Rolex VS omega ,two brands struggles the Asian market

Top rolex watch brand is more than a century. It has always been the superior performance and distinguished symbol.It is also one of almost all the city boy pursue life goal.Also someone once worn by the President of the United States, for example, Dwight Eisenhower. In 1956, the rolex watch company gave him a watch “the date of the Normandy invasion”, so the watches is also called “watches”.

And now have rolex oyster type, di tong, cut three series. At the end of march, rolex oyster famous watches series of five new 2016 the Basel World (Basel World 2016) and horological exhibit in the grand launch.However, analysts say, despite the rolex continuously launch new style.But in Asia, especially China’s sales is increasingly threatened by omega. Nowadays, omega pay more attention to brand marketing.The gap between the shrinking and rival, rolex, therefore rolex day no better than before in the future.

Rolex five appearance
Rolex Basel in 2016 and horological exhibit on the 5 watches.Their design inspiration comes from the wearer’s idea of success, challenge the limit, beyond the self. The birth of the new watch, in pursuit of the latest technology and design at the same time.The more the continuation of the brand’s classic tradition, manifests the rolex on wrist diligence the rigorous attitude, oyster type motion explorer type II is one of the outstanding representatives. The wrist in 1971, which will become the necessary equipment for a number of adventure, rolex more so and exploration has been wedded boundary.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the improved model 2016 – type oyster type motion explorer II will watch case widened to 42 mm, and are equipped with a rolex is a new generation of 3187 movement. Research and development of the machine is equipped with two patents of rolex: PARAFLEX patent cushioning device and diamagnetic blue PARACHROM hairspring. On appearance design, explorer type II more special salute to 1971, the original design, device for 24 hours orange indicator arrow. Black dial with more black pointer style, build a “phantom” effect, pointer like floating on the dial.

In the new 2016, remarkable circle is another innovative design CERACHROM word, by rolex patent research and development, combined with high scientific and technological achievements, effective scratch-resistant loss, resistance to erosion and permanently keep shining. Designed for sailing event timing research and oyster type constant moving yacht mingshi type II is equipped with this word, and at the same time have unique mechanical memory countdown function.
Another with the same word of wrist watch is famous oyster type type constant dynamic universe di tong, digital circle in new black appearance, heavy fact of outer ring adhering to the 1965 circle design on black word.

Rolex launched two ladies watch this year, also adopted the rose gold and eternal ROLESOR diamond composite material. New 36 mm since 2009 and 31 mm dress after, add new style for ladies’ watches again this year – the latest oyster type motion is 26 mm couture log type design, and equipped with ROLESOR gold (1539.20, 17.90, 1.15%) steel or platinum steel combination.

The battle for Asian
Rolex watches always enjoy international reputation, but in recent years because of lack of changes in style, its sales showed a trend of decline; On the other hand, the Swatch group, omega, with fashion style, increasingly get the favour of emerging market consumers, so its sales are growing.
From the aspects of brand design positioning and marketing strategy, rolex and omega is the representative of the international famous brand. Both high performance in both waterproof and dustproof, accurate and durable, the fine is designed to help people beyond the limit, overcome difficulties.
Rolex sale and popularity than the omega in the past, the two also have the Swiss origin neighbors in the past has been peaceful. In recent years, omega launched a provocation to rolex. “Our ambition is clear: we want as an equal with rolex, and over it in 3 to 4 years.” Omega belongs to Swatch group (Swatch) CEO Nick? Sea, (Nick Hayek, Jr.) Four years ago had said.
Clocks and watches of smoke on the battlefield. Omega the rising star to shake the old king rolex, also will not be easy.
In the 1970 s, rolex and omega is the distance between. In the late 1970 s, when Japanese quartz watch, wandered the world, the traditional Swiss watch suffer, omega and rolex has been recovered, the two different strategies to cope with the situation, make them on the path of the different, the former will target for the Japanese brand competition, focus on manufacturing quartz watches and mechanical watches; The latter will watch as “jewelry”, to develop in the high-end market.

