Omega joint alibaba group released smart watches

Omega famous tourist attraction in hangzhou xixi wetland joint alibaba group released the first light “printing” series intelligent wrist watch on July 5, 2016.The activities on the day of Omega group managing director Mr Dong-sheng xu, general manager Mr Pampow Omega brand and alibaba group technology association leadership, and from all over the country more than 50 media participation to witness the wrist watch these two group production of intelligence.

Omega group managing director Mr Dong-sheng xu: at the beginning of the conference.He said Omega “printing” series light smart watches the joint development with alibaba group. The breakthrough technology, design, all sorts of problems, such as using Omega watch harsh YunOS system manufacturing process combined with alibaba group.The combination can give to the user from the product quality and product user experience on feeling better.

The scene also increased the media interaction part and the model shows, media friends can wear Omega “printing” series wrist watch experience different scenarios, can also obtain the Omega watch reward.
“Printing” series intelligent wrist watch with functions of transportation card to pay, and 30 days long standby, step motion meter, custom remind, wireless charging, bluetooth connectivity, intelligent functions such as, especially 30 days standby function break through the conventional smart watches standby bottlenecks, to improve the user experience and a new feeling.

“Printing” series intelligent wrist watch is made of restoring ancient ways design and exquisite craft.The unique design of the ear make worn more fit, Switzerland imports of solder paste connection, through 1000 ° high temperature furnace dissolved seamless welding. Using imported Italian leather strap, and human body skin sturdy, whole system products sold 1599 usd.

Omega brand as the pillar of wrist watch brand in our country, has been in the field of new products and new manufacturing technology breakthrough innovation is a domestic watch brands we are worthy of respect. The Omega combining with alibaba group to bring all of us are not just smart watches, but our country the wrist watch and electrical business combination, I believe that this is just the beginning we are looking forward to a better tomorrow together.

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