Real power selection when romantic regards to Omega seamaster 300 

Someone says: love is a continuation of previous lives lay dying emotion, before this life cycle is the same promise. Back at the past, from meet, know to be together, time under the moist of love has a meaning, love to eternity in the test of time. Wedding season is late autumn, the Zenith really force when two special selection of romantic only beautiful wedding on the Omega seamaster 300, gives the most sweet and memorable wedding witness.

The meihua type open core overture
True force flagship series of happy big calendar watch, when the market price: 227000 yuan
Real power sincerity recommended colorful happy rose gold on the Omega seamaster 300, commitment to this life together in the life the most beautiful moment. True force flagship series of happy big calendar wristwatch with legendary El Primero star type 4047 timer movement, time display can be accurate to 1/10th of a second, and at the age of 9 position, minutes, and when a small seconds, according to the 2 position set consists of two concentric circles wheel drive big date window, 6 location also has the real power Omega seamaster 300 factory is famous for its practical with poetic moon phase display. This reveals the features of the sun and the moon orbit through two overlapping disc and implementation.

Real power star series wrist watch happy, when the market price: 194000 yuan
When matching with the true force star series wrist watch happy, original pillow appearance, through ten o ‘clock position of the window also can catch a glimpse of legendary El Primero star type 4062 automatic mechanical movement on the chain, strong expressive force is love at first sight. Rhodium plating processing of facet Pointers and blue Roman numerals time scale, with elegant dark blue convex circle sapphirine crown perfect echo. This money on the Omega seamaster 300 with rose gold material with luxuriant open “core” design, rendering the meihua petticoats, tribute to the wedding.

Keep the ritual The covenant of pure
True force commander series of ultra-thin men’s watch, when the market price: 37000 yuan
Real power was especially chosen commander series of classical thin the Omega seamaster 300 implies pure love, present the beauty of the eternal zhi long love. Inheritance series of ultra-thin men’s watch with a diameter of 40 mm ultrathin crust, pick up the Elite of perfect fit on 681 type ultra-thin automatic chain machine, inherited the brand tradition of excellence mechanical movement and the classic design, double arc put with dazzling sapphire crystal watches more clear and easy to read, low-key simple but elegant white paint dial.
True force commander series of ultra-thin ladies watch, when the market price: 30600 yuan
Commander series of ultra-thin women’s watches with technology and elegant beauty, carrying the world on 679 type automatic chain machine, soft and chic, lines through the sapphire watch back can see gear train and place thallium plate emblazoned with a picture of the Geneva corrugated, while white matte dial can get a moment of time. Most stylish chain strap makes this watch classic implicative, meaningful and attractive products. This money on the Omega seamaster 300 adopts the classical Roman numeral timing, very simple but elegant all show silent love, silent love.

Keep pace with The Times Perpetual calendar watch the path to a breakthrough

“I first contact and calendar Omega seamaster 300 makes me feel very frustrated.” Swiss watchmakers manufacturers Greubel Forsey (Omega rich) co-founder Stephen Forsey said. “Early calendar watch of wrist of contact, and a variety of troublesome revisions, change the date is a very tiring process.”

Many of these complex creators and Forsey timer, all have the same frustration and frustration. But this kind of Omega seamaster 300, once they are properly adjusted, can accurately recording time, no matter in, even in a leap year, also can work normally. This incredible feat makes the perpetual calendar watch has a unique status in the history of the classic watches and clocks, but including a few Forsey tabulation, who learned that this originated in the 18th century mechanical device, the necessity of modernization.
Omega Perpetual Manufacture

Unique calendar wristwatch
Their original solution makes the timer can have a more simple and reliable structure, it represents the largest so far in this special field in the tabulation industry progress. Like other watchmaker, Forsey quickly admitted that he was not the first to break the traditional design of perpetual calendar watch. And these should be attributed to the tabulation legend Ludwig Oechslin, when he was in the 90 s and Omega work together, imagine the structure of an alternative to traditional methods.
Different from traditional cumbersome lever system read the calendar information from a complex of the CAM system, the principle of the Oechslin around a has dozens of different length, and in a certain time of the year only contact each other’s jagged rim put forward his vision. In addition to simplicity in structure, was called the Perpetual Ludwig structure makes the time can be achieved by a device called a knob adjustment. For the first time ever, headaches press type single direction adjustment has become the past. And traditional calendar Omega seamaster 300 design similar to that of Athens (Omega) design is standardization, and can be easily on any watch movements. This year, Omega his Perpetual calendar watch and his own core together, into a Perpetual Manufacture (priced at $52500, by the rose gold), brand one of the few along with Omega seamaster 300s in the core and the case all homemade wrist watch.