Omega Ladymatic stainless steel set auger watches
Later, it turns out, rolex correct, omega second start falling behind.
So omega decided on a turnaround in the brand marketing strategy, understand the characteristics of the hero brand prototype and implication to the narrowing the gap with competitors.
Research institutions IC analysis 500 million groups of 10 countries Internet search data, found that in 2009 China’s Internet search for watch brand, omega accounts for a quarter, rolex accounted for 18%. In 2009, Swiss watches 1/5 of sold in mainland China and Hong Kong.
Aimed at China’s rich
Watches, pens, and now the car has been one of the world’s most men crazy three “fuck”. Car represents wealth, pen is the symbol of wisdom, then watch is undoubtedly a man for the best interpretation of taste and fashion.
And rolex watches since it came into being, has always been a “true taste, high quality” the symbol of life. Many successful men are to have a cherished rolex watches as achievement of a risk, even in the electronic age.
In the aspect of collection, the watch is still to be China’s absolute first choice, 44% of people questioned in the rich choose collect watches, increased by 10% than last year. And, according to the national average millionaires have 3.7 watch.

April 16 in Shanghai held the third annual “top brand peak BBS”. According to divulging, at present China’s luxury market potential customers has reached 175 million people, in the global brands flock, men supplies more to play a leading role in the Chinese luxury market. And China’s luxury market showed a remarkable feature is dominated by men, including a mid-range price (2.5 ~ 50000 yuan) watch the rebound of wrist watch category, including Cartier, longines, omega, rolex and rudder for the top five brands.
With the improvement of people’s living quality, the consciousness of men for personal adornment also got unprecedented increase along with the internationalization trend. A good watches, rolex, omega, for a man to reveal not only personal status, there is a kind of understanding for life taste.

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New omega Ladymatic wrist watch: lady wrist watch a masterpiece

Omega disc fly Ladymatic wrist watch series since its birth in 1955, with its colorful design and excellent quality as apotheosis of lady wrist watch. This year, omega disc fly Ladymatic series coaxial of the wrist watch brand new.Omega disc fly Ladymatic series coaxial wrist to present new smooth design new dial, again with pearl.Pearl
white blue or highly exotic style of Tahiti pearls fritillary bulb reveal its dazzling charm. All sounds are
still watch dial as ocean.It can be in this burst lead you into a world of quiet but charming.

Omega disc fly Ladymatic series coaxial wrist watch new appreciation 2:
This time, omega for the first time to use its unique – 18 k rose gold alloy Sedna ™ gold Ladymatic watches.
Shallow pink tones eye-catching fashion charm.It also make the elegant watch all over the world have
increasingly concentrated.

Wrist watch outside smooth add new design aesthetics still carries a lot of classical elements.It includs the prestigious watchcase design and delicate Alpha pointer. Shining colorful diamond ornaments in hour scale, and spread in the form of snow inlaid with special watches above watches ring.

Omega disc fly Ladymatic series coaxial wrist watch new appreciation 3:
Since the first series omega disc fly Ladymatic wrist watch, “inside and outside and repair” will become the norm in this series a consistent. Therefore, omega will performance excellence coaxial stopwatch, 8520 and 8521, which gives new Ladymatic wrist watch, in order to ensure the best hour meter with unmatched precision
performance as well. For a long time, omega disc fly series Ladymatic wrist watch with high quality machine
with elegant design and highly regarded.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Ladymatic wrist, omega with new disc fly Ladymatic series coaxial wrist once again proved that the everlasting value of aestheticism, this ultra-premium meter will bloom more dazzling orchestra in the future.

Omega seamaster 300 series “on the dark side of” KW factory with original

It is a watch.It is also the moment so only a high imitation Omega seamaster 300 series “on the dark side of” explanation.Of course,it is also the moment the best high copy “on the dark side of” version. (on June 30, 2016) in this article. I’ll be rounding authentic knowledge to let everyone not no understanding to the real
thing.At the same time,I also high copy watches of all aspects of the work.I will be as far as possible concise express my personal perception of this watch. If you are looking for omega “on the dark side of this watch you are interested, so this article will be helpful to you.


