Swatch group ETA SA mechanical movement is expected to increase supply

Swatch group, according to Reuters may be allowed to provide customers with more mechanical movement, Switzerland (Weko) is a research about competition committee.

Swatch group ETA SA is one of the world’s largest blank machine manufacturing and suppliers, are still in the industry’s largest share mechanical movement contributors. In 2013, the swatch group and the Swiss competition commission agreement, gradually reduce the movement of foreign supply, rivals increase production capacity.
Recently, the global advanced wrist weak demand, machine core a glut on the market. Swatch group representatives in response to said in an interview with Reuters, “in view of the mechanical movement structural changes of the market, the Swiss competition commission are studying the possibility of liberalisation endows the agreement.”

Swatch group said, loosen the restriction for the supply of mechanical movement, ETA SA to better meet the demand of the third party.

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