Omega watches: dial the personal independence of conduct time reversal

For most people,Omega watches function really dispensable it cannot display more than just outside of time, it cannot let watch timekeeping becomes more accurate, it cannot be extended to watch the life. You know, when  watch of the reverse jump function, the number of internal impact watch is very much. In 30 seconds Omega.

One day, the mechanical structure within the watches must withstand 2880 times bounce back movement. The movement within Omega mechanism of the components by stress is quite frequent and huge, so in the design must attaches great importance to the stability and can withstand the tremendous stress and serious topic.

The Portuguese Omega watch internal schematic diagram of Omega
The vast majority naturally will think of the decorative aspects, after all, “Omega” the function itself is very independent, although we cannot let the time reversal, but to watch backwards a few turns, is not difficult. This is also a lot of people therefore particularize the selling point, but in fact, at the outset, Omega watches appears in front of one of the reasons is not to satisfy the desire for the human spirit of “return to the past.

Due to the watch as a result of the Omega device, dial the area can be significantly reduced, which also watches increase other functions provide space if you do not use the Omega of the device, all pointers have to do on a rotating shaft, watches a lot of size will be a substantial increase, the diameter of the dial even bigger than your wrist. But since the inverse of this design jump, the design space watch has been a great release. Now, that second hand can realize the Omega, even minutes, hours, days and weeks can achieve the Omega. We have enumerated in the period that Le Pont des Amoureux of Van Cleef & Arpels, is used in the design of Omega.

What is a counter jump watches?
“Omega” refers to a way to watch pointer operation, and the
traditional circular rotating pointer is not the same, “Omega” type of the pointer is one-way walk, when the full scale process instructions, the pointer will instantly return to scale the starting point, and then
repeat the process. Therefore, “Omega” type of scale for fan and pointer axis in general are done on the edge of the dial, radian scale sector below 180 degrees, typical in 120-150 degrees between.
There is another argument about the “reverse jump”, which is called “the flying back” “.

However, “fly back” (flyback) is a conventional argument, but strict speak “fly back type should refer to the chronograph, when its pointer all zero, is also the moment to complete. “Flying back” and “reverse hopping” look similar from the function, but its internal mechanical structure and working principle is completely different. The difference: the “Omega” pointer is arc, “Omega” type of return is done automatically; the “fly back type timing watches pointer is move in a circle round, it’s back to the zero need manual button, you
can also from the left and the right two direction. Such as Chanel j12 mysterious flew back to figure 9 watch, this watch has three sophisticated functions: Omega, fly back to the minute hand and equipped with the clutch system of the crown, is the world’s first ingenious combination, it is worth is written into the vast and
profound clocks in the dictionary.

The “Omega” originally belonged to the ancient clock design, about 200 years ago, first appeared in a special pocket watch. This watch was the Breguet do it for the pointer disk sector, so it is called the watches fan. 100 years later,Koehn will carry forward the device, and with the second patented reversible jump. Since then, the inverse of
the figure will frequently appear in the function of the dial. Now, the inverse of the device is turned into a favorite of many manufacturers, the basic watches in which any of the pointerfunctions have been achieved. Today, the reverse function of the market is used to display the date, week, hours, minutes, seconds, etc..

However, there is a small defect, especially for those the date Omega design watches, a month to Omega,
careful will miss pointer instant reply to the wonderful pictures. Therefore, most manufacturers prefer to let
the minute and second hand “Omega up”. The most easy to show the inverse of the United States, or 30 seconds
of double reverse jump function, that is, 30 seconds to complete the 1 minutes of the operation of the inverse
of the jump pointer.
Omega principle is relatively simple, work isn’t so difficult, of course, we do not
engage in video.

If you let me put this principle if words written, easy to understand, that will be my life.For example, once someone explained the principle of reverse jump watches:

“Step 1: vortex spring cam and dial wheel rod control Omega the minute hand and the second hand of the vortex
like bouncing cam clockwise direction, and return to the dial wheel rod to counterclockwise along gear
forward. The dial and reverse jump to the second or minute, the fan at the bottom of the scale.
Step2: after
the completion of the time of the gear off when spring cam marching to the vertices of the shape of the
vortex, and at this time call back wheel rod go to gear the bottom, volute spring cam will and dial wheel rod
shedding. At this time the dial minute second hand or reverse jump has come to the bottom of the fan-shaped
Step3: Omega action of springback shedding occurs, call back round bar next to the gossamer application
counterforce will dial back wheel rod and spring cam instant bounce in situ. At this time the dial Omega
second hand or hand, will return to the origin, then the mechanical operation of the first step.”

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