Simple and alternative ways to omega watches demagnetization

Omega watches especially when the watch is the magnetized.It is very easy to complete.But when you want to eliminate the magnetic field.It is very troublesome.Professional Omega seamaster 300 equipment necessary.It may be a worry many things. Mechanical watches, if once magnetization, walking definitely will affect the precision of consequences are usually watch.Watch the magnetization and orientation, the error caused by the size is not equal.But the end of the day there error is always a few minutes.Serious can also lead to watch had stopped. The effects of magnetic field on the watch, I’ve written many, there is no longer here.

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Electronic products can be seen everywhere in modern life.Such as carrying cell phones, laptops, etc., many of which have a strong magnetic field.Particularly small-scale operations is the magnetic buckle on the box cover.Leather bags, it’s easy to watch the magnetic. Damage watch is mainly focus on mechanical watches.Watch machine balance spring and tackled longitudinal institutions of magnetic field of the heart is most sensitive. Because they are all steel materials, but also about the oscillation cycle. Once watch suddenly walking error.And is fixed and constant.First of all to guess whether the magnetic.The possibility of about 90%, people often find my new bought watches error is very big.I don’t want to go up first to make a demagnetization.Many watches to normal soon. Point of view, it is necessary to prepare a watch myself demagnetization, he didn’t ask for, “give a person with fish, give a person to fish is better than”; It doesn’t have to be professional, according to the principle of degaussing, if placed in an ac magnetic field attenuation, will be able to return the magnetic “trouble”.

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Small make up about a lot of things in life, only found a haircut with electric pusher is most suitable for.Therefore,it is not just to have a haircut, can also be used to push “magnetic”. Its internal structur. There is a “mountain” core coil, and a group of armature.There are two “air gap” between them, the ac magnetic field in the “air gap” will produce strong magnetic eddy current.You can find something thin steel, close to the “air gap” position to feel.It have a strong sense of shock. This structure and professional watches demagnetization device is the same, just more powerful electric pusher, and if so, can you give it to develop new USES, kill two birds with one stone, joy. Need to open the lid on electric pusher, observation and confirmed its core position of the “gap”.It then on the upper cover do a tag, “+” to demagnetization of omega watches first set on electric pusher.Turn on the switch immediately closed again, so repeated several times. Turning the watch bearing, it is best and the last show 90 degrees Angle, repeat the process again. The vast majority of escapement and tackled longitudinal mechanism and position of watch machine core.It is on the dial 6 points or 12 point.The position should be put into the best electric pusher which “+” sign. In addition, it can also try, hand hold a watch, pass in “+” sign from different directions, but also need to change from three axial watch hand position.

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