I’ll give your friend a explanation of the background of this watch.This watch firstly appeared in 2016 in Basel.Switzerland and horological exhibit. In early 2016 Omega with the watch in Geneva in 2014 advanced clock is great reward ceremony “won the” Renaissance award. About the meaning of this award, and the legend of clock and watch industry’s Oscar “Geneva senior clock is great reward.If you are interested in it, I don’t do too much explanation.Here I am not a love, after all, concepts, or real said this watch.

Omega only use ceramic, zirconia materials production casing design, so the Omgea in the future.This kind of behavior is called “foresight model of innovation and pioneering spirit”.This is indeed a forward-looking innovation.Zirconia ceramic material is the wrist watch material of all scratch resistance of the material.In
the case of normal wear, no matter how long it is hard to cut.But It will be much lighter than normal steel material.This watch according to the original tag, only calculate the weight of the casing & strap, only 91 grams.It is in 44.5 the size of the Omega wrist watch is very lightweight watch.



Believe see here, everyone of the real thing “on the dark side of the” pure wrist watch features should also understand.Except you can see the appearance, as well as the official tells something about the values of promotion, simplified.This is the first time an Omega brand use paragraphs and only ceramic watch.It is the
lightest of Omega 44.5 mm series wrist watch. It is worthmentioning this watch for the present domestic
official price is RMB 88500 yuan. As far as I know for now only Shanghai is located in nanjing west road of .OMEGA flagship store with 1 sample can only to watch. Other OMEGA stores are no spot.

The most excellent, KW factory name “on the dark side of the following is used by the dark side of the month
all accessories.I’ll through casing, literally & mirror, back cover, strap & clasp to break down this watch .all the relevant details. Let everybody have a sufficient knowledge of the watch. To complete this watches and name it “detoxification”.

Overall this watch a case of 316 l stainless steel, plated DLC and black coating so as to achieve the same
effect as ceramic.It also have certain resistance to scratching by effect.And in the structure of the crust, and the vaulted glass structure.The quality goods is completely consistent. Therefore, this watch in the sensory and authentic gap is very small. Speed outer ring is the same as the authentic ceramics outer ring and
outer ring of speed as the rotation of the outer ring is designed.Popular science here give you about the role
of the speed loop, speed loop based on standard objects move 1 km calculated standard hundred km/h value, that
is, from start time, press the pause after reached 1000 meters, through the speed ring number on the second
hand, to find, the value of km/h.

omega watch

Watchcase details:
About this watch some of the lettering and font, details on the Internet or OMEGA flagship store is very little. Because this watch is original for quite a long time almost money can’t buy, is now, of course, so some details on the details of this watch is the lettering on the reference of seamaster series 311., so this watch is absolutely hit show the lowest watch, watch is a very personalized.
Literally & pointer system:
Pointer using seamasterLume luminescent material, the best steel materials, highlighting treatment as far as possible close to the original pointer 18 k platinum, here will give you watch friends spread a little knowledge, first of all, you can see I shot the second picture, the second hand is crooked? , which I also regularly to spot check my high copy watches mall management by reaction of the most serious problems encountered, where XXX is slanting, is not straight.

We open the entire watches from the front vertical perspective, it looks. Is is certainly is for the central. It all depends on the visual Angle, and personal sense. I also with my management is responsible for the high copy watches mall to take pictures of customers colleagues talked about this problem, they always feel very
grievance, no matter what said, customers will always feel at chicanery, or escape from a problem and so on.
In my opinion, after all, the customer is to spend money to buy the product. Any doubt and distrust are normal, they can fulfill the duty of the is the statement of the goods according to the facts. Will be able to solve for the customer to provide a solution that will not be able to tell the customer, if the customer can
not accept cancel the order. In my opinion, this is a risky industry, the most fair way.Calendar section is absolutely “tilt” areas, from the point of figure 1, indeed, seem to “tilt” figure 2 to
see no problem again, but no matter how these are almost completely doesn’t affect the use of the watch. Wear
or read when convenient. To be clear is that this is just a price less than 1/20 of the authentic watch. So I
hope you watch friends can also clear what you want, whether to buy a, square founder, no side leakage watch,
or purely because like the look of the real thing, but temporary don’t want to spend too much hope to get a
similar price, and quality guaranteed watch, if it is the former “online shopping” is likely to be not too
good. If the latter, of course, I believe you watch friends already know what to do.