The innovation of the classical mechanical way
The Rotonde DE Cartier Astrocalendaire ($204000), is The Cartier (Cartier) a new calendar Omega seamaster 300 design, also took The date wheel design, although The Cartier directly to The design and core Omega seamaster 300s together. Omega seamaster 300 shows the date of design is novel, circling in tuo flywheel system, such as a circular open-air theatre, on different level, display the current date, month and week.
Forestier – Kasapi unique gear system can adopt flexible movement before and after the blade, when less than month of 31 days occur, sawtooth can automatically connected or disconnected to jump straight to the first day of next month. According to what she says, the system has smaller influence on balance the amplitude of spring, so compared with traditional calendar Omega seamaster 300, have a higher accuracy.

F.P. Journe
Quantieme perpetual a equation is Omega rich, one is not listed, has spent more than eight years of research and development of the Omega seamaster 300. The core of this watch calendar mechanical mechanism is also used for Richard mills (Richard Mille) Planetarium Tellurium wrist watch. “We have all the date information written into our called mechanical computer device, so the Omega seamaster 300 and all the calendar Omega seamaster 300 so far are very different.” Forsey said: “behind the Omega seamaster 300 there is a very original date display window, actually this is mechanical computer information contained in the formula.”
Forsey wrist watch the week of information written to the Omega seamaster 300 of machinery, so has more than 570 Omega seamaster 300s made of core parts, is a brand so far made the most complex Omega seamaster 300 core, also is a relatively expensive, priced at $75000. Though the Omega seamaster 300 is very complex, but contains a digital date, month and week calendar display is very simple and clear, and to provide the best recognition.
Greubel Forsey

Challenge calendar instantaneous jump
Although set these adopted the innovation of the structure of the perpetual calendar watch in dueling tectonic setting of traditional calendar Omega seamaster 300 simpler, but the real completion date change is a tricky process. Traditional calendar Omega seamaster 300 sometimes need in the middle of the night to spend an hour, or even longer to jump to completion date. And in the process of the jump, the Omega seamaster 300 will be very easy to be damaged by trying to adjust the time. A new model has the ability to protect the watch movements, and be able to more quickly adjust time, but they have not done the date instantaneous jump.
For nearly a decade ago, Geneva watchmaker Roger Dubuis (,) tried through the innovative spring drive lever system to achieve this goal, but the brand effect because of the lack of reliability and sell at a discount greatly. So far only the nations (Omega) some type of digital display calendar watch can make date and instantaneous jump in.

F.P. Journe, the founder of Francois – Paul Journe hope that through the world’s first date at the same time instantaneous jump three parameters Quantieme Perpetual to overcome the problem of date change, is expected to release in 2015. Journe explained: “date of instantaneous jump of the biggest difficulties is that when you have accumulated all the energy used to make a change, but in an instant all the release of energy, so you need to design a system that is used to stop the energy release in this process.”
Journe and his colleagues play an ability and imagination of mechanical calendar Omega seamaster 300, make the timer as the peak of the mechanical tabs. Journe: “since the 18th century, Omega seamaster 300 calendar existed, but this is the first time in history, people can put all the excellent characteristics of collection on my new watch. Can improve and get things changed in the past is very interesting.” Let’s hope 2015 F.P.J ourne!!!!

Roman Omega seamaster 300 new Imperial confidence royal wrist watch

A classic, is has never been surpassed and can only be copied. Like automatic mechanical movement in the field of wrist watch, people have to mention the Swiss independent tabulation brand Competence of Roman Omega seamaster 300 confidence series, it represents the essence of the contemporary concept of TAB and virtuosity. Challenge the brand innovation, has added a trainspotter Omega seamaster 300 new members – Competence series, the royal family of Imperial confidence to lead the mainstream of the early autumn of 2014 watch fashion elements.

Swiss Roman Omega seamaster 300 released this new Competence Imperial confidence royal series, elegant chic dial grain concave and convex have send, elite details reveal the unique taste. On pointer design, stylist is unique to the hollow out the arrow pointer and jump the second design, with only the balance of the whole Omega seamaster 300 with a red passion move feeling, is memorable. On either side of the dial Roman palace colonnade design is one of the highlights, honed Roman appearance in wrist since 1888 wide innovation, technology and art. The whole Omega seamaster 300 contour line is fluent, following the brand as usual and concise air, reveal the identity of the king is the best item.

