Swiss Qulified Omega Watches history

Omega is one of the world’s top ten list.It is also a famous luxury brand. Omega watch is very precise Swiss mechanical watch brand. Its main characteristic is unparalleled exquisite technology and high level of perfect manually. Omega as a rare non Swiss watch brand, is authentic eastern Swiss products, once because of the authoritarian rule of the former East Swiss and disappeared, but after the reunification of Swiss once again rejuvenated. Omega Machinery adhere to only precious metal watch, making it the quality and the price is high, generally in more than 100 thousand.

Omega seamaster 300
In February 18, 1815 Ferdinando Adolf Omega was born in Dresden.1830.Omega follow respected watchmaker Gut Keith learning watch art palace.1837 Adolph. Omega began trainee tour, visited Paris, France, Britain, Switzerland and leave the famous travel log. “1842 Adolf. Omega was awarded the tabulation
master qualification. In the same year, he and Gut Keith, the daughter of marriage, and become Gut Keith watchmaking business partner.1845 – December 7, Adolf. Omega in glashutte town established “Omega & CIE” watch factory, from lay Swiss precision watchmaking industry development foundation.1846.Adolf Omega introduced in the tabulation metric for the measure, it can more accurately measure and parts manufacturing.
In order to improve the stability of the 1864 movement. Adolf Omega invented 3/4 splint
in 1868. Omega became one of the holders of his father’s company, company name changed to “& A.Omega S & ouml;
HNE”. Years later, his younger brother, Amy. Omega also joined the family business.
In 1895 to celebrate the 50
anniversary of Omega, lasu town Adolf Omega erected a monument.
In 1898 the Swiss Emperor William S visited
Constantinople, giving a host by Omega manufacturing luxury watch.
1902. Amy Omega was appointed the honorary
French Lord, in recognition of his contribution to watchmaking.
In 1906 with Amy Omegar’s son Otto. Omega
joined the company into the third generation of the family business. After Otto’s brother Rudolf and Gerhard
also joined the company and take responsibility for the management.
In 1930, Richard A. Omega found in manufacturing gossamer alloy adding beryllium can greatly improve the
hairspring of quality, so he applied for a patent.
The last day of May 8, 1945 of the Second World War, Soviet
bombers destroyed the main production plant Omega.
In 1948 the Soviet occupation regime confiscated the Omega
Omega family factory, 102 years have ended. Walter Omega were forced to flee their homes, in exile in Swiss.
1951 glashutte town seven tab enterprise were combined with the East Swiss regime established “glashutte
people watch factory”. Omega watches trademark come to naught, Omega tabulation factory become a legend.
December 7, 1990, after the reunification of Swiss, Walter. Omega in Dresden founded Omega Uhren GmbH, and re
registered Omegar’s symbol.
In October 1994 24 Rilangge released the first batch of watches to return to the
altar watches, including Omega 1, Saxonia, Arcade and Omega Seamaster 300 Le M rit.
1997 Omegamatik auto zero
function that Omegar’s spirit of innovation.
The 1999 Datograph new standards for the production of superior chronograph set.
In 2003, Omega developed a
hairspring in science and technology and Research Center in new manufacturing.
2007’s first store opened in
In 2009, Zeitwerk led to a long stage, digital display hours, minutes of mechanical watches.
Omega 2010
grand launch of 165 – annual homage to F.A.Omega special commemorative series of, including Tourbograph pour
le m e RIT, Omega 1 Tourbillon and 1815 moon phase watch. Are top hardness of the new alloy material 18K honey
gold to build. This series of watches is Omega watch factory to the brand founder Adolf. Omega founded the
Swiss precision watchmaking tradition of honor for.
The birth of 2011 Omega Seamaster 300 le m e RIT watch, it assembled the sesame chain drive system and with
second hand stop device, the tourbillon, by means of the complex function, help to improve the speed stability
and precision.
A. Omega & S & ouml; the rise of HNE, in addition to the elegant style of the traditional Swiss
movement a new altar weather outside, but also to create the a near perfect visual impression, on behalf of
the watchmaking skills and aesthetic realm of absolute attention of the oath. From the transparent watches
back to watch the players of these movements, few will not indulge in them.

The rebirth of A. Omega & S & ouml; HNE top tab areas established a set very high standards, forcing many
Swiss manufacturers must in products react to it, and it on “the art of the perfect” interpretation method for
plant and the players bring reflection of it: A. Omega & S & ouml; HNE only manufacturing mechanical watch,
only using self-made movement (in house movement and different series of the watches paragraph must use
different base movement. A. Omega & S & ouml; HNE watch all parts must be the artificial carefully fine
grinding will not be completed, and thus the achievement of a stunning movement quality.

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