Machine core plywood
There is no doubt that this is the highlight of this watch! Yes you have no wrong, the biggest bright spot.This is the most close to the real thing for the moment, the 9300 movement of plywood, the splint was used as the highest version of the 8500 seamaster thick metal plate, all design & generic details completely according
to the real thing 9300 movement, from the back to give a person the first feeling is and very like the real thing. If only saw 1 eye authentic not carefully played 9300 movement “expert” is completely can’t see the clue. It is also a history, or you can see. The most beautiful 9300 machine core plywood.

Splint in details:
As we can see from figure 1, the location of the splint of the shock did sink processing from the senses, shock look like inlaid on the deck. Can also be obvious that the thickness of the plate can be seen from the bridge, the splint platinum plating processing, brightness and saturation seem to correspond completely with
the real thing, at the same time of autopilot lettering is done in advance lettering, and then fill in red, and is not a simple printing. Plywood all supposed by the gem on the position, all do the punching processing, and made the related accessories to fill, is not simply a pink stickers, for the whole movement of promotion
in the sensory is very big.

Back cover a:
This watch the back cover is borderless seamaster transparent organic glass materials, we can notice the edges
than normal seamaster series wrist watch much smaller, back cover mirror radian is also at the same time. This
makes the back watches are ornamental design, only in the class of 100000 or so watch have reflected, of course, the most representative, is the authentic patek philippe.

Well believe that finish see this article, you friends and watches to the moment whether authentic or the
latest version of the high copy Omega seamaster 300 series “on the dark side of” with fully understanding of the
transform. Whether it is a high copy or the real thing, it is indeed a very nice watch.
Authentic watches:
(1) : the only ceramic material of OMEGA wrist watch,
(2) : 9300 OMEGA wrist watch is one of the most light, no one
KW replica watches
(1) : the only a breakthrough using convex mirror arch of wrist watch
(2) : carry the same SupuerLume luminous material and authentic
(3) : the entire watches using scratch resistant material of DLC coating, effect and quality goods.
(4) : the most beautiful OMEGA Cal. 9300 machine core plywood.
(5) : amount of authentic entities, as well as relevant information, at the same time extremely personality.

Do you really know omega watches

Omega is the international famous tabulation enterprise and brand.The English name omega, on behalf of the symbol “Ω”. By Louis Brandt,It founded in 1848 in Switzerland.Omega marks the tabulation of glorious achievements in history,the envy of their peers.

In 1848, omega, the birth of the Swiss federal Louis Brandt (Louis Brandt) and pull Xia Defen (La Chaux – DE – Fonds) began to assemble work. In 1880, Louis Brandt’s son Louis – Paul and Csar factory relocation to human enough, rich resources and convenient transportation bill (Bienne) region. Since then, adopts the mechanized production, unified specification parts, assembly work and introduce the new division of labor system, to produce precision, good quality and reasonable price of table. The world-famous omega 19th in movement launched in 1894, not only as a sign of its excellence, the company is therefore named “omega”. Since at this time, omega with its advanced tabulation technology to become a pioneer of watchmaking for one hundred and fifty years.

In 1848, the Swiss omega was born in the hands of a 23-year-old young man. The man is luis Brandt, a small artisans. In Switzerland, in the long winter, Brandt with faint light, the components for the bought from local craftsmen together one by one and make it popular pocket watch. Spring is coming, the snow, willy Brandt he took his watch lane selling in European countries. Brandt’s two sons Louis Paul and Caesar then joined him.

