Omega will not be betting on smart watches

Omega (Group) Co., Ltd. General Manager, deputy general manager and Omega brand Du Xi yesterday when accepting

a reporter to interview clearly.In the view of smart watch ecosystem is still not mature.Omega haven’t
been betting smart watches.
Some research believes that smart watches represent the future.It will devour the
traditional watch 50% market share, so the traditional watch companies are likely to bear the brunt of the
attack.Du Xi do not agree with this view. “Watch Apple did not exceed expectations.”

Du Xi said he has been concerned about the release of Watch Apple.But after Watch Apple came out, he found
that there are still a lot of regret.He believes that the establishment of smart watches ecosystem also need
time. “Watch Apple one day a charge, only and iPhone pairing, after leaving many features of Apple’s mobile
phone is difficult to have a better experience.” In view of the fact that the apple watch.As well as a few
months on the new, despite Du Xi did not see the kind of Apple watch, but he watched the functionality of the
application of the new conference and investigation of smart watches that establishment of smart watches
ecosystem should be in time.
However, even if the smart watch ecosystem rapid development and mature, Du Xi
think it will not cause a significant impact on the traditional watch ecosystem.

Du Xi pointed out, including traditional watches Omega.It have been away from the product function requirements, in closer to the representative of the aesthetic, identity, and the symbol of fashion and smart watches the current positioning exactly is partial functional, so smart watches and watch the traditional represents the two camps, with different consumer groups. Smart watches and traditional watches are to meet the needs of two different groups of consumer demand, the traditional watch focuses on aesthetic, cultural precipitation, and smart watches are focusing on features, mobile payments and other applications. With the upgrading of the domestic consumer market.Smart watches and traditional watches are expected to jointly expand the two big cake, so Omega continue to watch the traditional watch sales in the Chinese market.” Du Xi that features of
the smart watch user preferences may be potential users of the traditional watch, traditional watch users may
also will become a smart watch users, watches products in the future will be more fashion, connotation
The higher the attention of smart watches, traditional watches and smart watches the more likely the
market share of big watches. “We don’t have a smart watch the first taste of the soup.”

Du Xi introduced, Omega has not yet entered the smart watch market, the future once the intention to enter the
smart watches, there may be a joint IT industry, intelligent hardware industry competitive partners to jointly
Reporters yesterday to check the public information Omega shares found that Omega’s first half net
profit of the first half, an increase of 27.77%. Frankly Du Xi, enterprises not only in the domestic market,
go on the track of healthy development, foreign market development is also very smooth, the Omega watches has
entered the mainstream of 21 countries and regions, including Southeast Asia, Spain, the United States, Canada
and other markets, from Southeast Asia geopolitical close to the region to Europe and the United States market
force, at present the overseas market from Spain’s professional managers responsible for market development.
Omega why popular?

Du Xi believes that this is mainly the power of culture, take Omega sales of the most popular photographer
series, Omega has focused on the intrinsic cultural links between photography and watches. Documentary
photography, moment, watch to keep track of time and the intrinsic link between the two by the people’s
attention, especially the recognition for photography this way of life embodied in the watchcase and dial and
strap, “cultural identity is prerequisite for consumers to buy.” Reporter noted yesterday, Omega “time Medal”
tour first stop in Shenzhen Yitian Holiday Plaza held, “camera lens” shape of the booth, placed in the booth
Omega photographer series watch resembles wrist retro camera, attracted many passers-by attention.

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