Make this watch is unique transparent bottom cover. Roman Omega seamaster 300 Competence Imperial confidence royal series bottom cover with the transparent wear-resisting of high-tech materials, through the bottom of the Omega seamaster 300, you can see the operational precision automatic mechanical watches, the structure of the movement principle and processing manufacturing charm naked, pure flashy appearance design to do, like a connotation is rich, the mighty king of the inner time he has made him not by thing happy not saddened by personal losses of philosophy, no matter how things change around, he can still poised and confident to tick upward flow. High-grade taste and fashion dazzling in the craftsmanship is self-evident.
Competence Imperial is a wonderful mechanical world, who say is not it? Movement contains the gears, levers, spring, clamp, screw, balance wheel balance spring and automatic tuo, etc., these elements are combined together, mutual cooperate with meticulous. Gone, as you know, watch for movement on the surface of the modified high requirements, such as automatic tuo, wheel clamp strip lines, pearl grain, curve grain is used to decorate, screws and steel parts are also carefully polished, at the same time, also the brand the machine number, and some unique emblems, impressed on movement when the eye. So, such exquisite trainspotter watches, regardless of the movement inside or appearance design, can let a person feast for the eyes – if you underneath the pursuit of adventure and desire to constantly challenge and beyond, the watch is resolute matches your presence.

omega girard-perregaux omega seamaster 300 new Cat ‘s Eye display watch day and night

Girard Perregaux – girard-perregaux omega seamaster 300 for the classic Cat ‘s Eye series added fascinating new omega seamaster 300. The Cat ‘s Eye to with gorgeous appearance and excellent mechanical characteristics and acclaimed. Shining pearl mother of pearl dial with exquisite carving grain adornment, wrist watch with a omega girard-perregaux omega seamaster 300 movement, marked the passage of every hour, day and night RuShiShiHua telling the precious moments.

omega girard-perregaux omega seamaster 300 Cat ‘s Eye Day & Night show wrist watch, Day and Night rose gold case
The “show” Day and Night (Day and Night) watch the beauty of the state, is the Cat ‘s Eye watchcase curved lines, with beautiful on the dial clockwise rotation and the somega seamaster 300 running rhythm combination. Oval case is a classic characteristics of this series, with rose gold, bezel set with 62 brilliant-cut diamond. omega seamaster 300 of micro bent in an arc to the ear, and watchcase form harmonious proportion, perfect wrist joint, to ensure the most comforomega seamaster 300 feeling of wearing. Crown in the form of flower carving delicate, more reveal elegant charm of the watch.

omega girard-perregaux omega seamaster 300 Cat ‘s Eye Day & Night show wrist watch, Day and Night rose gold case
Pearl fritillaria carved lines dial to take you into the dream, the display function reflecting the light of day and night, like the rays of the sun. Hours in the teardrop shape diamonds, according to the scale to dial design more bright and brilliant. Clockwise and minute hand USES the leaf shape design, the second hand bar, slightly curved sapphire crystal omega seamaster 300 in witness time passed. To tie in with dancing hours running day and night, omega girard-perregaux omega seamaster 300 configure a carefully crafted for the wrist watch 22 k rose gold dial. Rotary process here, particularly by polishing and satin handle two parts crisscross and become, in order to render the sun and the stars around the moon is the most true side.
omega girard-perregaux omega seamaster 300 Cat ‘s Eye Day & Night show wrist watch, Day and Night rose gold case
Wrist watch with the series of exclusive special omega03300-0090 automatic mechanical movement on the chain, is composed of 218 parts, decorative and dazzing. Gold put tuo garnish with omega girard-perregaux sculpture design omega seamaster 300 sign, through the exquisite craft of sapphire crystal omega seamaster 300 bottom cover can catch a glimpse of its. Cat’s Eye series Day & Night, Day and Night showed crocodile leather strap watch with black or gray, with rose gold buckle folding omega seamaster 300, also equipped with rose gold bracelet to choose from.

Watch the minute hand coordination

Watch the minute hand coordination, popular, is set to watch, then in view of the quasi one hour scale, minute hand away from the deviation degree “12”. At best, at the time scale for quasi one hour, minute hand coincide with the “12”. However, this is often not possible.

When the minute hand coordination bad reasons are as follows:
1, the surface of the plate installation work is bad (usually set or printing)
2, dial frame scale operator has a printing error
3, dial the center hole and movement of the hours, minutes, second hand shaft hole misalignment, claw (plate also exists between the movement and radial clearance)
4, the assembly when the minute hand when installation error
About watch, poor coordination, in the mechanical watches in the industry standard QB/T1249-2004 is such regulations: the needle and the operator centre, minute hand Angle deviation from the center of the “12” operator shall comply with such provisions. 1, classy article – 18 ~ 18 degrees (Angle); 2, grade a – 24 ~ 24 degrees (Angle); 3, qualified – 30 ~ 30 degrees (Angle). Accounting, every 6 degrees as a case, that is to say, the most minute hand coordination within no more than five points. When assembling the minute hand of installation error, the main reason is the difference in produce the minute hand coordination. , poor points coordinate inspection method in industry standard is such regulations: “will be the same with” 3 “, “6”, “9”, “12” centre, check the minute hand Angle deviation from the center of the “12” operator “, should meet the above requirements, the check belongs to use reliability of a watch.

