New omega Ladymatic wrist watch: lady wrist watch a masterpiece

Omega disc fly Ladymatic wrist watch series since its birth in 1955, with its colorful design and excellent quality as apotheosis of lady wrist watch. This year, omega disc fly Ladymatic series coaxial of the wrist watch brand new.Omega disc fly Ladymatic series coaxial wrist to present new smooth design new dial, again with pearl.Pearl
white blue or highly exotic style of Tahiti pearls fritillary bulb reveal its dazzling charm. All sounds are
still watch dial as ocean.It can be in this burst lead you into a world of quiet but charming.

Omega disc fly Ladymatic series coaxial wrist watch new appreciation 2:
This time, omega for the first time to use its unique – 18 k rose gold alloy Sedna ™ gold Ladymatic watches.
Shallow pink tones eye-catching fashion charm.It also make the elegant watch all over the world have
increasingly concentrated.

Wrist watch outside smooth add new design aesthetics still carries a lot of classical elements.It includs the prestigious watchcase design and delicate Alpha pointer. Shining colorful diamond ornaments in hour scale, and spread in the form of snow inlaid with special watches above watches ring.

Omega disc fly Ladymatic series coaxial wrist watch new appreciation 3:
Since the first series omega disc fly Ladymatic wrist watch, “inside and outside and repair” will become the norm in this series a consistent. Therefore, omega will performance excellence coaxial stopwatch, 8520 and 8521, which gives new Ladymatic wrist watch, in order to ensure the best hour meter with unmatched precision
performance as well. For a long time, omega disc fly series Ladymatic wrist watch with high quality machine
with elegant design and highly regarded.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Ladymatic wrist, omega with new disc fly Ladymatic series coaxial wrist once again proved that the everlasting value of aestheticism, this ultra-premium meter will bloom more dazzling orchestra in the future.

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