When the watch in the rainbow Elegant and beautiful

Firstly,the gold Omega rainbow with Omega blue balloon platinum diamond money together because:
1, the two watchs are their classic series of brand inside. Filed a rolex will remind of you of absolute classic series, of course, you will think of water or adventure class; Filed a Omega you think of the absolute
classic blue balloon series, of course you will also think of tanks or santos Omega Seamaster 300 series.


2, the two watchs are
respectively USES the best material in this Omega seamaster watches  series. Mention here: rainbow di and 116599 a platinum edition;
Blue balloon also has a 9008 z3 gold. But, personally think that the rainbow di must gold is tacky, large
vulgar elegant taste, And the blue balloon must platinum edition of Omega unique fashionable and elegant
temperament. So choose the two goods, didn’t tangle.

3, the two goods are bear the respective levels of series
of appearance, all meals on the face, are selling materials. Because the chain of 4130 type automatic
stopwatch ETA 2892 – A2 and automatic chain, though not poor, but also really have nothing to say. So much in
common, between

4, Posting together, watch at will satisfy a few friends who need Omega watches UK.

5, two watchs, strap is easy to wear
away, can’t help it. Buy a basket of the balloon on the watch, I this only 42 cm diameter of strap on a case
is a bit more loose, less a lattice is a bit tight, the store is free of charge for one and a half, (with
photo) is very close, single match will be more than 7000 Hong Kong dollars, rob money! Now hand a little
thick, long this a semilattice is useless. Finally here special science: different occasions to see someone
wearing this more than once “drill steel with fake watch”, because there is no steel with drill Omega watch,
platinum band texture recognition degree is high, white and bright, mutilation as such; And imitation Omega
diamonds and Mosaic process layout is self-defeating. So the strip with drill at a glance I can see you…
People actually think steel blue balloon already very classic. But Omega do jewelry born, although in the
research and development on watches than bulgari attentively, but not to see the perspective of wrist watch
it, buy it is “a good drill watch inlaid diamonds and Omega technology definitely didn’t have to say. Bought
a Omega, jewelry with you when it is right, don’t take it when the watch, or you will hate it.

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