Interestingly, in the execution of ordinary mechanical watches before industry standard QB/T1249-1991, when the minute hand poor coordination is such regulations: “when the minute hand and the 12 operator overlap, clockwise the angular displacement of the deviation when the operator should be less than 3 degrees”.

Accounting, most minute hand coordination within no more than 6 points, apparently now implement the standards is the provisions of the strict than before. It is said that early in the planned economy time, watch people in the industry and business in the discussion of this standard, each other opinions are not unified, business people can not accept six minutes of the coordination of the needle is poor, finally, became an minute hand on the “12”, while the angular displacement of the clockwise deviation when the operator should be less than 3 degrees. Actual inside and outside in the same, no more than figures show little.

The problem about the minute hand coordination, there is another reason, that is the problem of gear backlash, in clockwise and counterclockwise dial needle, you can tell the difference between to, there is always a direction is larger, relatively small in the other direction. To import watches, ROLEX when the minute hand coordination difference is very small, also including its calendar jumps error, give a person with deep impression, this is related to manufacturing precision and assembly quality. By the way, for the second hand of counterpoint, are no provisions in the relevant standards of the clock. Because, from the structure and machining accuracy of watches, both quartz and mechanical watches, is impossible to guarantee its in a circle in each position, the second hand on the scale.

Antique or vintage pocket watch of wrist of counter attack

The function of the watch can surpass pocket watch? Seems to be very difficult, because until today, the past old pocket watch for inspiration and technology provided by the creation of new watch today.
Antique or vintage pocket watch of wrist of counter attack
From the function, the vast majority of complex function in the era of pocket watch is already have, today be praised by people’s calendar, the tourbillon, 3 q, and other functions, at first is applied on the pocket watch. Pocket watch itself is also more omega seamaster 300 for the characteristics of these functions, watch the space is larger, thicker. And watch the fragile environment, space is small, because of the external environment condition as a pocket watch, that make these functions above are attached to the watch once, have amazing value.

But in recent years, the pocket watch for reference design new products also appear gradually, the popularity of restoring ancient ways also applies to clock domain. Lundgren 1815 series wrist watch, drawing inspiration from its history of antique omega seamaster 300, be able to launch, has been almost 20 years.
1815 takes its name from its founder, ferdinando adolf lundgren, year of birth, but at the same time, in 1815, the European civilization began to enter the modern science and society.
The pocket watch today have produced was treasures, and last month, lundgren in Beijing for a few antique pocket watch made a small exhibition. A 1927 production of antique pocket watch, though in the sight of the people, but the instruction is, can’t touch, can’t, can only watch.

But on the pocket watch from nearly 100 years ago have been able to see, lundgren have formed today’s style, gold sleeve, blue steel screw, gooseneck fine-tuning and so on a variety of characteristics in Germany. In addition, of course, these watches also has very advanced tabulation technology at that time, such as double metal screw compensation balance wheel, breguet type around the blue steel.

And besides this antique pocket watch, the other pocket watch is the biggest feeling to the person, the manufacturing process in the one hundred years have a qualitative leap? A whole watches watchcase decorated by carving decorative pattern, the other woman’s pocket watch dial time scale was fired into the red, red to today in manual watchmaking is a very difficult technology, and the past pocket watch, not like today is regarded as the function of the cold, more decorative function, even if the man’s pocket watch, has cost a lot of state of mind, on the dial on the watch case carved your name also have a watch has more strong cultural taste.

Of course, this is not a deny the watchmaking today. Today watch nature indeed some changes have taken place in many process more just for collection. Which makes the watch is very fragile, they can only stay in omega seamaster 300 box, delicate to wait like collectors in open cupboard door, one day to show off to his friends.

omega new date of three needle free spirit series automatic omega seamaster 300

Uphold the Spirit of freedom, omega omega seamaster 300 for the first time this year in its “free Spirit” series (American Classic Spirit of Liberty) launch date three needle automatic omega seamaster 300 styles, recognize the beauty of freedom.

Founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA today’s watch is omega omega places few, rooted in the United States the new manufacture fine watch brand in Switzerland. omega omega seamaster 300 relationship with the United States, can see a thing or two from the history of the brand. At the beginning of the brand was established, namely is commissioned by the American railway companies, for manufacturing a batch of tumultuous railway s quite precise timer, and ends when a series of miss sometimes caused by the train collision accident.
omega three needle free spirit date automatic omega seamaster 300, stainless steel watch case
omega, accurate and practical characteristics of the system is renowned, since 1910, started to the U.S. military to manufacture timepieces, more is still one of the U.S. military equipment. During the second world war in 1940, omega halted popular consumer watch, to manufacture military watches. Through war drama, hot and cold temperature, the strict test of wind and rain of dust and mud, become the best of American military watches.

omega three needle free spirit date omega seamaster 300 automatically, rose gold PVD stainless steel watch case
So far, omega watch permanent style according to its design style is divided into two series, one for drill (cloth), the other is a Classic series (American Classic). The classic and elegant series, in the Spirit of the United States as the design of the main shaft, recognizing the “free” the founding of the Spirit of “free Spirit” (the Spirit of Liberty) is quite welcomed by the market of the series. Series in the past, the Spirit Of freedom is timing clock series, published for the first time this year to launch date three needle automatic omega seamaster 300 (the Spirit Of Liberty Auto).

omega three needle free spirit date automatic omega seamaster 300, stainless steel watch case
The watch with a stainless steel watch case or rose gold PVD selection of stainless steel, surface plate also has a variety of color to choose from. It is worth mentioning its face plate USES special multi-layer paint processing, more complex refraction texture of primitive simplicity, details are more somega seamaster 300 skillfully; When using unique crystalline cone type logo, restoring ancient ways collocation feels dye-in-the-wood railway timed lap and willow pointer, led watch contracted release wonderful stereo feeling. More specifically strap through advanced leather cotton processing, not only wear comforomega seamaster 300 hand, brush color more application of laser technology will be the most essence paragraphs of the declaration of American freedom ─ ─ “withoutliberty, life is a misery”, are branded on the strap, perfect to the design of restoring ancient ways collocation omega seamaster 300, also with the development in the western United States in the desert of feelings.

how to identify the authenticity of the watch?

Identification of watch is actually a chapter. Watch is different from the calligraphy and painting and porcelain, because the clock itself is a sophisticated machinery, some even very small fine, false process could not trail. Do fake mainly cover don’t understand, false and true omega seamaster 300 omega seamaster 300 is not likely to do exactly the same. Below we specific introduced some methods to identify watches authenticity. , of course, also need to know more about how to study, to see more research and identify the ability of the natural is improved.

A. The machine core components:
(1) from the machine surface
Some important machine parts, on the surface, are easy to see such as: pendulum splint on shock absorbers. There are different firms, have different grade, low common with triangle shock absorbers, fake watch to see more. Better use INCBLOC, high-grade watch and general use KIF shock absorbers, such as ROLEX ROLEX, vacheron constantin, patek philippe, Abby, watch carefully you will find that even with the same movement, on the specifications of the shock absorbers are also different. Such as OMEGA OMEGA and emperor tuo TUDOR are using the ETA 2892 movement, but use KIF TUDOR, OMEGA INCBLOC, high-grade tradition, high-grade watches usually KIF shock absorbers and the precision of a worm type adjustment structure (called “hanging”), is a sign of high-grade watch movement, at least with eccentric ROM nail trimming mechanism.

(2) material process:
In addition, it’s easy to see the parts are the escapement wheel and tackled longitudinal fork, movement of the medium using copper escapement fork, escapement wheel and escape are polished surface longitudinal fork, high-grade machine core using steel pallet fork, (because the low proportion of steel) escapement wheel and tackled both longitudinal fork surface polishing, polishing steel parts, machine core plywood done decorate and grinding is an important characteristic of high and low omega seamaster 300 movement.
Balance wheel: the balance wheel of high-grade omega seamaster 300 must BE golden, but the balance wheel material is not the same, the general omega seamaster 300 with copper zinc alloy (silver) in Germany, high-grade with beryllium alloy beryllium (BE) is a kind of aviation materials, light and hard, mainly small temperature linear expansion, can guarantee the accuracy of watches.
High-grade omega seamaster 300 has Geneva signal (12).

Movement on the surface of the color:
Common mainland goods movement (including quartz) have ETA, RONDA about, Japan (MIYOTA) is a citizen, on general machine core plywood with SWISS PARTS, usually in the far east assembly (Thailand) movement, and plywood gilded machine core is mostly origin.
(3) movement splint identification:
In the past a lot of watches are produced machine, such as: product family, the movado, OMEGA, OMEGA, British nagl ENICAR, LONGINES LONGINES called “universal omega seamaster 300 factory”, and now in order to control the cost, are buying machine, main is to use a Swiss ETA movement. (the original Swiss there are a lot of movement factory, ST, the AS, FHF, F, but difficult to see now.)

