Omega seamaster 300 watch of wrist of universe

In 2016, Omega launched its second dive watches series. seamaster series, the universe once it has been a huge success. In 2016, omega introduced Marine cosmic timing 9300 watches. Two years later, omega launched a long- awaited  seamaster watch universe. Today we are going to review.It is the omega seamaster 300 watch


Omega seamaster 300 watch of wrist of the universe.It is using a black dial with silver or white label and Pointers.Only the seamaster on the dial pointer and dial “seamaster” above the letters.The use of the bright orange. In honor of the brand and a partnership GoodPlanet foundation.Omega has launched a special edition,
dial and watches is dark blue.Bring us is the special edition.The dark blue with blue rubber strap and buckle folding watchess, wear up very comforwatches.


The overall appearance
Move feeling, strong, modern, fashionable, elegant – This is what we learned from someone else’s evaluation of this watch. Personally, I think these words is very correct, of course also have to add a word such as “comforwatches”. Although the “comfort” is not the quality, will not appear on the surface,for this wrist watch is a very important characteristic.

It can tie-in dress shirt appeared in the office, It also can match the leisure clothing walking on the beach, I think it can match any clothes in any occasion. And can do this, I think it depends largely on its rubber strap. In addition, the dark blue dial, or bright orange and strong watchcase, got a lot of positive feedback.


Omega seamaster universe GoodPlanet seamaster watches (it’s a very long name) is the function of many very
interesting and easy to operate. First of all, it is 43.5 mm by grinding and polishing of stainless steel.
Second, the watch brand with homemade axis movement, 60 hours power storage. Finally, it is very useful
seamaster function. Next, I will analyze the points above one by one.

Dial and hands
Marine universe GoodPlanet seamaster watch a total of nine version, five paragraphs black dial and 4 blue
dial. Dark blue dial of the watch case with titanium and stainless steel two to choose from.
The dial of the watch is a typical style of Marine universe. The scale bar hours after polishing rhodium
plating processing. Minute scale between the hour mark, 3 o ‘clock position with calendar window. Another
noteworthy: are the details of the calendar window background is black, and the number is white. Dial the
upper engraved with “OMEGA” and “orange” seamaster “. Second half with white “Co Axial Chronometer 600 m /
2000 ft”.
In addition, the hour hand, minute hand and second hand on the dial through rhodium plating processing, and
has white Super – LumiNova luminous coating, emit blue light at night, special mention here, the minute hand
is a green light at night. The number in the bezel on the 24 hours of scale “24” replaced with a dot.

Case and strap
The Marine chronometer universe casing diameter of 43.5 mm, the thickness of 17.25 mm, waterproof properties
is 600 meters, is a great diving watches. The size of the even though it looks a bit big, but surprisingly
well with a suit or casual wear. But wear it you can’t put your shirt sleeve cuff, moreover I don’t recommend
use it to match the dress.

Watch of wrist of stainless steel polishing and grinding processing. Arc arch wear approved by double the
sapphire watches mirror the counter-attack light processing. Therefore, when you see the time, just like no
If you think that stainless steel is too heavy, so this watch has a very light titanium. The watch crown and
helium gas valves are convex edge, very easy to operate. I now show it is blue rubber strap with white
stitching, such as what is said above, really very comforwatches.

Internal carry omega wrist watch on the automatic 8605 chain coaxial machine, equipped with three-tier coaxial
vertical system and Si14 silicon material balance wheel balance spring. Article ManFa, 60 hours power reserve.
This watch as accurate, swatches and reliable performance.

To sum up, this is a very beautiful watch. Although it has a long name, but its size just right, and very
importantly, it provides the strap and the choice of chain, like stainless steel bracelet or leather or rubber
strap, you can find what you want. If you think stainless steel is too heavy, you can also choose titanium. So
I highly recommend this watch.
The first time I saw Marine universe was a fan of the series. Now it assemble the seamaster function (more
precisely, it is suiwatches for the seamaster) to travel. Omega, in my opinion, this kind of seamaster watches
rolex seamaster – Master II will become the largest competitors, and omega also provide after-sales service
guarantee for four years.

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