Do you really know omega watches

Omega is the international famous tabulation enterprise and brand.The English name omega, on behalf of the symbol “Ω”. By Louis Brandt,It founded in 1848 in Switzerland.Omega marks the tabulation of glorious achievements in history,the envy of their peers.

In 1848, omega, the birth of the Swiss federal Louis Brandt (Louis Brandt) and pull Xia Defen (La Chaux – DE – Fonds) began to assemble work. In 1880, Louis Brandt’s son Louis – Paul and Csar factory relocation to human enough, rich resources and convenient transportation bill (Bienne) region. Since then, adopts the mechanized production, unified specification parts, assembly work and introduce the new division of labor system, to produce precision, good quality and reasonable price of table. The world-famous omega 19th in movement launched in 1894, not only as a sign of its excellence, the company is therefore named “omega”. Since at this time, omega with its advanced tabulation technology to become a pioneer of watchmaking for one hundred and fifty years.

In 1848, the Swiss omega was born in the hands of a 23-year-old young man. The man is luis Brandt, a small artisans. In Switzerland, in the long winter, Brandt with faint light, the components for the bought from local craftsmen together one by one and make it popular pocket watch. Spring is coming, the snow, willy Brandt he took his watch lane selling in European countries. Brandt’s two sons Louis Paul and Caesar then joined him.

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