Omega Watches bastian celebrity ambassador at the home of Omega Watches vitality of the party

In 1848, the famous Swiss cheap Omega Watches in a small workshop in Switzerland opened its legendary tour. Time flies, after 168, Ipanema Beach in Rio (Ipanema Beach), Omega Watches brand is celebrating its 27th for the glory of the Olympic Games official timing.

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“Switzerland on Tuesday night, hello!” Dynamic party brought home of Omega Watches is a special moment, is also the Omega Watches for its rich tabulation culture and special – Swiss watchmaker hometown sincere salute.

Omega Watches’s home has become a Rio popularity party resort in the city, and in the evening here, again the night vibrant enthusiasm. Cooperate with theme, Omega Watches’s home is decorated anew, everywhere is full with Swiss customs. Enveloped in red glow, indoor by flowers and ornaments around, foil theme in Switzerland. Of course, if there is no aromatic glycol chocolate, it will be difficult to call it a complete Swiss theme party. Therefore, car basket full of all kinds of sweet Swiss chocolate was placed next to the main stage, to serve the guests on the tip of the tongue silky full-bodied sweet experience. And more surprise is, on the evening of Omega Watches celebrity ambassador Bastian beck (Bastian Baker) appeared on the stage, also give the guests from the Swiss wonderful music.
Party has yet to start, bastian fans early waiting in front of the house of Omega Watches, looking forward to see the Swiss national singer showed their talent. Young talented musicians, Switzerland bastian immediately in the home of Omega Watches for guests in an unparalleled auditory feast. The atmosphere is very active, bastian soulful singing include “I Will Sing For You”, a series of classical repertoire. Intermittent, bastian to bring guests Shared the Brazilian his wonderful inspiration: “Brazil and Rio gave me a lot of inspiration. In several impromptu concert, I had with several excellent local percussionist had a very wonderful cooperation, now I’m thinking of come back here for some recording work next month. Here is a search for fresh music element is a great place. After arriving in here, my mind has been brewing some novel ideas.”

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Omega Watches’s home on the night of the big screen live sporting events, and push the atmosphere to a climax, Omega Watches celebrity ambassador Michael Phelps (out) won the sports career of 24 and 25 MEDALS!!!
From Switzerland, glory to reaches, Omega Watches has become the leading position in the global watchmaking, and become the pronoun of excellence, innovation and precise. Pioneer spirit and has always been the brand Omega Watches source. In 2015, the world’s first “observatory watch again for the advent of Omega Watches won a praise. Each Omega Watches to reaches observatory Omega Watches has high precision, special performance and antimagnetic ability strong, represents the top standard of Swiss watchmaker.

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