Swiss Omega Wrist watch Have a type of a meter

Don’t know since when, suddenly appeared in our field of vision, a new watch of wrist of restoring ancient ways, and to the delight of everybody in dinner, loves to talk about, this is the bronze omega seamaster 300 do not have lasting appeal. In my impression, the use of copper material wrist watch, and watch of wrist of traditionally made of steel, precious metals, have totally different taste, it seems more like a mature man’s senior toys, can play at will, can also be high cold stare.

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In my memory, and produced copper wrist watch brand many, some very successful, quickly spread after launch, some very low-key, not for all unknown. In early 2016 Basel, watches and clocks jewelry fair emperor rudder launched brand first bronze wrist, and before conducting the grapevine has been flying, obviously, it is the former, when not dew that makes someone had already we are crazy for it. So, what is the stylish charm, make in the limelight?

In today very rich wristwatch manufacture material, stainless steel, precious metals, titanium, ceramic, and so on each kind of material has its obvious advantages, bronze material, is one of very rare, it also has its own unique characteristics. Used by emperor rudder bronze wrist watch case material, is a kind of copper alloy, aluminum for copper material, in fact, very soft, and as the case material, it must have enough rigidity, so often to add some other metal, to be more strong.

Once upon a time, copper alloy is often used to ship or diving equipment, because the water has strong corrosive, so in these metal components in direct contact with the sea to add some copper and other metal materials, through the different active metal, to reduce the effect of corrosion. Copper has become a representative element, therefore, the significance of bold and obstacles. When we are careful to search for the copper alloy to make use of wrist watch, you will find that most of the omega seamaster 300, all related to diving or depth of waterproof.

Emperor rudder Black Bay Bronze wrist using copper alloy production casing, colour is formed on the effect of a restoring ancient ways, at the same time, its surface keeps a light metallic luster. As a tool omega seamaster 300, emperor rudder rev ChengBi bay bronze wrist watch case does not use large area polishing, instead of fine grinding mark, even the edge of the bevel. No tough guy, is exquisite and smooth skin, isn’t it? The rough determination, can give a person with the courage, to face the harsh environment.

On the surface of fortitude, emperor rudder rev ChengBi bay watch is not the great man’s doctrine, it also has an exquisite tenderness. From the brand famous diving watches in the 1950 s, rev ChengBi bay series has excellent designs. Dial scale with gentle touch dot calibration, and standard 3/6/9 Arabic numerals, three-dimensional metal scale border, administrative levels feeling of the dial. Brand trademark “snow” hour hand, minute hand pencil, a combination of second hand diamond, derived from the 1970 s the rudder for the French navy provides a number of diving watches. Engraved with a pattern of roses type big crown, is the emperor of rudder diving watches at the early stage of the development of representative works. Mellow of the historical background, is affectionate culture, shape the emperor rudder delicate emotions, gentleness.
In terms of color, bronze watchcase tonal collocation, emperor rudder circle of dial and omega seamaster 300 USES description with European chocolate brown. Is very popular in Europe, chocolate gentleman is tonal, it restores ancient ways, romance, personable, and coffee with a spectacular banter. At the same time, it is also a kind of exquisite color, it is full of emotion, tells the owner’s taste and experience.
Perhaps this is the most basic and most important quality of both omega seamaster 300 and people, must be confident. Emperor rudder rev ChengBi bay watch confidence, from the brand automatic machine core MT5601 of independent initiative. This is emperor rudder special research and development of a new type of automatic machine core, and in 2015, the first independent emperor issued rudder movement, they all have excellent quality, under the aegis of the solid shell, can run in a complex environment.

“MT” represents “Manufacture TUDOR,” emperor rudder manufacturing. MT5601 machine equipped with silicon material balance spring, it has excellent temperature resistance, resistance to magnetic and isochronism, become the senior watch of wrist of commonly used new balance spring material, ensure the machine core components can adapt to a variety of hidden complex environment. Screw fine-tuning variable inertia balance balance wheel, also is the standard of precision mechanical movement, it requires very high precision parts, can be lasting operation, after a factory calibration can reach very high precision.
MT5601 bent at the same time is a reversible automatic machine core, need to wear a few decimal, a steady stream of power, can keep watch of wrist of energy in a relatively full range. Internal – box spring energy storage mechanism, can store wrist required 70 hours of power, the energy under the condition of filling, wrist can calm place about three days without having to first quarter. Good performance, let the movement for Swiss precision meter testing (COSC) certification.
When many years ago, emperor rudder began to independent innovation, adhere to the self model case, when the brand began to more and more young, accompanying, there are many romantic company, such as providing a variety of strap. In the rudder provides a strap, the most common leather strap, Nato knitting belt, metal belt and rubber belt, play a lot of new tricks, such as antique leather strap will purposely do old, braided belt to join a variety of colour and more fashionable elegant demeanour, metal belt and rubber with different color and match the omega seamaster 300 button.
Emperor rudder rev ChengBi bay bronze watches from the French navy made their own band in the history of style, there was a strap to French rescue parachute used in woven elastic fabric, its central yellow silk became a sign. Emperor rudder draw inspiration from the strap for the bronze wrist watch with brown rice jacquard weaving strap. At the same time, the emperor rudder for wrist watch is equipped with an antique brown leather strap, unique Angle cutting process, a plain flavor.

A variety of band selection, meet the needs of fans in different time. Weaving belt with strong military wind, interprets the tender side of invisible target. Antique strap deep warmth, taste style, like a man who has a story, share with you once time.
In 2015, the emperor rudder with two independent movement started emperor rudder to make new routes, in 2016, emperor rudder also with two independent movement, and many characteristics of wrist watch, transition, rev ChengBi bay watch new vitality. Emperor rudder rev ChengBi bay bronze wrist, carrying emperor rudder autonomous movement MT5601, special use aluminum copper alloy materials, interpretation of the emperor rudder diving watches all men are mortal, persistence, exquisite, self-confident, romantic, and this is a type of wrist watch.

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