Time to prove everything: Omega watches exhibit in 2016 China shenzhen ” small talk

Firstly,write a paper about ” Omega watches exhibit  in 2016 China shenzhen ” small talk, and Omega watches exhibit about around before and after I have written three articles to introduce, interpretation. If not seen friends I will Po relevant links below, you can practice in usual and Omega watches exhibit related work , I will not write again.Pointer in guangzhou – the third quarter: sunshine trading! , a domestic real clock

2015 Hong Kong and Omega watches exhibit
As well as Pointer in guangzhou – sunshine trading detail explanation and Omega watches exhibit 2015 Hong Kong of (2.0)
The younger brother article is the shenzhen horologe exhibition in 2016. 2016 Hong Kong watch exhibition in September 6, 2016, at the appointed time I will attend, and then share with everyone,
Fukuda, horologe exhibition in 2016 in shenzhen convention and exhibition center, occupying two exhibition hall, if you want to carefully after can take a whole day, here I want to have never been to the exhibition of the eldest brother corresponding explain, horologe exhibition “exhibition” is not just sell omega watches stores, is a let you get to know some reliable vendors, suppliers, manufacturers, of course, if you want to meet these reliable business, first of all, if your own reliable “buyer” or the personage inside course of study, belongs to the industry exhibition, if only to watch show “buy a watch”, or you’re a wechat business, run to find the so-called “good” or not. Or it will let people think you are a “monster”.
First of all, I to write about this article directory
A, the area into a omega watches

2, accessories and tools, accessory parts, factory area
A, the area into a omega watchesAfter watching the door of some giant advertising galleries will enter into a omega watches, almost all the well-known brands of domestic attended, remove giants like Shanghai, seagulls, wrist, overall domestic product watch brands if according to the region to distinguish, can be divided into two camps, wenzhou camp and chaoshan camp, the camp relationship is a bit similar to the Swatch and LiFeng, wenzhou camp working time relatively early, more rich product line, the chaoshan camp is more focused, pay attention to the market share of wrist form products, the introduction of advanced technology, generally can distinguish, if you see a wrist watch brand, produce wrist, also production of leather goods, bags, glasses. That there is no doubt, no matter what is the name of the brand, it must be “wenzhou camp” brand, if you see a brand, omega watches is very much, contains almost all of the price, the design is very novel, as well as rather high copy omega watches, the omega watches of the brand, no matter what, probably “chaoshan camp” brand.

Younger brother this time did not like the last time in Hong Kong and Omega watches exhibit take a picture of all the cases, it’s so to time, it only took a few representative brand, that is to go to the Asian omega watches will look brand exhibition, seagulls, Shanghai, heavenly Kings, as well as the recently popular DW. Other brand because of the time, there is no photos of too much related. If interested in other brands of friends, can focus on the next June 2017 in shenzhen and Omega watches exhibit, himself to have a look at the scene

(1) : pop
Pop chart in every year to launch a new style, at the same time pop omega watches styles is the domestic original elements in wrist watch brand more brands, focuses on the case of research and development, and design updates, movement mainly adopts MIYOTA RODA, and so on movement of these famous brands. So every year show, if you want to see the new design, pop is the default choice. We can see that last year and this year of pop chart emphasises the diving watches. Taken to protect the bridge design and upgrade the material, make the diving from the original 2000 m reached a staggering 4000 m depth of waterproof, belongs to a highly professional a diving watches.

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