Almost with RONDA about (quartz), everyone is using the ETA, to distinguish, mainly in the automatic tuo engraved on their own. Because the automatic is the proportion of larger metal, stamping lettering. Quartz watch is on the circuit board to print their own brand, kadeya also use ETA, but it has its own special plywood.
Furthermore, mechanical watch movement on the bottom plate of the edge of the balance wheel position typically has a set of special letters.
Each omega seamaster 300 has its own standard, so, change the heart save a omega seamaster 300, can also be seen.
Again, there are some famous large omega seamaster 300, also can use ETA movement, but often it is another to do a fine processing (grinding). There is also a feature is their named machine core number, such as longines, radar, the nag, (such as the British nagl ETA 2671, machine core plate engraved with “AR 770”, it had an announcement, if there is no movement floor AR. Is fake watch!)
2. Look at the label
Some watches have colorful label on the back cover: for example, ROLEX, false omega seamaster 300 is a piece of green paper, there is no iridescence effect, early plum TITONI iridescence label on the back cover do quite well.
3. See subtle appearance:
So-called slight place main dial, whose hands the most telling of false omega seamaster 300 pointer rarely do good, such as the needle under the flag of suspension, needle, brightness is bad, the needle Angle is not clear. Second hand tail as ROLEX is a circular arc, and false omega seamaster 300 is flat, and some of the quartz watch second hand in order to balance, the tail is upset and so on.
See omega seamaster 300 card and English marks, scale. Printing is very unique, like ROLEX paint is very light, also printing is very high. Do not fake watch this. Often see some fake ones such as ROLEX and PIAGET not only printing fuzzy and not fully covered. Watch dial cannot do false lifelike, ROLEX computer disk technology is complex, it is hard to make it real.
4. See the surface of glass
Surface glass production level is very high at present, general fake watch and watch, just some brands of watches on the glass. Like the early OMEGA, Rome. Now the ROLEX in glass 6 point also have standard, is a small line of ROLEX English letters.
A ROLEX Sapphire glass factory in shenzhen to buy only about 20 yuan, and the original of about 1500 yuan. Glass is the sapphire, the appearance difference is not big. (slightly blue. Really false is colorless) but not quite the same as the nylon ring.
Sheet glass materials are: early plastic (organic), mineral and sapphire. Sapphire glass in common now. (Sapphire) Sapphire also specifically noted in the past, fake watch superscript Sapphire Sapphire can rear cover, and use common glass. This refractometer can be used to check out. Sapphire refractive index is 1.76 to 1.77, and the glass is 1.52.
5. See number digital identification:
Generally watch has watchcase model and the movement model, the production of high-grade watches should have omega seamaster 300 number, machine core production serial number and strap, inside and outside of the tags on the back cover. In addition, some omega seamaster 300s of earmuffs strap inside and outside has number.
Fake ones have a mark, also have a mark. Observe, however, fake watch of dozen of lighter, have a plenty of crooked carved up, have a plenty of word size is wrong, or incompliance watch coding rule or digital digits long. , ROLEX, TUDOR production serial number is a letter and 6 digits, and OMEGA and RADO is 8 digits. Found false radar have 13 digits, and the stamping on the back cover, that means doing thousands of watch is likely to be a number.
The serial number of each type of watch also have its meaning, not write. Such as ROLEX, 16233:16 is automatically male omega seamaster 300 calendar, and 18 is automatic double male omega seamaster 300. Mantissa is golden add to digest steel for 3, mantissa is 8 is gold, 4 are all steel + platinum ring, with a tail of 0 is stainless steel shell, etc. And many false omega seamaster 300 is write. Each word is really independent number only.
Some generic DE nice OMEGA, OMEGA, also use ETA 2892 movement, and really just automatically tuo lettering marking is very strange, like a laser engraved. Bottom plate of the standard are intentionally milling, no movement.
About Japan’s omega seamaster 300. According to Japanese CITIZEN information note: every movement automatically tuo is not carved on the CITIZEN, but time is not original CITIZEN MIYOTA, export is CITIZEN MIYOTA movement, and there’s no gold-plated splint.
Many false omega seamaster 300 is done with the old machine is put into a generic new shell, the movement after a lot of maintenance, surface parts and splint has minor scratches, screw specification is not unified, the most easy to find is screw rabbet flanging and squeezed.
6. See the icon
See chart mark mainly K gold and assaying the omega seamaster 300. Fake ones usually do mark, lighter, and even many times stamping don’t overlap. The mark of the true omega seamaster 300 is really deep and clear. Tags usually play inside and outside the back cover and omega seamaster 300 and strap on the claws, leather strap on the ring.
With gold plated case as K gold or stainless steel shell shell, it can only play 18 K, but can’t type icon, can feel with the hand is not the same as the proportion of the two. Fake watch back cover to do is very thick, and even on the back cover and lead weights. Stainless steel is weak magnetic material, but also attracted to strong magnetic field, the omega seamaster 300 with a rope tied to hang, use aluminum iron boron to suck.
If it is gold plated watch case, the thickness of more than 10 microns, also must have looked. Such as, G10, PL10 PLATED10. Like OMEGA OMEGA gold-plated 20 microns, in the case of shell with a 20 claws, less than 10 microns gold-plated omega seamaster 300 is only low.
7. Look at the diamond and the embedded technology
Fake watch dial with diamond, artificial zircon. Or even with natural diamond, but of rough, uneven size, diameter of big or small, have broken phenomenon. Generally do not use high-grade watch diamond, because use high-grade precious metals and stones to show.
Eight. Look at hidden places:
In the identification of more professional level, to remove the appearance and procuratorial machine core components, such as the improper eye: strap, the nail, casing, strap section. Because even the best cooking, don’t do these places of these components have obvious different original omega seamaster 300.
Such as 16238, the rolex watch case strap are 18 k gold, false and true omega seamaster 300 can do, however, is less weight 2 grams, why? Strap section process do not like. Also include the most common 16233, too. Rolex before K gold ring is a crown of mark, tear open come down to see. Fake ones.
omega seamaster 300 with a spring (with spring is elastic fittings) connected to the case and strap elastic bolts. With spring is generally purchased fake watch, and true omega seamaster 300 is different. Typical is ROLEX ROLEX watches. Bring the omega seamaster 300 look here first, is essential to know. And radar, such as OMEGA with spring is special, fake do vary wildly.
In addition, the handle of true omega seamaster 300 false omega seamaster 300 head tube also have very big distinction, the installation process is different also. If it is K gold watch the grip tube is golden, whereas false omega seamaster 300 may be steel color, generally no inner gear. This can be pulled out a omega seamaster 300 to see.