What is the difference between orignal and replica omega watches?

Omega is the international famous tabulation enterprise and brand. Many people go to buy omega watches but again afraid to buy fake goods.They can’t distinguish the watch of true and false.It is exactly where omega watches the authenticity of the difference? Below small make up just like you to explain.

1, The use of advanced equipment, high quality materials manufacturing. Reached the processing precision, high finish. Really watch, no matter work, writing is very sophisticated.It has a perfect feel.This is an important aspect of identify true bogus.

2, Really feel some heavy fact, false much lighter (note: but some fake also add a copper coil inside). Real general from new to old gold quality, color, counterfeits have 14 K gold or a lower K gold or 18 K gold plated, but over time.It will be back to primary colors.
3, Really fine movement part, basic lines clear, false movement is coarser.
4, General watches have watchcase model and the movement model, production of high-grade watches should have table number, machine core production serial number and strap, inside and outside of the tags on the back cover. In addition, some tables of earmuffs strap inside and outside has number.

Article 5, normal watches should be easy. Turn the article on the head, first feel loose, gradually, more and more tightly. If the rotation handle head article, “the abnormal sound of trees, or produce the phenomenon such as top tooth slippage, the article description on the institutions have fault.

Simple and alternative ways to omega watches demagnetization

Omega watches especially when the watch is the magnetized.It is very easy to complete.But when you want to eliminate the magnetic field.It is very troublesome.Professional Omega seamaster 300 equipment necessary.It may be a worry many things. Mechanical watches, if once magnetization, walking definitely will affect the precision of consequences are usually watch.Watch the magnetization and orientation, the error caused by the size is not equal.But the end of the day there error is always a few minutes.Serious can also lead to watch had stopped. The effects of magnetic field on the watch, I’ve written many, there is no longer here.

omega seamaster 300

Electronic products can be seen everywhere in modern life.Such as carrying cell phones, laptops, etc., many of which have a strong magnetic field.Particularly small-scale operations is the magnetic buckle on the box cover.Leather bags, it’s easy to watch the magnetic. Damage watch is mainly focus on mechanical watches.Watch machine balance spring and tackled longitudinal institutions of magnetic field of the heart is most sensitive. Because they are all steel materials, but also about the oscillation cycle. Once watch suddenly walking error.And is fixed and constant.First of all to guess whether the magnetic.The possibility of about 90%, people often find my new bought watches error is very big.I don’t want to go up first to make a demagnetization.Many watches to normal soon. Point of view, it is necessary to prepare a watch myself demagnetization, he didn’t ask for, “give a person with fish, give a person to fish is better than”; It doesn’t have to be professional, according to the principle of degaussing, if placed in an ac magnetic field attenuation, will be able to return the magnetic “trouble”.

Omega Speedmaster Professional watch sale

Small make up about a lot of things in life, only found a haircut with electric pusher is most suitable for.Therefore,it is not just to have a haircut, can also be used to push “magnetic”. Its internal structur. There is a “mountain” core coil, and a group of armature.There are two “air gap” between them, the ac magnetic field in the “air gap” will produce strong magnetic eddy current.You can find something thin steel, close to the “air gap” position to feel.It have a strong sense of shock. This structure and professional watches demagnetization device is the same, just more powerful electric pusher, and if so, can you give it to develop new USES, kill two birds with one stone, joy. Need to open the lid on electric pusher, observation and confirmed its core position of the “gap”.It then on the upper cover do a tag, “+” to demagnetization of omega watches first set on electric pusher.Turn on the switch immediately closed again, so repeated several times. Turning the watch bearing, it is best and the last show 90 degrees Angle, repeat the process again. The vast majority of escapement and tackled longitudinal mechanism and position of watch machine core.It is on the dial 6 points or 12 point.The position should be put into the best electric pusher which “+” sign. In addition, it can also try, hand hold a watch, pass in “+” sign from different directions, but also need to change from three axial watch hand position.

omega seamaster 300 watches

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