The Swiss watch exports fell 9.7% year on year

According to the Swiss watch industry federation (FH) data released yesterday, in May 2016, the Swiss watch exports to 1.55 billion Swiss francs, fell 9.7% year on year, continuing the negative situation. First five months of 2016, the Swiss watch exports are lower than the same period in 2012.

Exports, watch of wrist of precious metals (23.6%) drop significantly, the tone for the whole situation, watch of wrist of other materials exports decline more gently. Fine steel exports, wrist (9.1%) as the main cause of the overall situation is not optimistic.

All the prices of products are not immune, but specific degree is different. Export price trend continued in recent months, between 500 to 3000 Swiss francs products are least affected. Export price is lower than 200 Swiss francs products are falling, but not very serious. Export prices between 200 to 500 Swiss francs products exports (exports – 16.8% – 17.8%) fell the most obvious, the export decline in the price is higher than 3000 Swiss francs products reached double digits.

Market in Hong Kong (16.8%) of horological exports fell in April and was flat, the trend over the past 12 months has not too significant. The American market (2.1%) is the result of the recently, but the obvious downward trend. Despite the favorable base effect, Japan (7.7%) or for a third straight month in data. As the end together, sustained growth over the past three months to the European market situation deteriorated sharply, in May, Italy (20.9%) and France (18.4%) a serious recession. The UK market (2.5%) fall is not very obvious, will benefit from the large quantities of high value products imported (clock, alarm clock, etc.).

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