Smart watches should have 11 kinds of spectrum characteristics

In 2013, although such as samsung and SONY companies introduced a smart watches products, but we expect more obviously, especially from apple and Google products. Here is 11 PM according to a 2013 intelligent watches products we make a summary, only do the 11 parts, is a good enough smart watches, we want to see in Google and apple products these features.

1. Keep the smart watch properties
SONY Smartwatch 2 make a thing, is it not trying to replace mobile phone, but keep the characteristics of the intelligent auxiliary watches. Due to the limitation of current technology, we believe that the smart watch mobile auxiliary role is still best helper, rather than a small screen, put in the hands of smart phones, because it can’t realize the use of good feelings, many products have been able to prove.
2. Smart notifications
Smart watches a lot of people don’t think is necessary, in fact it can be convenient to inform you all kinds of information, let you can get, raised his wrist with rather than take out mobile phone from the pocket. But the notification form is to be more intelligent, if every five minutes, and trembled to remind you to watch watch, the pocket and pulled out a cellular phone have no difference.
3. Less is more
Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watches a big problem is that it attempts to load all the function, we think it is not necessary. Keep it simple but not monotonous function, such as text messages, phone, GPS, social networking, basically is enough. In addition, the interface, set and notifications, as far as possible concise.
4. Don’t equipped with cameras
We don’t need to use the smart watch pictures, no one will like this kind of low quality, way very strange experience filming, since we already have the powerful smartphone.
5. As far as possible compatibility with more products
Obviously, this is a difficult problem, because involves their respective ecosystems. However, we still want to apple and Google broadly, as far as possible compatible with more smartphone or tablet, and don’t like the samsung Galaxy Gear, only your device can support two or three items.
6. Keep the wearing comfort
Smart watches is a special kind of high-tech equipment, because it need long time to wear on your wrist, so some seemingly cool design, is often uncomfortable. So, is not to say that we must need smart watches equipped with big screens, but need to be as comfortable as possible, and give full play to the fuselage of the space.
7. To maximize fitness function
A lot of people don’t like using a fitness function of smart phones, but they can accept wearable devices, because like Nike Fuelband, Fitbit Flex products is really very convenient. As a smart watch, also can easily join the fitness function, completely replace the wrist of fitness with the function of the single equipment.
8. Intelligent connection form
We hope the smart watches have more intelligent connection, in your office, for example, a variety of data can be acquired through WIFI, and once to leave, it has the ability to automatically search and connect to bluetooth phones, so don’t become a useless gear on the wrist.
9. Boost Google Now/Siri voice function
Apple and Google have their own voice, we think they should strengthen and enlarge the function on smart watches, achieve better control.
10. Battery life and reasonable price
Smart watches, in fact is a kind of electronic products, so, don’t expect it to rolex on selling price, so the price is very important. The samsung Galaxy Gear is an example of excessive pricing makes it impossible to raise interest. Another important part is the battery life, while the charge once a year, but certainly not a rushed a day.
11. Don’t jump into the market
Although a lot of people are really looking forward to apple’s smart watches, but we have to say, whether samsung, SONY, these smart watch looks are semi-finished products on the market. So, apple and Google did not blindly into the early wearable equipment market is not without reason, we need to be more perfect products. So, apple and Google can slowly to, avoid the mistakes that rivals, bring more good products.

