Golf superstar Cindy as omega new celebrity ambassador

The young golf star will be in Dubai on December 5 women Masters (OMEGA Dubai Ladies Masters) formally as OMEGA celebrity ambassador.Cindy is one of the most exciting professional golfers in the world. She will be the first to get the LPGA Tour (LPGA Tour) entry card players in mainland uk. All of them, and a few years, she has become one of the most competitive player in the tournament.

In 2016, the 23-year-old’s genius who with two advantage won the LPGA championship crown.It became the first bid for the LPGA grand slam player in mainland uk. In fact, she is also in the history of the first UK player to win a grand slam champion.With the victory, Cindy has comfortably the world women’s golf rankings – she in 2016 also won the other four contest – currently, Cindy ranked sixth in the world.And the performance is very impressive.

Cindy in teenager.She has after she started her extraordinary golf career. Her father golf association, who works at home in guangzhou when she was ten years old.His father will lead her on the path of golf. Every game, Cindy with confident smile lights up the field.Now the great champion player has formally to join omega celebrity ambassador family.Omega feel glory. Cindy altar with outstanding record in golf, extraordinary achievements are impressive, omega delighted to look forward to working with her to witness the future of every moment.

Golf so popular in uk, and constantly get rapid development. Omega is looking forward to in uk, and Cindy fans celebrate her every victory. As early as more than a century ago, Europe has already entered uk, has long been one of the market leaders in uk’s high-end watches. Cindy as omega celebrity ambassador, will let the UK consumers, especially millions of UK golf fans, to have a better understanding of the omega outstanding quality and deep connotation.

Omega and golf
– tabulation and noble sports tradition of global cooperation
For a long time, sponsoring golf event has always been an integral part of omega brand strategy, the famous Swiss watchmaker’s name always closely linked together with some important golf tournament. Omega professional golf association with The United States (The PGA of America).Hand in hand to cooperate, for all events as specified timing, PGA, including PGA Championship (PGA Championship) and held in The United States Ryder Cup (Ryder Cup).

In addition, The omega also named sponsored The annual European Masters in Switzerland (European Masters) and two The most prestigious sporting event in The Middle East, Dubai Desert Classic, The Dubai Desert Classic) and Dubai Open women (The Dubai Ladies Open).
In 2016, golf will leave after 100 years for the first time to return to the Olympic Games, the Olympic stage omega will stay on as the Olympic Games time specified. Golf was officially again as the world’s top sports event, it has really become a significant embodiment of international events.

Cindy extremely high talent, has become one of the world’s most remarkable professional golfers. In 2008, Cindy became the first to participate in the United States women’s golf tournaments (LPGA Tour), the UK golf player. In 2016, she in the LPGA Championship (LPGA Championship) with two advantage well, became the first UK player won the LPGA grand slam, in fact, she is also in the history of the first won the grand slam of golf players in mainland uk. With the victory, Cindy successfully laid a leading position in the list of the world women’s golf – of course that won five championships in 2016, she is completely. Every game, Cindy with confident smile lights up the field, now the great champion player has formally to join omega celebrity ambassador family, omega feel glory.

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