckles loosen the omega seamaster 300 still smooth after break to lie on the wrist, no sliding. He said:” you see, this is part of the design. “S

An interview with Rene, founder of the Codex brand curley
Sanlian life week: why do you want to give a new brand of Codex name? Swiss watch more traditionally do brand name in the name of the founder.
Curley: when Mr Hans, madoff named his watch series “rolex”, and nobody knows why he took the name. Some people say that it is a French phrase “Horlogerie Exquise” (meaning “subtle clockwork”), some, onomatopoeia. , he never make explanation. I think, he is reminded of a simple and easy to remember, in any language to read catchy name. Codex also did that. Our each a watch on the back with black “X” logo, it is easy to identify. “X” represents the male or genetic element symbols, we watch better reflects masculinity.
Sanlian life week: in addition to “X”, Codex to impress by what Chinese consumers?
Mr. Curley: Swiss made. Codex design in Switzerland, by tabulating masters in the heart of the Jura mountains are made of Swiss professional tabulation technology, is an authentic Swiss brand, especially made of the Swiss mechanical movement.

Our watches are equipped with automatic or manual chain movement, the limited edition series of Venus adopted Venus machine with a history of 50 years. Venus was a winner at that time the famous machine core brand of the last century, 1969 fail because of poor management. Venus 203 movement, were selected from my childhood a complex. My father is a baker, I often help him when delivery, also been to Venus delivering bread factory, then all over these mechanical gadgets. Decided to adopt the out of print, Venus 203 vintage movement is very risky, because no one knows whether this batch of machine now can run properly. Well, Venus not wave get hollow reputation, limited to the omega seamaster 300, they are assembled into the Codex remain the only two seconds a day walking error, in advanced wrist watch will be best. TAB in the process, craftsmen very carefully, once the machine is damaged, there is no spare. This machine can display week, date, and the moon, now the world may only 3 companies can provide such perfect movement.

Sanlian life week: you said before, compared to europeans, Chinese and russians prefer diamond watches. As a luxury watch, I found the Codex with some diamonds, so the be fond of of design is to take care of the Chinese and Russian?
Curley: China and Russia is a newly rising market for luxury goods, luxury element such as really need to add a diamond. Consumers buy high-grade omega seamaster 300 has a habit, he more than buy a piece, so we’re going to provide a wide range of choices. When he wear formal and elegant, you need a diamond watch. Codex have two watch with diamonds, one is the Chrono series of Black Diamond, with seven Black Diamond to form an “X”, suiomega seamaster 300 for less Bling Bling men or women. And a is the Prestige, I wear with 431 round diamonds, more than one carat weight, suiomega seamaster 300 for collection. Don’t see the diamonds is very small, but cutting is perfect, the shape is very beautiful. I was looking for my good friend Miguel gill (Miguel Gil) to complete the diamonds. He has a “diamond industry Picasso” to serve a lot of watches, such as a patek philippe. He put the diamond one embedded into the side of the dial and inner, completely is a work of art.
Sanlian life week: in addition to the be fond of diamond, the Chinese and European consumers are buying habits what omega seamaster 300?

Curley: europeans tend to buy Swiss made basic, common watch, and the consumers prefer function of China and even all over Asia, more than watch, they don’t use a lot of function, such as wearing a diving watch 5000 metres. Who is going to dive 5000 m? The American market is also very welcome special function, new watch.
Sanlian life week: high-end watch has always been a favourite male luxury, you will consider female consumer groups?

He: of course! Otherwise we won’t find Robert issa Marlowe’s (Robert Ismajlovic) when the image spokesperson. He once was elected Mr Switzerland, is a famous film star. Isn’t he handsome? You get a good watch, also can get such a nice person. Women all over the world like to buy luxury goods, this is a very interesting phenomenon. From the luxury of a male perspective, why women can’t buy for their husbands, friends, lovers watches? They have more time and money to choose do gift watches, so ms Codex hope to get more attention.
Next year we will launch a Codex female watch. Female omega seamaster 300 there won’t be complicated and will take two weeks to clear up the function, will be more emphasis on female temperament. The charm of women like soft weapon, let us be little men, these are we must manifest in the design.

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