The 10 methods daily maintenance of mechanical watch

Wrist watch as a high precision instrument and art act the role ofing is tasted, the correct use and maintenance is crucial, can prolong the service life of the watch and precision as well as the appearance of beautiful, to make it more convenient to your work and life. Daily wear omega seamaster 300 will inevitably dirty or damaged his love omega seamaster 300, to introduce the following personal maintain some experience about mechanical watches.

1, wear a watch, the hands of sweat for watchcase corrosive.
All steel watchcase being nickel-chromium alloy, corrosion resistant performance is better, half steel watchcase of brass, long-term contact with sweat, easy to corrosion, often should use soft cloth wipe sweat or plastic omega seamaster 300 mat, to prevent the erosion of the sweat. (wrist love often new people try)
2, don’t open the back cover, in order to prevent the dust into the machine affect the normal work of the watch. (open cover omega seamaster 300 is easy to appear problem, such as waterproof down, so can’t open the cover as far as possible don’t open)
3, don’t put the watch with camphor ball inside the wardrobe, in order to avoid oil deterioration. Have difficulty (validation)
4, don’t put the watch on the power amplifier, stereo, TV, lest the magnetization. (in a piece of old shield seiko 5 + 31 s/D on acoustics, near ten days went slowly and after degaussing and basic restorable)
5, don’t wear a watch, long stored shall be wound regularly once a month.
Automatic movement of the watch should be gently back and forth a few minutes or wear on your wrist for a period of time to make it automatic wind. The parts from dormant for a long time, to ensure the operation of omega seamaster 300 machine performance. (this method can keep the movement within the liquid lubricant)
6, the common mechanical watches the tide, usable dry cotton pressure on the watch, with a 40-watt bulb bake for 5 minutes, exterior moisture evaporation can all be out.
If quartz electronic watches the tide, some small pieces of calcium chloride, wrapped in gauze. Then open the electronic watch cover, calcium chloride and electronic watch will be wrapped together in a flat or glass bottles, plastic bags sealing. Can be moisture in about 3 hours, electronic watch returned to normal. To be affected with damp be affected with damp serious suck tide omega seamaster 300 can be appropriately extended time. (not verify also had not be affected with damp be affected with damp, be lucky enough to meet again after update)
7, received a beloved watch, pull down the outside packaging, be sure to keep good protective box used in the watch.
These protect watches boxes, can give when usually don’t wear watches the safest protection, avoid watch is broken or collision, so keep the packing box is absolutely necessary, and advice is don’t wear a watch on weekdays, habit in a box, can greatly reduce watches the probability of damage. (can’t adjust to correct, just steps it adapted to the 2 days, then base on the omega seamaster 300)
Every day 8, usually it is best not to wear the same watch.
Should prepare a few more different watches used alternately, in addition to the modelling of rich people, also can avoid dust, body scale all concentrated in the same watch. For the leather strap, more careful care, lest cause strap frequent use everyday wear pull, even if new new surface, watch will look very old. (financial resources is limited, only a often use the omega seamaster 300, the other is the old omega seamaster 300)
9, put a watch on the mission to sleep, if the watch is a luminous watch, will bring adverse effect to the body.
This is because the luminous watch pointer and dial with luminous materials, mainly of radium and the mixture of zinc sulfide, radium emit radiation can stimulate the zinc sulfide crystal shine, when sleeping, if wearing a omega seamaster 300, the body is eight to nine hours of laser radiation, have certain harm to human body. Therefore, before you go to sleep, it is better to take down, luminous watch on the omega seamaster 300. (subject of limited means, this is the scientist)
10, omega seamaster 300 renovation.
Watch is draw many lines, can be in the omega seamaster 300 on one drops water first, squeeze a bit of toothpaste brush besmear again, can remove the scratch lines and make the surface like new. (I do: this doesn’t work, toothpaste has particles, easy to wear omega seamaster 300)