What is the difference between orignal and replica omega watches?

Omega is the international famous tabulation enterprise and brand. Many people go to buy omega watches but again afraid to buy fake goods.They can’t distinguish the watch of true and false.It is exactly where omega watches the authenticity of the difference? Below small make up just like you to explain.

1, The use of advanced equipment, high quality materials manufacturing. Reached the processing precision, high finish. Really watch, no matter work, writing is very sophisticated.It has a perfect feel.This is an important aspect of identify true bogus.

2, Really feel some heavy fact, false much lighter (note: but some fake also add a copper coil inside). Real general from new to old gold quality, color, counterfeits have 14 K gold or a lower K gold or 18 K gold plated, but over time.It will be back to primary colors.
3, Really fine movement part, basic lines clear, false movement is coarser.
4, General watches have watchcase model and the movement model, production of high-grade watches should have table number, machine core production serial number and strap, inside and outside of the tags on the back cover. In addition, some tables of earmuffs strap inside and outside has number.

Article 5, normal watches should be easy. Turn the article on the head, first feel loose, gradually, more and more tightly. If the rotation handle head article, “the abnormal sound of trees, or produce the phenomenon such as top tooth slippage, the article description on the institutions have fault.

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