Omega watches periodic fault

Omega Watch is fine and careful timing mechanical equipment.Meticulous every parts cooperation, look from the
timing function it is not only accurate but also “faithfulness”. If there are shortcomings in contains the reflected image.

The mainly reason for its fine processing and manufacturing and gear meshing work also is strict in accordance
with the will of transmission ratio. Namely that watches in the core of each wheel has its rotation period, but also through the pointer on the dial indicator.Whether wall clock repair crews is still the general consumers, are able to pass through understand watch this feature.Preliminary discriminant watches by general shortcomings, following contrast typical faults to illustrate:

(1) after the first quarter, every seven hours probably stop. This shortcoming is generally clockwork spring box wheel tooth has a question for omega seamaster 300, (if there is a spring break, the sudden release of torque will generally box of tooth interrupt) or article shaft eye wear too much.

Skew in the clockwork box in a splint, this is because the box wheel every seven hours.
(2) the omega watches stop at every 1 hour.This shortcoming is usually base wheel gear wheel or points in doubt.If it is an old watch, and splint shaft eye are worn on, shaft eye be wear can make the base wheel askew in plywood.It is easy to cause the minute hand of the front end and dial characters or second hand rub, and two needle and thin watch will be touched the watches glass inside.
(3) the omega watches every six points at the mercy of stop; The driving wheel (three rounds) of doubt, it was the spin cycle. I have seen a very special faults watches, is only LONGINES female watches, it has more than ten years are not washed the oil sludge,Can use after repair pour out of the shortcomings, instrument testing also didn’t find out questions, but every day is go very quickly. Finally after a long school watches instrument test, finally found it every 6 minutes periodic “strike put” once, turned out to be a shaft tenon due to wear the gear eccentricity.

(4) the omega watches every 3 to 4 hours at the mercy of stop go or go slow; May be the round of questions. Across the wheel and dial needle wheel not drive train tooth, but due to the improper wear or repair, wheel and walking lesions can also affect the tooth attack.
(5) in addition to dial needle winding system components can also be through periodic sound, feel the block, chewing teeth to distinguish which parts of doubt, as long as there is a repairman can do.Always watch fault is complicated, so I think it is still to the concrete question concrete analysis, but watch the cyclical weakness is still, there are rules.

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